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Government regulations affecting price
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Government Regulations Affecting Price. Martin Williams EMKT 6110 Dr. Elaine Adams. Objectives. Define Price Gain an understanding of the factors that affect price Discuss the importance of government regulations on price Discuss and define 6 pricing issues that the government regulates

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Government Regulations Affecting Price

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Government regulations affecting price

Government Regulations Affecting Price

Martin Williams

EMKT 6110

Dr. Elaine Adams



  • Define Price

  • Gain an understanding of the factors that affect price

  • Discuss the importance of government regulations on price

  • Discuss and define 6 pricing issues that the government regulates

  • Name important regulation and laws related to price

  • Discuss enforcement

  • Discuss the importance of competition in our economy

Review what we already know

Review what we already know

  • What is Price?

  • The value of money (or its equivalent) placed on a good or service

  • Dependent on the “Value” a customer places on the product

  • The right price is: Whatever the customer is willing to pay!

Price is an important factor in the success or failure of any business

Price is an important factor in the success or failure of any business.

When the price is right,

everyone is happy!

Price helps maintain

Price helps maintain:

  • Image

  • Competitive Edge

  • Profit

Price affects consumer perceptions

Price affects consumer perceptions

  • Higher price sometimes equals better quality and upscale store

  • Lower price sometimes equals lower quality but usually means a bargain

Other factors affecting price

Other factors affecting price

  • Cost and expense of producing and servicing product

  • Competition in the market

  • Supply and demand for the product

  • and…….



Polices and Laws

Consider these issues

Consider these Issues

  • Price-Fixing

  • Price discrimination

  • Resale price maintenance

  • Minimum Pricing

  • Unit Pricing

  • Price Advertising

Price fixing

Price Fixing

  • When competitors agree on certain price ranges

  • Must be evidence of collusion (Communication between competitors)

  • Illegal because harms competition

Always remember competition is the cornerstone of

Always Remember Competition is the Cornerstone of :

The Free Enterprise


Price discrimination

Price Discrimination

  • When different prices are charged to similar customers in similar situations

  • Unfair for small competitors as well as consumers

Resale price maintenance

Resale Price Maintenance

  • When Manufacturers force Retailers to sell for a certain price

  • Nine West Shoe Company recently fined

  • Government says this is a restraint on trade and anti-competitive

Minimum pricing

Minimum Pricing

When Retailers sell below cost to drive competitors out of business

Unit pricing

Unit Pricing

  • Consumers must be given the opportunity to compare prices in relation to a standard unit or measure

  • Food or packaged goods must be labeled properly

Price advertising

Price Advertising

  • Forbid advertising a price reduction unless original price was offered to the public

  • Cannot say your prices are lower than competitors without proof

  • Bait-and-Switch is illegal

Important regulations affecting price

Important Regulations Affecting Price

  • The Clayton Antitrust Act-covers price discrimination

  • The Sherman Antitrust Act covers price fixing

  • The Robinson-Patman Act covers both price discrimination and price fixing

Government regulates unfair trade practices

Government Regulates Unfair Trade Practices

  • The Federal Trade Commission

  • The Justice Department

  • Local Communities / Better Business Bureau

The federal trade commission

The Federal Trade Commission

Works to ensure markets are efficient and free of restrictions that harm consumers

Competition among businesses

Competition among Businesses

  • Creates the lowest prices

  • Causes innovation and creativity in product selection and product quality

  • Strengthens the economy

Markets work best when

Markets work best when…

  • Consumers make informed choices

  • Based on accurate information



  • Price is the value of money placed on a good

  • Several factors affect price : cost / competition / supply and demand / government policy

  • Various antitrust laws promote competition and outlaw unreasonable restraints on trade

  • Federal Trade Commission and Better Business Bureau enforce and inform regulations of businesses

  • Competition makes economy strong and works to the consumers advantage

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