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Budget 2006 2007
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Budget 2006/2007. Upper Canada District School Board Board Room Wednesday, August 30 th , 2006. Part I System Drivers Global Picture Provincial Goals Where we are Financial EQAO. Part II Annual Rebalancing GSN’s 2006/2007 Issues Discussion / Recommendations. Agenda.

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Budget 2006/2007

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Budget 2006 2007

Budget 2006/2007

Upper Canada District School Board

Board Room

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006


Part I

System Drivers

Global Picture

Provincial Goals

Where we are



Part II

Annual Rebalancing

GSN’s 2006/2007


Discussion / Recommendations


System drivers impact of elementary enrolments

System Drivers - Impact of Elementary Enrolments



System drivers impact of secondary enrolments

System Drivers - Impact of Secondary Enrolments



System drivers impact of projected enrolment decline on ucdsb surplus capacity

System Drivers - Impact of Projected Enrolment Decline on UCDSB Surplus Capacity

Global picture multi year issues

Global Picture Multi-Year Issues

Strategic Plan

Special Education Plan

Quest 2020

Global picture crew set long term direction

Global Picture CREW – Set Long Term Direction

Global picture special education plan

Global Picture Special Education Plan

  • Sets long term direction within CREW

    • R-11 Development of System-wide Student Support Services Model

    • C-23 Guidelines for School-Based Student Support Delivery Model

    • E-14 Exceptional Student and Program Guidelines

    • C-24Student Support Services Communication Plan

    • E-15 Multi-year Professional development Plan to Serve Exceptional Students

Global picture quest 2020

Global Picture Quest 2020

  • Drives a rebalancing by larger increments

  • As Study of:

    • Administration

    • Transportation

    • Plant

    • Wellness/Human Resources

  • Focused on

    • Demographics

    • Revenue forecasts

    • Wellness

    • Sustainability

  • Outcome

    • Rebuilding Targets Established

Provincial goals

Provincial Goals

  • EQAO

    • 75% of students achieving at Levels 3/4 by 2007

  • Primary Class Size

    • 90% of all Primary Class Sizes at or below 20 with all primary classes at or below 23 by 2007/2008

  • Graduation Rates

    • 80% of all students graduating by 2010

Where we are financial situation

Where We Are Financial Situation

Students achieving levels 3 4 on the eqao assessments

% Students Achieving Levels 3/4 on the EQAO Assessments

CREW year 2

CREW year 1

Students achieving levels 3 4 on the eqao assessments1

% Students Achieving Levels 3/4 on the EQAO Assessments

CREW year 2

CREW year 1

Students achieving levels 3 4 on the eqao assessments2

% Students Achieving Levels 3/4 on the EQAO Assessments

CREW year 2

CREW year 1

Students achieving levels 3 4 on the eqao assessments3

% Students Achieving Levels 3/4 on the EQAO Assessments

CREW year 2

CREW year 1

Students achieving levels 3 4 on the eqao assessments4

% Students Achieving Levels 3/4 on the EQAO Assessments

CREW year 2

CREW year 1

Students achieving levels 3 4 on the eqao assessments5

% Students Achieving Levels 3/4 on the EQAO Assessments

CREW year 2

CREW year 1

Students achieving levels 3 4 on the eqao assessments6

% Students Achieving Levels 3/4 on the EQAO Assessments

CREW year 2

CREW year 1

Students achieving levels 3 4 on the eqao assessments7

% Students Achieving Levels 3/4 on the EQAO Assessments

CREW year 1

CREW year 2

Students achieving levels 3 4 on the eqao assessments8

% Students Achieving Levels 3/4 on the EQAO Assessments

CREW year 1

CREW year 2

Comparison with other area boards one example

Comparison with other area Boards – one example

Grade 6 Math

CREW year 2

CREW year 1

Part ii rebalance

Part II – Rebalance


  • Annual Rebalancing

    • GSN 2006/2007

    • Issues

    • Discussion/Recommendation

    • Next Steps

Grant revenue changes

Grant Revenue Changes

  • Grants for Student Needs (GSN) Changes (+ $6 million over 2005/2006)

  • Realignment of Funding to address the salary gap in Teacher funding:

    Moving Local Priorities - $ 6.5 million

    Adjusting Q&E Grant + $ 4.1 million (Qualification and Experience Grant)

    Reducing LOG - $ 1.0 million (Learning Opportunities Grant)

Grant revenue changes1

Grant Revenue Changes

  • Salary Benchmarks

    2004/2005 = 2%

    2005/2006 = 2%

    2006/2007 = 2.5%

    2007/2008 = 3%

  • Additional Elementary Teacher Specialists related to increased preparation time.

