Telling the thrivent builds story in 2011
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Telling the Thrivent Builds Story in 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Telling the Thrivent Builds Story in 2011. November 22, 2010. Welcome to Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity!. Partnership between Habitat and Thrivent Financial 2011 – Thrivent Builds enters its sixth year and is now a $150 million partnership

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Welcome to thrivent builds with habitat for humanity
Welcome to Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity!

  • Partnership between Habitat and Thrivent Financial

  • 2011 – Thrivent Builds enters its sixth year and is now a $150 million partnership

  • Let’s share the story of Thrivent Builds in 2011—164 more homes!

Many leaders and roles for outreach
Many leaders and roles for outreach

  • National Leaders:

  • Thrivent Builds Group: Pat Ostruszka

  • Consult media contacts listed in the Newsroom at:

  • Thrivent Financial Media Relations

  • HFHI Public Relations

  • Local Leaders:

  • Habitat Affiliate Project Leader

  • Thrivent Builds Chapter Specialist

  • .

Regional Leaders:

  • Habitat ODC-T

  • Thrivent Manager of Lutheran Engagement

  • Thrivent Lutheran Engagement Team member

Using the tools on the thrivent builds resources site
Using the tools on theThrivent Builds Resources site

  • How do I get to the resources site?

What have we accomplished in the past 5 years
What have we accomplished in the past 5 years?

  • More than 1,500 Thrivent Builds homes in 45 states and the District of Columbia and 164 more homes will be built in 2011!

  • Nearly 1,000 homes built by teams traveling with Thrivent Builds Worldwide and up to 100 more teams will travel to build in 2011

  • More than 225 Habitat affiliates have participated

  • Nearly 450,000 volunteers giving nearly 3 million volunteer hours

  • Thousands of wonderful stories in the media

Why is media outreach important
Why is media outreach important?

  • Mobilizes new volunteers

  • Provides fundraising success

  • Increases awareness

  • Engages more Thrivent Financial members

  • Piques interest in Thrivent Builds Worldwide programs

  • Keeps affordable housing on people’s minds

National announcement
National announcement

Announcing 164 homes in 2011 is our next

big step! We will do this by:

  • Radio Media Tour

  • National news release will be sent by HFHI on December 6, including:

    • A multi-media news release that includes photos and video on PR Newswire

    • A news release sent out on Religion Newswire

  • A national news release will also be sent by Thrivent Financial

    • Lutheran publications

    • Media contacts in key markets

Regional and local announcement
Regional and local announcement

  • Making this announcement in your area is a BIG deal

  • Please share the news in December and continue to share it throughout 2011

  • Discuss and determine what day in December makes the most sense for your local Thrivent Builds projects

  • Don’t forget to promote your build year-long

Regional and local announcement cont
Regional and local announcement cont.

  • Media: Share a localized news release with the media

  • Churches: Communicate the announcement information to local Lutheran churches to include in bulletins or newsletters

  • Local Habitat and Thrivent communication channels: Post the information on Habitat and Thrivent chapter Web sites and newsletters

  • Include a link to whenever you can!

Announcement tools
Announcement Tools

  • Where?

  • What?

    - News release templates

    - Newsletter/Web text

    - RFO Fact Sheet template

    - Habitat Affiliate Fact Sheet template

    - National Thrivent Builds Homes fact sheet

  • When? Contact your local media this month

  • Who? For local media lists, go to [email protected]

News release tips making this announcement news worthy
News release tips: Making this announcement news-worthy

  • New location?

  • Increased building capacity?

  • Been a part of Thrivent Builds Homes in past years?

    • Share those family and volunteer stories for more human interest

    • Include that Thrivent Builds is the largest supporter of your affiliate

Next steps
Next Steps

  • Schedule a publicity planning meeting with your LET, ODC-T, Habitat Project Leader(s) and Affiliate Publicity Coordinator

  • Pull the media tools from and fill in the variables

  • Decide which day in December makes most sense for sending your release to local media and doing outreach at local churches

  • Send your completed release to local and/or regional media

  • Follow up with local media and answer any questions promptly

Ongoing publicity expectations for thrivent builds homes
Ongoing publicity expectations for Thrivent Builds Homes

  • Read the “Habitat Affiliate Publicity Coordinator Role Description” QRG

  • Make a media plan

  • Use tools on

  • Order an outdoor Thrivent Builds sign

  • Lead publicity efforts for/at events

Tips and tricks for more thrivent builds media coverage
Tips and Tricks for More Thrivent Builds Media Coverage

  • Use a free press release distribution site

  • Send your release to the Associated Press

  • Send your release to your local media outlets with an additional local spin

  • Send your release directly to niche or industry outlets

  • Add your release to your own website or blog

  • Set up Google or Yahoo alerts about your affiliate

Thrivent builds with habitat social media week
Thrivent Builds with HabitatSocial Media Week

  • The week of Dec. 6 is a time to celebrate the Thrivent Builds partnership using social media!

  • Social media graphics, key messages and a timeline are provided on

New this year!

Thrivent builds with habitat social media week1
Thrivent Builds with HabitatSocial Media Week

  • Dec. 6 – Post your news release template on your Habitat affiliate website and promote using the Thrivent Builds graphic on your social media.

  • Dec. 8 – Share a Habitat World blog by Thrivent Builds using social media.

  • Dec. 10 – Use your creativity! Blog, share stats or link to to create awareness.

New this year!