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San Jacinto. Lessons of the Alamo and Goliad. Santa Anna had everything going his way. Battle of the Alamo: Delayed Santa Anna, giving the ad interim government time to draft a constitution and Sam Houston time to build the army.

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Lessons of the alamo and goliad
Lessons of the Alamo and Goliad

  • Santa Anna had everything going his way.

  • Battle of the Alamo:

    • Delayed Santa Anna, giving the ad interim government time to draft a constitution and Sam Houston time to build the army.

    • Santa Anna had hoped the defeat at the Alamo would cause the rest of the Texans to give up.

      • Opposite effect

  • Battles convinced Sam Houston that cooperation was needed between volunteers and the regular army.

  • Soldiers knew that the would not be spared if they were defeated in battle – fought more desperately.

Santa anna
Santa Anna

  • After the fall of the Alamo and Goliad, Santa Anna ordered his troops to burn every town and settlement in their path.

    • Anxious to return to Mexico

    • Goal was to capture David G. Burnet

  • Some of Santa Anna’s commanders were afraid this tactic would cause the Texans to fight more stubbornly.

Houston builds the texas army
Houston Builds the Texas Army

  • Houston appointed Commander in Chief.

  • Had 400 untrained troops when the Alamo fell.

    • Ordered a retreat east to the Colorado River.

      • Also sent a message to Fannin at Goliad to retreat

  • By the time he crossed the Colorado River, Houston had 1,400 troops.

  • Ordered another retreat, to the Brazos River, after Fannin is captured and killed.

  • Soldiers wanted to fight now.

  • Houston’s strategy?

Houston trains his army
Houston Trains His Army

  • March 29, 1836 – Houston’s army reches San Felipe de Austin on the Brazos River.

  • Spent two weeks at Groce’s Plantation training the army in the fundamentals of warfare.

  • President Burnet sent a letter to Houston urging him to attack.

    • Houston refused

  • Hendrick Arnold posed as a runaway slave while acting as a spy for Sam Houston.

The mexican army moves east
The Mexican Army Moves East

  • April 5, 1836 – Santa Anna crossed the Colorado River.

    • Left slower units (artillery) behind in an attempt to overtake Houston.

  • Santa Anna split his army, one group chasing Houston and the other chasing the Texan government.

  • Houston received a gift from Cincinnati, Ohio.

    • The “Twin Sisters” (two six-pound cannons)

  • Houston took his stand at Buffalo Bayou.

Eve of the battle
Eve of the Battle

  • April 20, 1836 – Texan and Mexican armies camped three-quarters of a mile from one another.

  • Santa Anna camped in the open, thinking the Texans would not attack.

  • Houston destroyed the bridge to the southwest, cutting of the retreat for both the Texans and the Mexican Army.

Battle of san jacinto
Battle of San Jacinto

  • 3:30 pm, April 21, 1836 – Houston ordered his troops to attack.

  • Tejanos in the Texas Army, led by Juan Seguin, put pieces of cardboard in their hats so the other Texan soldiers would know they were on their side.

  • Texans took the Mexican army by surprise.

    • Some had slept in, others were doing chores.

  • Texans defeated the Mexican Army in 18 minutes, but had to keep hunting down soldiers who fled until dark.


  • Texans: 10 killed, 30 wounded (including Houston)

  • Mexican Army: 630 killed, 730 taken prisoner.

    • Santa Anna among the prisoners.

      • Tried to pose as a common soldier but was singled out by one of his own men.

The texas navy
The Texas Navy

  • Only 4 ships.

  • Able to control the coast.

  • Brought supplies to the Texas Army and cut off the Mexican supply lines.

    • Forced the remaining Mexican troops to withdraw from Texas due to lack of food and ammunition.

Treaties of velasco
Treaties of Velasco

  • After San Jacinto, President Burnet moved the government from Galveston Island to the town of Velasco.

  • May 14, 1836 – two treaties signed.

  • Public Treaty:

    • Santa Anna promised to end the fighting in Texas

    • All Mexican troops to be withdrawn

    • All prisoners exchanged

    • All property taken by the Mexican forces would be returned to their rightful owners

  • Secret Treaty:

    • Mexico would recognize Texas Independence

    • Santa Anna would be released with an escort back to Mexico

    • The Rio Grande River would be the southern border.