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City of Mesquite Development Services. Business Licensing. Business Licensing. Statistics There are currently 1,517 active Business Licenses: Gaming = 26 Licenses Liquor = 42 Licenses Contractors = 407 Licenses All Other = 1042 Licenses. Business Licensing.

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Business licensing1
Business Licensing


  • There are currently 1,517 active Business Licenses:

  • Gaming = 26 Licenses

  • Liquor = 42 Licenses

  • Contractors = 407 Licenses

  • All Other = 1042 Licenses

Business licensing2
Business Licensing

Improvements to License Procedures

  • Combine Business License Address Change and New Business Building Permit Process

    • One Application and one Fee

  • Enhanced Customer Service at the Front Counter

    • Copies pre-made to avoid delay at the counter

    • Applications packets are prepared for different license types

  • Preparation and scanning of Business License files

    • License files will be electronically available to staff members in Sire

    • 311 files have been prepared, scanned and indexed into Sire in the last two months

Business licensing3
Business Licensing

Improvements to License Procedures

  • Reorganization of current filing system

    • Filing by License # instead of name prevents filing mistakes

  • Reviewing new software program for billing and database management and online renewal and credit card payment

  • Auditing process

    • 311 License files have been audited for licensing requirements

      • State Licensing *

      • Secretary of State *

      • Fictitious Firm Name *

      • Insurance

      • Certificate of Occupancy/Home Occupation

      • Accurate Fees and Renewal Dates

    • Licenses are being audited as renewal is due

    • Each license will be audited on a yearly basis

Business licensing4
Business Licensing


  • Goal 1. Streamline Processes and Enhance Communication for our Customers

  • Goal 2. Improve Organization of Files

  • Goal 3. Update Business License Code to Clarify Current Licensing Requirements and Improve Usability

Planning environmental resources
Planning & Environmental Resources

Geographic Information System (GIS)

A few of the GIS projects which the division’s GIS staff regularly supports include:

  • Zoning / Land Use *

  • Building *

  • Master Plan *

  • Property Addressing *

  • Redevelopment

  • Code Enforcement

  • Property Management

  • Maintaining Asset Databases for:  streets, traffic, street lights, fire hydrants, flood control, etc.

Planning environmental resources2
Planning & Environmental Resources

The Planning Division currently consists of one Senior Planner and one Associate Planner. Workload in the division is broken up into the following general categories:

  • Current Planning – Project/Plan Review

  • Long-Range Planning

  • Environmental Program

  • Code Compliance

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

Planning environmental resources3
Planning & Environmental Resources

  • Abandonment of Street or Easement

  • Administrative Adjustment (minor variance)*

  • Annexation

  • Architectural & Site Plan Review*

  • Boundary Line Adjustments*

  • Conditional Use Permit

  • Development Agreement

  • Development Code Amendment

  • Extension of Time

  • Financial Assistance*

  • Final Map*

  • Parcel Map*

  • Street Name / Number Change

  • Temporary Commercial Permit*

  • Tentative Map

  • Variance

  • Zone Change & Master Plan Amendment

  • Zone Verification



Planning environmental resources4
Planning & Environmental Resources

NRS 278.150 Master Plan: Preparation and adoption by Planning Commission (City Council if there is no Planning Commission); adoption by governing body of city or county.

(4) In counties whose population is 400,000 or more, the governing body of the city or county shall adopt a master plan for all of the city or county that must address each of the subjects set forth in subsection 1 of NRS 278.160.

Long Range


Planning environmental resources5
Planning & Environmental Resources

  • Weed Abatement *

  • Business License *

  • Signs *

  • Junk Vehicles *

  • Trash & Rubbish

  • Landscaping

  • Graffiti

  • Dust and Dirt

  • Erosion

  • Illegal Dumping

  • Signs

  • Noise

  • Miscellaneous *



Planning environmental resources6
Planning & Environmental Resources


  • Virgin River Habitat Conservation Recovery Plan

    • Hydrological Monitoring and Mitigation Plan (HMMP)

  • Virgin River Conservation Partnership (VRCP)

  • The Walton Family Foundation

  • Hughes Middle School

    Mitigation Site 

  • Flood Berm Right of

    Way (ROW)

Planning environmental resources7
Planning & Environmental Resources

Planning Division Goals For The Next 3 Years

  • Long-Range Planning

  • Current Planning 

  • Code Compliance

  • Environmental

Planning environmental resources8
Planning & Environmental Resources

Current Planning

  • Improve the public perception of the Planning Department

  • Review the existing Unified Development Code to streamline the development review process where possible

  • Evaluate the possibility of streamlining the Staff Memo template to Council

  • Prepare a Code Amendment to modify and update the rules for regulating Telecommunications Facilities

Planning environmental resources9
Planning & Environmental Resources

Long-Range Planning

  • Update and adopt the revised Population Element of the Master Plan

  • Update and adopt the revised Housing Element of the Master Plan

  • Finish and adopt the Conservation Element of the Master Plan

  • Review and adopt the Bikeways Development Plan

Planning environmental resources10
Planning & Environmental Resources

Code Compliance

  • Catch up with the back-log of scanning Code Compliance documents into SIRE

Planning environmental resources11
Planning & Environmental Resources

Environmental Program

  • Work with federal agencies, Permitees, and consultants to move the VRHCRP forward to receive a “take” permit.

  • Develop the structure and bylaws of the Executive Committee, Technical Committee, and Stakeholder Group.

  • Develop implementation structures for processing projects, accounting of fees and funds, and reporting on progress, as well as, monitoring.

  • Begin HMMP and monitoring of ground water; establish 3 years of data and determine if further ground water monitoring or mitigation is required.

  • Establish a public outreach grant program for the VRHCRP.

  • Utilize the VRCP for public outreach and as a vital stakeholder group for the VRHCRP.

  • Pursue grants to implement the VRHCRP using funds from the Walton Family Foundation .