Looking for patterns in the real world
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Looking for Patterns in the Real World PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Looking for Patterns in the Real World. Ms. Renyer’s 3 rd Grade Morning Class November 2004.

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Looking for Patterns in the Real World

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Looking for Patterns in the Real World

Ms. Renyer’s 3rd Grade Morning Class

November 2004

After we studied patterns in math, we took a tour around the school to see just how many patterns there are in the real world. Man did we find a bunch. We all got to take a picture of at least one using a digital camera. Then we put some of our pictures together to make a slideshow.

Alex .

At the library I saw a mouse. The mouse had red and green strips on the arm.

The pattern was ABAB.


On McKenzie's hat the pattern was ABCBA . It circulates the top of the hat . The pattern was made out of shells and beads .

On the butterfly I saw blue, blue, orange, and orange. This is an AABB pattern. The butterfly is orange and blue.



The hat has two patterns. one is red and white .the Other one is star then blue. They are AB and AB.


On the poster I saw a pattern. It was ABAB because it was up and down hanging on the cafeteria wall. The patterns went up and down.


My pattern is little and big books. So that means ABA. I found this pattern in the library . A B A means like the little book is A the big book is B and the other book is A.


At the library, I saw a pattern ABAB. It was bird, butterfly, bird. I LIKED THAT PATTERN because I like birds.


McKenzie’s pattern on her hat is ABAB. That is so cool. It has shells on it . That is a great hat. It also has beads on it.


This is a flag pillow. It is the American flag . It is a n AB pattern. It is a red and white pillow.


My pattern is an AB pattern. It is fire truck than burning house. It is in the kindergarten hall and it is not my picture.


I see that it has red blue red blue. Red blue pattern which means…AB ABABAB. IT EVEN HAS A FLAG ON IT. But I really didn’t take this picture. But whoever took this it really looks good and pretty.

On the curtain, there was ABC pattern . It was on top of the window in the library. There is another pattern on the butterfly. The white spots is a a pattern.



Case’s hat is an ABAB pattern. It is red white red white. This is the cat’s hat from The Cat in the Hat.


On the pattern I saw an AB pattern. On the pattern, I saw red and blue pattern .I am looking at the Vote .

My pattern is in an ABC pattern in the blue hall. The pattern is hard to find. Can you find it?



On the wall I saw an AB pattern. I saw a bus and pictures pattern. Patterns are very interesting I want to learn more.


This is ABAB because there is two blue pattern and two orange. Blue is one of my favorite color but orange is not my favorite color.


I like this pattern. It was like this ABAB. The stripes are red white red white.

I looked at this basket in the library. the pattern is RED White RED White. the 2ND one is BLUE WHITE BLUE WHITE. I took the picture because I LOVE IT.


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