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Help is always available….. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Help is always available…. Required fields have stars…. Some results have many pages. Completed sections have checks. Before we begin, some pre-application pointers:. Live links at bottom of page. Error messages in red. MUST have a valid e-mail address – check JUNK mail regularly!.

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Presentation Transcript

Help is always available…..

Required fields have stars…..

Some results have many pages.

Completed sections have checks.

Before we begin, some pre-application pointers:

Live links at bottom of page

Error messages in red

MUST have a valid e-mail address – check JUNK mail regularly!

… more pre-application pointers:

3 Cases:

1 – new

2 – done creating account

3 – applied last year

Let’s get started

- Click on “Apply”

Case 2 – done creating Case 1 – brand new

(i.e. logging back in) (first time)

Write it down!

Case 1 – Creating your account (keep track of info)


“Account activation successful”

message indicator


“Please click here to begin”


“Account creation completed”

message indicator





Confirmation E-mail:

- check junk mail

- must confirm to go on

- click on live link



Login using information provided during account creation:







- need e-mail address

- security question

Information will be sent to the e-mail account connected to your application. Check JUNK mail.




Recovery Information

- sent under separate e-mails

Expires after 7 days

You must accept the

“Privacy Statement”

in order to continue.


Read your

“Applicant Dashboard”


There is a great deal of

needed information




Explore all the dashboard information available.

Read it carefully!

Keep track of all your personal information.

You will go through each item progressively.


You must also add

“Mailing Information”

which must be accurate

and complete.


You must add

“Personal Information”

in order to continue.

OEN moved to Education Info page.

You must confirm

and accept

your address.

Complete the remaining

information. Read ALL



If you wish, add

“Second Consent”

which allows another

person (ex. parent, up to 3)

to discuss account

or request information.



If you provide

“Second Consent”

you must indicate the person(s)

and access levels that you

allow this person to have.

You must include an

e-mail address for each

additional person.

These additional persons

will also receive e-mail

confirmations and directions

in order to be able to

access your account.

Additions/deletions can

be made at any time.

Continue to add

“Citizenship and Residency”


You must now indicate your


history information.

Read all items carefully.




Read all steps carefully. OEN entered here….

Confirm education. If your education is being sponsored by an agency (ex. employer, MET for Apprenticeships, Social Assistance), complete information on “Financial Support”. This is not OSAP or any scholarships and/or bursaries.

Complete the “Experience” section only if you have an agency (ex. employer, MET for Apprenticeships, Social Assistance), complete information on “Financial Support”. related work experience (Co-op placements, part-time jobs, volunteering, etc.). Read all steps carefully. If you have none, check box at bottom and click “DONE”.

“When would you like to start college?” an agency (ex. employer, MET for Apprenticeships, Social Assistance), complete information on “Financial Support”.

You must choose your

start date.

You can search by

“Available Colleges”

or by

“Program Titles”

and add each as found.


“Manage Program


Now you finally get to

start choosing your

programs!! Remember,

only 5 choices and no more

than 3 at any one.


You do not need a “Transcript Request – we will send transcripts. Uncheck the box then hit “Save”.

In order for your application transcripts. Uncheck the box then hit “Save”.

to be completed and your

program choices be sent to

the appropriate colleges,

you must complete the

“Payment Summary”

including a payment method.

OCAS will not process your

application until full payment

is received. It is best to print your summary.


Select your

“Payment Method”

by checking choice.

Complete payment details,

then click

“Process Transaction”

only once.


If your payment is approved, transcripts. Uncheck the box then hit “Save”.

you will receive a

message indicating this.

Once again, you should print

the verification by clicking

“Print Summary”

and keep this receipt

with all your application

information. If declined,

follow the instructions.

Then click on

“Go Home”

Once colleges have received

your application, you will start

to receive

“Offers of Admission”

which appear in your account.

You may only accept one at

a time. You must wait 24 hours

to change your acceptance

of an offer to another. On

your dashboard, click on:

“View Offers”


Explore other areas of transcripts. Uncheck the box then hit “Save”.

your account in order to

get the most from it. Your

“Activity History”

contains important information.

Check it regularly.

Always verify account updates

and other information such

as course marks.

You can return to your

application to continue or

make changes from the

login page. You can access

the appropriate section from the

“Applicant Dashboard”

which is listed on the left

column of the login page.

Message indicators will be

posted to your dashboard.

Logout when done!


Scholarships and financial assistance
Scholarships and Financial Assistance transcripts. Uncheck the box then hit “Save”.

  • It is your responsibility to research scholarships

  • Links provided at www.publicboard.caunder the “Students - Scholarships” tab

  • External Scholarships - applications or advertisement available in Student Services (many based on community involvement and leadership skills)

  • Listen to announcements

  • All advertisements posted on bulletin board outside the Student Services Office – CHECK THESE!!

  • Check the college “Financial Aid” pages

  • Local bursary/scholarship and OSAP information to come in April at the Spring Grad Meetings

Thank-you transcripts. Uncheck the box then hit “Save”.