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Name :Rana Abdul Rheem AL- hazmi Section : 3\B Course Number : 3143

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Name :Rana Abdul Rheem AL- hazmi Section : 3\B Course Number : 3143 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Name :Rana Abdul Rheem AL- hazmi Section : 3\B Course Number : 3143. Crazy Shopping. I chose this topic because it has become one of society problem and it is a widespread phenomenon nowadays .

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Name:Rana Abdul Rheem AL-hazmi

Section : 3\B

Course Number: 3143


I chose this topic because it has become one of society problem and it is a widespread phenomenon nowadays.


Crazy shopping that affects more women than men , and it is not less dangerous than drug addiction . The status of purchasing obsessed women refers to more than half the population of the word , and this helps women living with obsession to get rid of painful feelings and ideas.


What is meant by purchasing mania ?

We don’t say purchasing mina except it is a state of addiction affecting women and losing her ability to control the situation and start with buying little goods with a little rest, and then develop the situation and take to in crease her purchases to feel more comfortable. At the beginning of the injury to be happy but a after that depression and upset come and the woman feels ashamed of her self and sees herself not worth of living with this obsession. So women are classified into two types.First,the type of obsession by the rational control .Second, the women infected by purchasing maina with no rationalism and control. The problem lies in that the women denies that she is obsessed and justifies the purchase as a continuous need.


What are the factors that help to increase purchasing mania?

1-The market is now becoming a comprehensive means of comfort to all things to buy ,it now contains restaurants ,gardens ,exhibitions ,lighting ,fountains and staircases, especially for the disabled and the custody of the children daily and vehicles attractive to be obsessed.

2-some familiar faces considering stores that buy, and train the seller keeping the names of customers whose names even talking ,feels more specialty and it is for a new purchase.


3-sales announced by shops which is just a ploy.

4_ The spread of Magazines and online marketing.

5-The spread of supermarkets, which is the most dangerous even more than the market, sales and advertising on TV because everything is attractive and well veiled or bolted, this will attract any woman whatever the degree of rationalism.


How do women know that she is obsessed with

the purchase?

1- Do you feel guilty while buying because you can’t stop purchasing ?.

2-Do you have concern in a sleep and you think of the quantity of have seen in the market.

3_Are you buying or Do you buy two things you don’t use or your usage will be rare?

4_It there a fight between you and your husband to many of your purchase. ?

5-Do you think in purchasing and marketing a lot.

6-Do you think to borrow for the payment of your


7-Do you seek shops that provides goods on credit.


How can woman get rid of this purchase mania?

1-Convince your self not all colors suit you.

2-Convince yourself that a model or two only suit you.

3- Buy another thing than you buy like a

book or a scientific tape.

4-Get away the shops that attracts you courageously.

5-sent anyone to buy a thing you like in order not to buy more than you want.

6-Don’t go shopping with as hopping mania friend.

7-Avoid sales.

8-Do not buy a thing before you like a wedding after a month.


My Sister :

*_You should convince yourself that not everything suits your desire.

*_You should convince yourself that one model or two are enough to your needs.

*_Get a way of a friend obsessed by shopping.

*_Don’t let your children get the same disease because especially girls and everybody knows that girls try to imitate their mother in everything small and large.

Save a happy life for your children by a voiding obsession.