Lake city area elementary schools restructure
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Lake City Area Elementary Schools Restructure. Present Grade Structure. Recommended Grade Structure. Present Grade Structure. Recommended Grade Structure. Thinking associated with new grade structure for Lake City area elementary schools. LCE-Grades 4K-2 nd grade

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Recommended Grade Structure

  • LCE-Grades 4K-2 area elementary schoolsnd grade

  • School was originally designed and built to

  • house 4K-2nd grades.

  • This will allow us to more effectively and

  • efficiently address early childhood

  • educational needs in one setting.

  • We would hope to serve more 3 and 4 yr

  • olds.

  • We hope this might put us in a better

  • situation to apply for more early childhood

  • grants.

  • MSE-Grades 3 area elementary schoolsrd – 5th

  • Once the early childhood focus is

  • achieved at LCE, we can then focus

  • more direct attention to preparations

  • for state testing that begins at the 3rd

  • grade level.

  • Instructional and academic strengths

  • that once were divided between MSE

  • and LCE will now be combined at

  • one school.

Middle schools restructure
Middle Schools Restructure area elementary schools

Present grade structure
Present Grade Structure area elementary schools

Recommended Grade Structure area elementary schools

Present Grade Structure area elementary schools

Recommended Grade Structure

  • J. Paul Truluck - Grade 6 schools

  • (will house all 6th graders for entire district)

  • We know that 6th graders have special

  • developmental, social, and academic

  • needs, and we believe we can better

  • address those needs collectively in one

  • setting.

  • We believe that we can better prepare

  • these students for the New Tech setting

  • that they will be entering in the 7th grade

  • by having all 6th graders in one setting.

  • Ronald E. McNair (REM)- Grades 7 & 8 (will house all 7th & 8th graders

  • for entire district)

  • REM will be a complete New Tech School. It will be more cost effective to renovate one school for all 7th & 8th graders in New Tech than two middle schools.

  • We can have one middle school (Junior High) athletic department rather than two as we now have and one set of cheerleaders to fund rather than two (more cost effective).