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Inversion ( 倒装句 ). ① 若有主从句,哪句倒装。 ②部分倒装还是完全倒装。. 倒装的目的: 语法结构 的需要:通常疑问句、 there be 结构等需要用倒装句。例如: There is a bridge across the river. 河上有座桥。 Where are you going? 你上哪去? 语法修饰 的需要:倒装句可以起强调作用,加强语气。例如: Up went the model plane. 那架航模飞机飞起来了。(强调状语). 英语倒装句分为两种 : 1、整个谓语在前的句子,叫 完全倒装 。

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倒装的目的:语法结构的需要:通常疑问句、there be 结构等需要用倒装句。例如:There is a bridge across the river. 河上有座桥。Where are you going? 你上哪去?

语法修饰的需要:倒装句可以起强调作用,加强语气。例如:Up went the model plane. 那架航模飞机飞起来了。(强调状语)



Here comes the car.




Only then did he realize that he was wrong.


  • 句首有 here, there, out, in, up, down, off, away 等表示地点,方位的副词时:

  • Out rushed a cat from under the table. 从桌子底下窜出一只猫来。

  • There goes the bell.铃响了。

  • Up went the prices. 价格上涨。

  • The door opened and in came Mr. Smith, our headmaster.


Here you are.

There he goes.


From a speaker on the wall comes the doctor’s voice.

On the ground lay a goat.

谓语通常是be , stand, sit , lie 等动词。


Gone are the days when Chinese people used foreign oil.

Such is the case.



“Where are you going?” he asked.


  • Long live the People's Republic of China!

  • May you succeed.


  • 用于省去if 的虚拟条件句中

  • Were there no air or water, there would be no life in the world.

  • 在以so, nor, neither 开头的句子里

  • He can swim. So can she.

  • He didn’t smoke, nor did he drink.

如果后一个句子只是单纯的重复前面 句子的意思,则不倒装。

“It is hot today.” “So it is.”

“He finished it on time.” “So he did.”


则用so it is with….句型来表示。

Tom likes singing, but he doesn’t like dancing.

So it is with Mary.

Tom is clever and he studies hard. So it is with


在下列 句子的意思,则不倒装。否定或半否定副词, 连词,词组放句首作状语表示强调时。

never, hardly, scarcely, seldom, little, barely, rarely, few, little,nowhere, not until(只倒主句)

by no means, at no time,in no way, not a,

Hardly …when, No sooner….than,(只倒主句,主句一般用过去完成时而从句用过去时。)

neither… nor…(两个都倒)

not only…(只倒前面)


Little work was done yesterday

Neither has he 句子的意思,则不倒装。 called on her, nor will he do so.


Not only he but also I have kept the secret.

only 句子的意思,则不倒装。修饰的副词、介词短语或状语从句放于句首时,主句要倒装.

Only then did I know I was wrong

Only in this way can you hope to improve

your English.

Only when the war was over in 1949 was he able to get back home.

注:only 修饰主语时,不倒装.

Only he can do this work.

so 句子的意思,则不倒装。…that/ such…that中 so+ adj./adv或such…提前到句首时,此部分用倒装语序.(例9)

So loudly did he speak that even people in the next room could hear him.

In such a hurry did he leave that he forget to lock the door.

在以 句子的意思,则不倒装。often, always, once, many a time, now and then, every other day, 等作状语的频度副词位于句首时。

Often did I speak of him before.

Many a time has he helped me with my experiment.

as 句子的意思,则不倒装。引导的让步状语从句要用倒装语序

n(不带冠词)/adj/ adv/ v+ as + subject + be/情


Child as he is, he knows a lot about the world.

=Though he is a child, he knows a lot about

the world.


Young as he is, he knows more than you.

强 化 练 习 句子的意思,则不倒装。1 _____the plane.

A Down flying B Down was flying

C Down flew D Flew down

2 Under a big tree ____,half asleep.

A did sat a fat man B a fat man sat

C did a fat man sat D sat a fat man



C 句子的意思,则不倒装。

3. She plays the piano very well._________. A So every one of us does

B Every one of us does

C So does every one of us

D So do every one of us

4. Never _____such a wonderful place as Hangzhou. A are hanging B had I seen C I have seen D have I seen


D 句子的意思,则不倒装。

5. Not only ____a promise, but also he kept it. A has he made B does he make C he made D did he make

6. Not until he got off the bus _____that he had got his wallet stolen.

A he found B did he find C he had found D had he found

7. Only in this way _____progress in your English. A you make B can you make C you be able to make D will you able to make



C 句子的意思,则不倒装。

8. _____and caught the mouse.

A Up the cat jumped B The cat up jumped C Up jumped the cat D Jumped up the cat

9. ------Where is your father?


A here he comes B he here comes

C here does he come D here comes he


A 句子的意思,则不倒装。

10.____in which they had came to the island. A Nearby were two canoes

B Nearby two canoes were

C Were two canoes nearby

D Two canoes nearby were

11. The door opened and there ____.

A enters an old man B entered an old man C did an old man enter D an old man entered


D 句子的意思,则不倒装。

12. Little ___ when I took the trip and ___ did my brother.

A have I known; so B had I know;neither

C do I know; so D did I know; neither

13. Was it not ___ you arrived at his house __ you discovered that he was on holiday?

A when; that B until; did C until; that D when;did


B 句子的意思,则不倒装。

14. Many a time __ to see me while __ in hospital.

A did he come; was I B did he come; I was

C he came; was I D he was; I was

15 .Now and then ___ up to see what happened.

A did he wake B he wake

C he wakes D he did wake

16. She is not fond of cooking,____ I.

A so am B nor am C neither do I D nor do

17. Early in the morning __ the news ____ the Chinese Team defeated the Japanese Team.

A comes; what B. came; that

C comes; that D came; what




C 句子的意思,则不倒装。

18. At the foot of the mountain_____.

A lie a beautiful lake

B does a beautiful lake lie

C lies a beautiful lake

D do a beautiful lake lie

19. At no time ___ his personal interest first.

A should a communist place

B. a communist should place

C a communist place

D does a communist place


C 句子的意思,则不倒装。

20. On the wall ______two large portraits. A are hanging B hanged C hang D hangs

21.Not once ______their plan.

A did they change B they changed C changed they D they did changed

22.I finally got the job I dreamed about. Never in my life ____so happy! (NMET2000春季)

A.did I feel B.I felt

C.I had felt D.had I felt



B 句子的意思,则不倒装。

23.Little ___about his own safety,though he was in great danger himself.(上海1994)

A. does he care B. did he care

C. he cares D. he cared

24.Not only ______ polluted but ______ crowded.


A. was the city;were the streets

B.the city was;were the streets

C.was the city;the streets were

D.the city was;the streets were


C 句子的意思,则不倒装。

25.______ for the free tickets,I would not have gone to the films so often.(上海1995)

A.If it is not B.Were it not

C.Had it not been D.If they were not

26.So ______ that no fish can live in it.(上海1992)

A.the lake is shallow B.shallow the lake is

C.shallow is the lake the lake shallow

27. Not a single song ____at yesterday’s party.(上海2000) A she sang B sang she C did she sing



28.Hardly_______ when it began to rain. 句子的意思,则不倒装。

A had he arrived B arrived he

C he had arrived D did he arrive

29.Mr. Smith promised to help me and____ the next day.

A neither he did B so he did

C neither did he D so did he



30.Not until the bell rang____in. 句子的意思,则不倒装。

A do they come B came they

C did they come D they came