Canada s wonderland solar powered
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Canada’s Wonderland – Solar Powered - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Canada’s Wonderland – Solar Powered. TOUR: 9620 02 Mohit Agnihotri Fuyang Wei Lucy Porter. Core Product – Solar Powered Theme Park Experience. Overall Experience ADVENTURE High Impact Fun Low Environmental Impact. Facilitating Products.

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Canada’s Wonderland – Solar Powered

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Canada’s Wonderland – Solar Powered

TOUR: 9620 02


Fuyang Wei

Lucy Porter

Core Product – Solar Powered Theme Park Experience

  • Overall Experience


  • High Impact Fun

  • Low Environmental Impact

Facilitating Products

  • New Solar Powered Cabins Located Within the Park Site

  • Organic Green House

Supporting Products

  • Return of Surplus Power

  • Support Local Non Profit Organizations such as LSF

Augmented Products

  • Healthy Living

  • Positive Well Balanced Staff

    and Park goers

Product Life Cycle

  • Our core product is at maturity stage

  • Implementing the new technology (solar power) involves product development

  • Every Fall season there is decline in our product life cycle - natural


  • Suppliers

  • Canadian Solar Inc.

  • Top 5

  • High quality


  • Suppliers

  • Westbrook Greenhouse Systems LTD.

  • 50 years

  • Well-equipped


  • Intermediaries

  • Travel agencies

    e.g. Sears Travel Canada

  • Direct Mail House

    e.g. Micro Mailing Canada


  • Public

  • Government Public

    e.g. Natural Resources Canada

  • Local Public

    e.g. Local Food Plus

  • Media Public

    e.g. Greenhouse Canada

  • Macro Environment describes the bigger picture of external factors.

  • Factors which are sometimes uncontrollable.

Macro Environment

Economic and Natural Environment

  • Canadian Economy is stable.

  • People do have money to spend on their leisure.

  • Canada’s wonderland also conducts international festivals to attract international traffic.

  • Its plan is to generate their own energy(solar) and also supply it to locals to keep the local area sustainable.

  • Also for in house and local restaurants, wonderland is planning to build its own green house.

Technological and Political

  • It offers 2 main passes to their guests.

  • Season Pass and Platinum pass.

  • It saves a lot of paper.

  • These cards include free parking, food discounts, early entry to the rides etc.

  • Also it is planning to save the solar energy and use it in to run its restaurants as well.

  • Its planning to minimize the use of electric energy.

  • Right now this park is taken over by Cedar Fair L.P for US $1.24 billion from CBS corp.

  • This park with its sustainable approach affects the political environment as it includes the huge amount of wealth and also a crisp idea of sustainability.

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