Sensation vs perception
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Sensation vs. Perception. sensation: the experience of sensory perception perception: the process of creating meaningful patterns from raw sensory information. Sensory Thresholds.

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Sensation vs perception l.jpg
Sensation vs. Perception

  • sensation: the experience of sensory perception

  • perception: the process of creating meaningful patterns from raw sensory information

Sensory thresholds l.jpg
Sensory Thresholds

  • absolute threshold: minimum stimulation needed to detect a particular stimulus 50% of the time

  • difference threshold (jnd): minimum difference between two stimuli that one can detect 50% of the time

    —increases with magnitude of stimulus

Weber s law l.jpg
Weber’s Law

  • The principle that the jnd for any given sense is a constant fraction or proportion of the stimulation being judged.

Approximate absolute thresholds l.jpg
Approximate Absolute Thresholds

  • Vision: a candle flame seen from 30 miles on a clear, dark night

  • Hearing: the tick of a watch from 20 feet in very quiet conditions

  • Smell: 1 drop of perfume diffused throughout a three-room apartment

Approximate absolute thresholds5 l.jpg
Approximate Absolute Thresholds

  • Taste: .0356 ounce of table salt in 529 quarts of water

  • Touch: a bee wing falling on your cheek from a height of 1 centimeter

Subliminal perception l.jpg
Subliminal Perception

  • definition: below threshold

  • We can process some information from stimuli too weak to recognize.

  • effect of subliminal stimulation: a subtle, fleeting effect on thinking

Does subliminal advertising work l.jpg
Does subliminal advertising work?

  • No. The goal of using subliminal advertising is to increase the likelihood that you will buy a particular product.

  • Research has repeatedly demonstrated that subliminal advertising cannot change an individual’s behavior.

The visible spectrum consists of l.jpg
The visible spectrum consists of:



Slide11 l.jpg

Receptors: rods and cones

Rods Cones

  • 120 million

  • periphery

  • sensitivity

  • night vision

  • 8 million

  • central

  • acuity

  • color vision

Path from eye to visual cortex l.jpg
Path from Eye to Visual Cortex



ganglion cells

bipolar cells

visual cortex