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Larc environmental management committee march 27 2014
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LaRC Environmental Management Committee March 27, 2014 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LaRC Environmental Management Committee March 27, 2014

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Larc environmental management committee march 27 2014

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LaRC Environmental Management CommitteeMarch 27, 2014



News from Environmental (10 min – Poultney)

Status of 2014 High Priorities:

  • Energy/Water Consumption (10 min – Charles)

  • Natural Resources (10 min – Gainer)

  • Regulated Waste (10 min – Proctor)

  • Water Quality (10 min – McGinnis)


News from environmental

News From Environmental

  • Kristen Poultney returns to SPEEB after 9-month detail

  • Facility Environmental Audit and EMS Internal Audit Programs – being reconsidered, potentially revised

    • New emphasis on corrective actions, follow-up, and verification

  • EMS Management Review will be conducted at Center Leadership Council this spring

  • Update/improvements to Environmental specifications and standards (e.g. tree species)

  • Environmental and Energy Program Manual (LPR 8500.1) under LMS review until April 4

  • Upcoming:

    • Earth Day/Arbor Day Event – April 22

    • Facility Environmental Coordinator and Waste Management/ Spill Training (May and June)

Larc environmental management committee march 27 2014

FY 2014 High Environmental Priorities

Energy and water conservation

Energy and Water Conservation

Objective: Reduce energy in Goal Subject facilities by 3% annually and water consumption by 2% annually as required by National Energy Conservation Policy Act and Executive Orders 13423 and 13514

Point of Contact: Bobby Charles

This priority is being addressed by the Energy Efficiency Team

Energy and water conservation1

Energy and Water Conservation

Goal Subject Facilities

Energy Use Intensity Reduction

Water Use Intensity Reduction

Meeting Goal

Not Yet Meeting Goal

Energy and water conservation 2014 targets

Energy and Water Conservation2014 Targets

Energy and water conservation 2014 targets1

Energy and Water Conservation2014 Targets

Energy and water conservation program update

Energy and Water Conservation Program Update

  • FY14 CECR Energy Efficiency Improvements Project Retro-commissioning of 16 buildings, Lighting retrofit in Building 1195

  • Funding for Retro-commissioning of 4 buildings for 15 x 15 sustainable buildings mandate

  • Possible funding for service air leak detection & repair project and mods to Building 1215 compressor system

  • Identification of water leaks and monitoring of repairs

  • PPBE 16 Energy Project Proposals

Natural resources

Natural Resources

Objective: Expand and improve LaRC’s natural resource management program 

Point of Contact: Mary Gainer

Natural resources 2014 targets

Natural Resources2014 Targets

Natural resources program update

Natural Resources Program Update

  • Joint project with TNCC, VWCC, DBLCC GIS and Forestry programs to survey trees

  • Two trees nominated to state Big Tree Program – 1 accepted

  • First COD project under new mitigation for tree removal - tree planting

  • Earth Day 2014 riparian zone tree planting – 100 bare root trees by water tower

  • Fox problems appear to be over – public awareness and trash containers

  • Bird Survey form for LaRC now on-line in time for May breeding count

Regulated waste

Regulated Waste

Objective: Improve awareness of and conformity with LaRC Waste Management policies

Point of Contact: Mason Proctor

Regulated waste 2014 targets

Regulated Waste2014 Targets

Regulated waste updates

Regulated Waste Updates

  • Specification changes evolve over time

  • Concerns of the effectiveness of training

Water quality

Water Quality

Objective: Improve water quality and reduce quantity of water discharged from Center

Point of Contact: Peter Van Dyke

Water quality 2014 targets

Water Quality2014 Targets

Water quality update new va regulations

Water Quality UpdateNew VA Regulations

  • New VA stormwater regulations regarding quality and quantity (technical criteria) go into effect on 1 July

  • New requirements have been added to LaRC’s Environmental Design Standards

  • Requirements are being incorporated into projects (Computational Research Facility, MSL, etc.)

  • Appropriate staff (PMs, TPOCs, etc.) will be briefed

Water quality update sanitary sewer i i repairs underway

Water Quality UpdateSanitary Sewer (I & I) Repairs Underway

  • 51 low lying manholes receive new internal seals and inflow dishes

  • 90 manholes thoroughly cleaned and sealed with epoxy liner

  • 4 manholes receive major repairs

  • 7 manholes totally replaced

  • 32 cleanouts addressed (broken, missing, or wrong sized caps)

  • 47 cleanouts not found in field to be identified and repaired as appropriate

  • Cutting and capping abandoned lines, repairing and resealing sanitary overflow tank at pumping station, removing and replacing 2,275 linear feet of terracotta and vitrified clay lines with PVC pipe

Water quality update upcoming projects

Water Quality UpdateUpcoming Projects

  • Stabilize stream bank wall at Outfall 008

Larc environmental management committee march 27 2014

Water Quality UpdateUpcoming Projects

  • Green Existing Parking lots - Filterra-type devices, drop inlet sediment traps, micro-bio retention cells, etc.

Examples of Filterra-type devices

Larc environmental management committee march 27 2014

Water Quality UpdateUpcoming Projects

  • Green Existing Parking lots (continued) - Filterra-type devices, drop inlet sediment traps, micro-bio retention cells, etc.

Examples of drop inlet sediment traps

Next steps

Next steps

  • Spring/Summer 2014: FY14Objectives/Targets continue to be implemented

  • June 2014: Internal EMS Audit


Thank You!

Your participation is appreciated.

At any time, please feel free to contact Kristen Poultney or Andrea Finley regarding the EMC or any other environmental issue/topic.

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