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The selling story
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The Selling Story. By Tom Hesslau. Know Our Products. Size Cost Retail Profit Margin Penny Profits Varieties Portfolio Knowledge Expose The Competition. E.T.C. Expose The Competition. Fresh Product? Variety? Rotated? Empty Racks Excessive Inventory Expose The Mix.

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The Selling Story

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The selling story

The Selling Story

By Tom Hesslau

Know our products

Know Our Products




Profit Margin

Penny Profits


Portfolio Knowledge

Expose The Competition

E t c expose the competition

E.T.C. Expose The Competition

Fresh Product?



Empty Racks

Excessive Inventory

Expose The Mix

What they ll get

What They’ll Get

Great Service

Free Labor

Awesome Equipment

Timely Delivery Of Equipment

Customer Excitement

New Items/Profit

Products That Only We Carry

Quality Brands

Quarterly Business Reviews

Prepare customer w growth potential

Prepare Customer W/Growth Potential

EDLP Pricing

SDA Profit Decreases (we control)

Turns Increase

Maximize The Cash Calendar

Support Center Helps With Allowances In HHC


Inform Customers With A Sell Deck

Share Examples: Borchards, Hutches, Franks, Jackson High

Price changing sheet

Price Changing Sheet

  • Pepperidge Farm UPC’S 2009

  • GOLDFISH-14100 0COOKIES 14100 0COOKIES 14100 0

  • BagsCrispy and Soft BakedMilano & Distinctive

  • 9190 Mix-ups7522 Tahoe7481 Raspberry Milano7464 S.B. Verona

  • 9362 S’mores7708 Chesapeake7567 Milk Milano9255 V. Mango

  • 8808 Cinnamon7712 Sausalito7472 Dbl. Choco. Milano7462 A.R.Verona

  • 8807 Chocolate7713 Nantucket7412 Milano

  • 8806 Honey7860 Dbl. Nantucket7435 Orange Milano

  • 9188 Ranch9193 Wht. Milk Choco.9038 Rasp. Milano

  • 9187 Mzzrella8203 Captiva7947 Mint Milano

  • 8548 Extra Chdr.7821 SB CH.Chunk8736 Black & White

  • 8552 FB Nacho9192 SB Wht. Milk Choco9043 Choco. Mint Milano

  • 8553 FB Pizza7869 SB Macadamia 7420 Brussels

  • 8578 Whole Grn.7884 Oatmeal Raisin7946 Mint Brussels

  • 8546 Parm.8206 Carmel7419 Geneva

  • 8547 Cheddar8469 SB Sugar7952 Chessman

  • 8550 Original8470 Snkrddle7410 Bordeaux

  • 8560 Pizza8899 Oatmeal8908 Tahiti

  • 8561 Baby8900 SB Milk Choco 9058 AC Verona

  • 8554 Sodium8901 SB Molsses.9059 Blueberry Verona

  • 8562 Pretzel

  • 8930 Starfish

  • 8539 Colors

  • 9132 Toasted Corn

Challenge our competition

Challenge Our Competition

Our Competitors Can’t Compete With Independent Distributor Creativity.

Initially It Takes Time

Signs, Upc’s, Sell The Program


Hutch’s Spartan Store

$40 Every 2 Weeks

Approximately $300 To $400 Per Month.

Product Visibility

New item distribution

New Item Distribution

Target Your Locations

Execute the Shipper

(Sell Them As Is)

Know The Margins

Take A risk


Jackson High School

New Grahams

4 Cases Per Month

Equipment availability

Equipment Availability

Use The Equipment Flip Sheets

Know The Dimensions You’re Targeting

Show Example:

What Stores Have Them

Share The Volume

Business Review

PF Delivers In A Timely Manner - Obtain Equipment # ’s

Hutches hutches pos pos pos pos

Hutches, Hutches, POS, POS, POS, POS

Quickly Assembled

Dimension Friendly

Money Makers

Very Durable

Eye Catching


B a r t be a risk taker

B.A.R.T.Be A Risk Taker

Scare The Competition

Utilize Our Portfolio

Take Advantage Of The Great Code Dates


Frank’s Shoprite

$50 E.O.W.


$600 To $1000 Per Month

E.D.L.P. Works

Payoff big profits

Payoff, Big Profits

Money In Our Pockets

Distribution In The Market

Customer Awareness

Product Exposure



Customer Trust

Great Service

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