CHS Course Information Evening for Parents and Students
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CHS Course Information Evening for Parents and Students Wednesday, January 27 th , 2010 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CHS Course Information Evening for Parents and Students Wednesday, January 27 th , 2010. Introductions. Denise Lamarche -Acting Director of the Senior School Bev Reid – Assistant Director - Student and Daily Life

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CHS Course Information Evening for Parents and Students Wednesday, January 27 th , 2010

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CHS Course Information Evening for Parents and StudentsWednesday, January 27th, 2010


Denise Lamarche -Acting Director of the Senior School

Bev Reid – Assistant Director - Student and Daily Life

Marg Willis - Assistant Director – Teaching and Learning

Ruth Fraser – Department Head Student Services

Elspeth Anderson Department Head Sciences

Brenda Ball Department Head Social Studies

Ron Hemmings Department Head Mathematics

Gerald Lambert Department Head Physical Education

Diana Leaney Department Head Languages

Kathy MacRae Department Head - English

Aubin Stewart Department Head Creative Arts

Phil Stringer Department Head – IT

Nancy Symons Outdoor Education Co-ordinator

Evening Agenda

  • Welcome

  • Introductions

  • Course Planning Overview & Timeline

  • Graduation Requirements

  • Course Planning for Post-Secondary

  • Student Panel

  • Over to the Senior School Foyer for Q&A’s with Department Heads

Please Note:

  • The following information can be found in the Course Information Handbook 2009-2010 which is available on THE VINE

  • A handout of FAQs will also be available after this presentation and posted online

CHS Course Planning 2009-2010 Timeline

  • January 27th – CHS Course Handbook via the VINE

  • school website:

  • February 1 – Students receive & review Course Selection sheets from Student Services counsellors

CHS Course Planning 2009-2010 Timeline

  • February-March -- Students seek information from Student Services, Department Heads, and Subject Teachers and plan their Course Selections for next year

  • Week of March 1 -5th *Revised date - COURSE SELECTIONS DUE (PCR – Students may be inputting this directly this year electronically) Planning Teacher/Student Services will review prior to input

Ministry of Education Graduation Programme (80 Credits)

Required Courses: 52 credits

Mathematics 10 (4 credits)

Mathematics 11 or 12 (4 credits)

Physical Education 10 (4 credits)

Fine Arts and/or Applied Skills 10, 11, or 12 (4 credits)

Planning 10 (4 credits)

Graduation Transitions (4 credits)

  • 30 Hours Work Experience

  • Daily Physical Activity (DPA)

    Students must also complete a minimum of 28 elective credits

CHS Graduation ProgrammeRequirements

  • Completion of an English course in the grade 12 year

  • Completion of French up to and including grade 10 and choice of a second language in grade 11

  • Planning 10A in grade 10, Planning 10B in grade 11, Graduation Transitions 12 in grade 12

  • An additional elective course in either Fine Arts, Applied Skills, or Physical Education in grade 11 or 12

Provincial Exams

5 Provincial Exams are required for Graduation:

  • English 10

  • Mathematics 10

  • Science 10

  • Social Studies 11

  • English 12

  • All other Provincial Exams are optional; Provincial Exams are not required for most university entrance requirements

Ministry of Education Graduation Programme

Credits can also be earned by:

  • Course equivalency (courses outside BC)

  • Course challenge

  • Independent Directed Studies

  • Extended study credits: Spanish and French institutes

  • External credentials (additional credits)

  • Distance/electronically delivered courses

  • Post-secondary courses

English Programme Changes

  • English 10 in grade 10

  • Choice of English 11 Enriched or English 12a in grade 11

  • An English course in grade 12 (English 12 Enriched, English Literature 12, or AP English Language)

  • Change was made to maximize student choice and success in English

  • Encourage students who are unsure to seek advice from their current English teacher

Who do you see for Course Planning Advice?

  • Advice on courses: Teachers & Department Heads

  • Course Planning: Student Services team (HCE/ Planning teachers)

  • Career exploration (Health & Career Education) - Kristen Drozda for Work Experience Program, Mentorship and Volunteer Opportunities

  • Personal exploration (internet, volunteerism )

  • University Viewbooks for Program Requirements

Course Planning for Post-Secondary Education

  • Subject strengths, weaknesses, and interests

  • If unclear/undirected: keep options open/do not force a direction/choice

  • Students are responsible for research on University prerequisites, specific faculties and programs at specific universities, colleges and alternatives with support from Student Services Counsellors

What next?

  • Check out the Senior School Course Handbook available on the VINE:

  • Encourage your daughter to ask questionsand research prior to submitting her Course Selection Sheet

  • Maintain an open, un-pressured dialogue with your daughter concerning interests and strengths in course selection

  • DO NOT OVERLOAD YOURSELF! Balance is the key to success and happiness

Student Panel

  • Hailey Hurst

  • Emily Seo

  • Alison Wass

    *There will be a chance for some Q&A’s for our panel in a few moments…

  • Department Heads will now move to the senior school foyer for any questions and answers regarding specific courses and programmes while…

  • Open Floor for audience participation and questions for Student Services or the Student Panel

  • Articles and Handouts available on your way out as you head over to the senior school


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