4 April 2011

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1. Agenda. Benefits of the single ILR and XML Implementing the single ILRThe single ILR data modelEnhancements to data collection systemsData collectionImpact on data extracts and reportsFuture development. 2. Benefits of the single ILR. In 2011/12 each learning provider's ILR file will contai

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4 April 2011

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2. 1 Agenda Benefits of the single ILR and XML Implementing the single ILR The single ILR data model Enhancements to data collection systems Data collection Impact on data extracts and reports Future development

3. Benefits of the single ILR In 2011/12 each learning provider’s ILR file will contain data on all of their learners No separate ER/LR/ASL/ESF SR returns Restructured ILR Reflects relationship between different data entities Less burdensome collection, more reliable management information. 

4. 3 Benefits of XML Extensible Markup Language (XML) More flexible Easier to maintain (reduced costs) More easily processed by computers Supports Unicode E-Gif and industry standard HE and schools have already moved to XML

5. Implementing the single ILR (1) 2011/12 presented an opportunity to implement the single ILR in XML The data that providers will be asked to collect for 2011/12 has not significantly changed and will be the same regardless of the output format There is a mapping document available to show where the L and A codes sit in the new model

6. Implementing the single ILR (2) For 2011/12 the online data collection system will only accept XML files Providers still using ‘flat files’ can use a LIS tool to combine and convert them into the single ILR in XML format Software suppliers are preparing provider MI systems for the single ILR in XML

7. 6 Simplified version of the single ILR data model Model does not include HE, provider specified areas, Model does not include HE, provider specified areas,

8. Enhancement to data collection systems The Data Service is modernising its systems to: increase efficiency cut future maintenance costs handle the single ILR in XML Learning Aim Reference Application goes live on 30 June 2011 LIS beta (1 June) and deployment (15 July) OLDC release 1 goes live 14 July

9. Data collection Data collection portal will remain open Data stored in a year-to-date database Data Service will publish dates of data extracts and their purpose Collection timetable for providers will be published by the end of April Validation will be done by the LIS and OLDC and will be based on the learner’s funding model

10. Impact on data extracts and reports (1) There will no longer be separate databases for ER/LR/ASL/ESF SR data The Data Service will agree with customers in-year dates for the release of data/reports The data/reports will be based on customer needs, eg NAS may only want information on Apprenticeships Despite being collected in XML, data users will receive flat file data for 2011/12

11. Impact on data extracts and reports (2) Still to resolve possible issues regarding some derived variables and data definitions It is not yet clear how soon after freeze dates data will be available. It may take longer to process files. A change process has begun to manage the transition to the new outputs

12. Future development Make more use of XML functionality The single ILR data model and XML can more easily accommodate future changes Lower costs to update systems Simplification from the Skills Funding Agency expected in 2012/13 The 2012/13 ILR change request process is now open

13. Further information Email: [email protected] For the single ILR specification, data model and mapping document: http://www.theia.org.uk/ilr/ilrdocuments/201112_ilrdetail.htm Further information on the enhancements to data collection systems: http://www.thedataservice.org.uk/News/enhancements_dc_systems

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