All university meeting april 24 2006
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All-University Meeting April 24, 2006. Quality of Life Team. Dana Hood, faculty, co-chair (Education) Jonathan Stewart, faculty, co-chair (Acct/Finance) Scott Perkins, faculty (Psychology) Nancy Shankle, faculty (English) Tracy Shilcutt, faculty (History) Jerry Taylor, faculty (Bible)

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All university meeting april 24 2006
All-University MeetingApril 24, 2006

Quality of life team
Quality of Life Team

Dana Hood, faculty, co-chair (Education)

Jonathan Stewart, faculty, co-chair (Acct/Finance)

Scott Perkins, faculty (Psychology)

Nancy Shankle, faculty (English)

Tracy Shilcutt, faculty (History)

Jerry Taylor, faculty (Bible)

Tina Fleet, staff (Bible)

Evelyn Greenlee, staff (COBA)

Anthony Williams, staff (Campus Services)

Chantiel Wilson, staff (Athletics)

Resource staff:

Phil Schubert (Finance)

Suzanne Allmon (HR)


  • How this year’s survey results differ from last year’s.

  • Update on the work of this year’s group

  • Next steps

  • Questions from you

Quality of life survey
Quality of Life Survey

  • 445 respondents; 55.5% response rate

    • Last year was 491 with a 61% response rate

  • More than 1,600 responses to 15 open - ended questions (last year was 1,700)

  • Quantitative (multiple choice) questions:

    • Last year – Between 369-379 responses to each question

    • This year – Between 403-439 responses to each question

Acu strengths values in parentheses are the corresponding percentages from the 2004 05 survey
ACU Strengths(Values in parentheses are the corresponding percentages from the 2004-05 survey)

  • 95% have a good understanding of the ACU mission. (93%)

  • 88% believe staff & faculty mentor and model Christian values before our students. (87%)

Acu strengths
ACU Strengths

  • 91% say supervisors treat employees with respect. (87%)

  • 90% are proud to work at ACU. (87%)

  • 88% would recommend ACU as a good place to work. (79%)

Acu areas for improvement
ACU Areas for Improvement

Four central themes:

  • Workload

  • Resources

  • Pay

  • Job-related stress

Last year s improvements
Last year’s improvements

  • Instituted a shared leave bank

  • Eliminated exercise fees for staff and faculty at the South Exercise Room and Powell Fitness Center

  • Eliminated inter-library loan costs

  • Closed the campus between Christmas and New Year’s

  • Established a venue for faculty and staff to eat lunch together

Reaction to last year s improvements
Reaction to last year’s improvements

  • 86% at least slightly agree that the changes implemented since the last survey improved the overall quality of their work environment at ACU.

  • 89% at least slightly agree that the changes recommended by the QOL Task Force improved the morale at ACU.

Theme 1 workload
Theme #1- Workload

  • Both faculty and staff responded that their workloads are too great.

  • Respondents expressed concern about extensive committee work, course loads and the ability to effectively balance work, family, church and community activities.

Theme 2 resources
Theme #2- Resources

  • Staff and faculty believe they are fulfilling the job for which they are best suited, and in general that they have the necessary resources to do their job.

  • Some expressed a concern with lack of personnel; others clearly expressed the need for resource support.

Theme 3 pay
Theme #3- Pay

  • Staff and faculty feel valued at ACU, but some note they might consider leaving if pay does not improve. (28%; down from 36% last year)

Theme 4 job related stress
Theme #4- Job-Related Stress

  • Some say job-related stress significantly affects their ability to enjoy their work. (30%; up from 29% last year)

  • Some say that ACU helps employees balance work and personal life responsibilities. (51%; up from 47% last year)


Promote a culture where faculty and staff…

  • feel valued and appreciated

  • enjoy a level of trust between themselves and the administration

  • have the tools they need to do excellent work in their jobs with appropriate workloads

  • have opportunities to build meaningful relationships with one another

  • mentor and model attitudes and values before our students consistent with ACU’s mission

  • are invested in fulfilling the mission

Workloads (evaluation) by staff and faculty

  • Complex issue

  • Different issues for faculty and staff

Faculty workload task force

Joe Bell (evaluation) by staff and facultyMaLesa BreedingColleen DurringtonRick LytleJim NicholsGlenn Pemberton

Scott PerkinsJack ReeseIan ShepherdTracy ShilcuttTom Winter

Faculty Workload Task Force

Faculty salary benchmarking task force

Paul Ammons (evaluation) by staff and facultyJozell BristerBo GreenJackie HalsteadDickie Hill

Foy MillsTerry PopeMike SadlerJames Thompson

Jeff Wherry

Faculty Salary Benchmarking Task Force

Tenure and Promotion (evaluation) by staff and faculty

Workload (evaluation) by staff and faculty

  • Better balance between home, church, work and community responsibilities

  • Rest

  • Time and stress management

  • Group studying this issue is making progress!

Implement a plan to address staff (evaluation) by staff and faculty

and faculty salary issues.

Faculty staff salaries as a of benchmark average1
Faculty & Staff Salaries as a % of Benchmark Average (evaluation) by staff and faculty

Nonexempt hourly paid salary study
Nonexempt (hourly paid) salary study (evaluation) by staff and faculty

Wage Parity project

  • Appropriate Benchmarks

  • Wage Groupings

  • Structured Methodology

    -Point Ranking System

    -Job Factors with weighting

    -Criteria for each factor

Two items to explore
Two items to explore (evaluation) by staff and faculty

  • Survey regarding child care

  • Tuition Discount

The future of the quality of life task force
The future of the Quality of Life Task Force (evaluation) by staff and faculty

  • I will continue to commission an on-going task force with revolving, but overlapping terms.

  • Primary responsibilities will focus on monitoring progress, administering the survey and advising the president on an ongoing basis.

A summary of this year’s survey and other Quality of Life information can be found at:

Email: information can be found at:

[email protected]

Questions? information can be found at: