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Presentation. Mrs. Burke P-6 Algebra 1 & Algebra 2. Thank you for coming tonight. A little information about Mrs. Burke. Taught 5 years of math MA in Educational Technology from CSUS BA in mathematics from CSUS. Math Graduation Requirements:.

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Mrs. Burke


Algebra 1 & Algebra 2

Thank you for coming tonight.

A little information about Mrs. Burke

  • Taught 5 years of math

  • MA in Educational Technology from CSUS

  • BA in mathematics from CSUS

Math Graduation Requirements:

  • Students must pass a math class their senior year (many students take CAD or business finance)

  • Students must pass Geometry

  • Students must pass the High School Exit Exam

UC/CSU Math Requirement:

C or better in Algebra 2

For more information:

  • Student Handbook

  • Student’s Counselor

Is your student properly placed ?

Students should have earned a C- or better in their previous math course.

Contact the student’s counselor ASAP if the student is not in the right class.

What will we learn this year?

  • California State math standards

  • District standards

How will we learn it?

  • Traditional lessons

  • Group work

  • Projects

  • Computer tutorials

  • Webquests

Classroom Standards:

  • Students will respect themselves, others and their property. Students will be courteous to others at all times. Profanity, put-downs, and other hurtful comments will never be tolerated.

Classroom Standards Con’t:

  • Students will bring an attitude that is positive towards learning and an understanding of the responsibility and commitment needed to learn.

  • Students will be in their seats and prepared for class when the bell rings.

Classroom Standards Con’t:

  • Students will make every effort to do their best work.

  • Students will show all work on homework, quizzes and tests.

  • Students will seek help from me during class by asking questions and/or come in for tutoring.

Students will bring the following materials to class everyday.

  • Covered textbook

  • Paper, pencil, pen, and highlighter

  • 3-ring notebook with 5 dividers labeled Warm-ups, Homework, Notes, Tests, Quizzes

  • Scientific calculator


One test will be given per chapter

(approximately every 2-4 weeks.)

Tests are usually 100 points.

Math Binder

Math binders will be graded periodically. All warm-ups, notes, tests, and quizzes must be kept in chronological order. Assignment calendars must be kept and filled out completely.


Students will be responsible for getting the notes, homework and any other information they missed during their absence and turning in absent work within the time allotted


I will be available to help students during per. 4 lunch and after school in room P-6 by appointment.

For additional times please ask and we can set up an appointment.


Quizzes, Tests and Final Exam 80%

Homework, Warm-ups and Notebook20%


Grades may be viewed on the internet using your student number with a PIN number of 0000.

The internet address is:

I can be contacted by email at or by calling Elk Grove High School at 686-7767.

Thank you for coming.

Your participation in your child’s education will make a difference.


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