    2005/2006 = 4.53/1000 ADE

    2006/2007 = 5.3/1000 ADE

  • Total Additional Elementary Teachers = 14

  • Secondary Student Success and Focus on Literacy

  • Total Additional Secondary Teachers = 5.8

Grant revenue changes2

Grant Revenue Changes

  • Primary Class Size Max

    • JK to Gr. 3 in 2006/2007 = 23:1

    • JK to Gr. 3 in 2007/2008 = 20:1 in 90% of classes

  • Adjusting School Capacity

  • School-by-school review of accommodation for Primary Class Size

  • UCDSB slated to receive $315,221 for additional student accommodation dependent on final criteria

Grant revenue changes3

Grant Revenue Changes

School Foundation

  • 1 FTE Principal (above 50 ADE)

  • 1 FTE Office Admin (above 50 ADE)

  • Updated Salary benchmarks by moving funds from other grants

Grant revenue changes4

Grant Revenue Changes


Good Places To LearnUCDSB Share

Stage 1 = $1 Billion$10,847,832

Stage 2 = $ 0.5 Billion 06/07$ 8,902,213

Stage 3 = $ 0.5 Billion 07/08$ TBD

Does not include prohibitive to repair schools

(will be announced in 2007/2008)…

Grant revenue changes5

Grant Revenue Changes

Prohibitive to Repair (PTR)

  • $50 million to support $700 million of identified need

  • 200 schools with a Facilities Condition Index of 65% or greater (Ministry B: memo to come)

  • $10 million to support $137 million of need for new schools in areas where New Pupil Places (NPP) is not sufficient

Grant revenue changes6

Grant Revenue Changes

Special Education

  • Salary Benchmarks changes

  • SEPPA – migration of students to secondary means fewer $/student each year

  • Convert ISA into a per pupil amount and then adjust as enrolment changes ($750.59/student)

  • Still more work to do by Ministry

Grant revenue changes7

Grant Revenue Changes


  • 2% for fuel (UCDSB $494,936)

  • Will not have grant reduced due to declining enrolment

  • $ for CPR and 1st aid training for drivers

  • Consortium delivery to be a requirement

Grant revenue changes8

Grant Revenue Changes


  • 2% increase

    Trustee Remuneration, information to be released separately

  • $3.5 million provincially

Grant revenue changes9

Grant Revenue Changes

Reporting Rules

  • Primary Class Size major initiative (Ministry B:7 memo)

  • Student Success

  • Elementary Specialists

  • Unspent Classroom Funds Reserve restrictions to be removed

  • Board Administration and Governance maximum spending = 15% above grant amount

  • Distant and Rural School Funding restructured

  • More information to come

Link to Spreadsheet

2006 2007 crew project activities

2006/2007 CREW Project Activities

Communications cycle

Communications Cycle

Good Idea



New Direction




Board of





System Needs


Early years committee

Early Years Committee

  • Formed as a follow-up to Fraser Mustard's visit in 2003: representation from our community health and day care partners throughout the jurisdiction

  • Focus on sharing data, resources and best practices related to meeting the needs of our youngsters from birth to age 4

  • Linking program delivery between our Early Years partners and our JK/SK classrooms

  • Significant expansion of Summer Programs

Character education

Character Education

  • Communities of Character recognition

  • Character Always Student Film Festival

  • Extend Elementary Character Education curriculum to Core French and French Immersion

  • Phase II of ECO schools program (JK- Grade 12)

  • Student Senate/Governance

Critical incident response team

Critical Incident Response Team

  • Critical Incident Response Team introduced during 2005/2006

  • Next phase to provide training for selected school staff

  • Critical Incident Response Teams formed in each region

Bullying prevention

Bullying Prevention

  • Funds for support materials to assist in enhancing bullying prevention programs

  • Enhanced bullying prevention training for principals/vice principals and school staffs

  • An implementation process ensuring schools provide a safe, secure learning environment

Music and arts funding in elementary schools

Music and Arts Funding in Elementary Schools

  • Funds provided for arts programs in our elementary schools

  • Positive effect on the development of the arts in our elementary classrooms

  • Partnerships have been created with community artists

  • Students produce quality results from the instructional experiences

Michelangelo project

Michelangelo Project

  • The Michelangelo Project commits to ensuring each and every student is successful in achieving their aspirations for learning and opportunities

  • Is a call for the rigorous commitment to ensure that student failure is not considered an option

  • Is a call for rigorous care, to take students “to the line and over the bar”

  • Is not a recipe but a conceptual framework to identify and use the many best practices that are found within the system

  • To ensure each student realizes their true potential

Multi year pd plan to serve exceptional students

Multi-year PD plan to serve exceptional students

  • A comprehensive training schedule developed to support:

    • Teachers

    • Educational Assistants

    • Principals, and

    • Psychological services staff

      in meeting special education needs.

Development of system wide student support service model

Development of System wide student support service model

  • 87 Learning Resource Coaches hired to:

    • Support classroom teachers in using differentiated instruction

    • Work with student support teams

    • Support students with special education needs

Quality daily physical education qdpe

Quality Daily Physical Education (QDPE)

  • Physical activity vs. Physical Education

    • Physical activity “Movement of the body that expends energy”

    • Physical education “Planned program of instruction and physical activity that is balanced, inclusive, participatory and developmentally appropriate. It will provide the knowledge, skills and competencies so that learners have the commitment and capacity to lead healthy, active lives.”

Quality daily physical education qdpe1

Quality Daily Physical Education (QDPE)

UCDSB Vision

  • Every elementary school will provide 30 minutes of daily physical education

  • Every secondary school will implement an active, healthy living program that involves innovative and flexible delivery models and opportunities for daily physical activity

Quality daily physical education qdpe2

Quality Daily Physical Education (QDPE)

Benefits of QDPE

  • Reduces

    • Anxiety

    • Depression and tension

    • Obesity

    • Osteoporosis

    • Bullying

    • Inactivity

    • Heart disease and high blood pressure

    • Diabetes

  • Increases self-esteem which in turn affects academic improvement

  • Less likely to smoke or consume alcohol

  • Enhances academic achievement particularly in mathematics, reading, memorization and categorization

Web centric


  • Almost 3000 new PCs deployed to schools for student and staff use

  • Over 3000 old PCs retired, 600 refurbished and donated to needy families

  • 120 School Servers ready to be decommissioned, saving about $300,000 over five years

  • Payment to occur over a 3 year period

Board website

Board Website

  • New Board website delivered: winner of Apex Grand Award for Communications

  • New Insite Portal & over 100 school ‘team sites’ delivered and in use

  • 38 schools have new external websites with consistent branding and navigation

  • System for building teacher websites delivered, in use and growing

Dashboard metrics

Dashboard Metrics

  • All principals and vice-principals have received training on the dashboard

  • “Dashboard Lite” scorecard tool delivered so all staff have access to Board wide indicators

  • Significant evidence of data being used to drive school improvement strategies

  • Special funding for this project from Ministry of Education MISA initiative

  • HR Module in development for October

Streamline technical supports

Streamline Technical Supports

  • Workflow system deployed and functional

  • Offense declaration form completed electronically for first time

  • Electronic timesheet targeted for launch in November

  • Combined savings ~$100,000 per year

  • “Self Serve” area on portal for electronic pay stubs coming online in September – savings about $20,000per year

Education roadmap

Education Roadmap

  • Education and Career information to assist students and parents with choosing career destinations

  • Highlighting different Career Pathways, Apprenticeship, College, University, and the World of Work

Destinations of choice

Destinations of Choice

  • Continuation of capacity building in teachers of all grades and levels (instructional intelligence and differentiated instruction).

  • Promoting “Credit Completion” strategies, recognizing significant impact of failure on school leavers and graduation rate.

  • Continuing board-wide promotion of Industry Recognized Certification for students.

Living literacy

Living Literacy

  • Professional Development for support for Literacy Initiatives and the Grade 10 Literacy test

  • Cross-panel discussions on the Literacy test with Grade 7-9 Teachers

  • Expanding “pods of expertise” in Mathematical Literacy

  • Supporting discovery learning in Mathematics



  • Recognition of our 200 years of educational accomplishments

  • Will involve 3000 students, staff and dignitaries

  • Will include QDPE Activities and the Terry Fox Run

  • Will focus on Student Vocals, Drama, Dance, Instrumental Music, Visual Arts, Writing Talents, Art Show and Final Concert

  • Participation from every school in the board

School councils

School Councils

  • Building a Family of Schools Network

  • Recognize and support the work of School Councils throughout the Board

  • Increase the capacity of School Councils as they serve an effective advisory role to the principal and the Board

  • Support principals in their work with School Councils

  • Improve communication among School Councils, Trustees and Board staff

Volunteer recognition

Volunteer Recognition

  • UCDSB enjoys the support of thousand of parents, guardians and friends

  • There have been thousands of volunteer hours spent in our schools during the past year

  • Volunteers in Upper Canada schools were recognized this past year for their service to our community

    • 409 - five year volunteer service pins awarded

    • 151 - ten year volunteer service pins awarded

    • 33 - fifteen year volunteer service pins awarded

    • 19 - lifetime volunteer service pins awarded to individuals having volunteered for over 15 years



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