A day s work
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A Day’s Work. Mrs. Stortzum’s 3 rd Grade. A Day’s Work is a __________story. realistic. What did Francisco and his grandfather need?. money. What does abuelo mean?. grandfather. Threw, hit, or pushed something with force. slammed.

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A day s work

A Day’s Work

Mrs. Stortzum’s 3rd Grade

What does abuelo mean
What does abuelo mean?

  • grandfather

Unhappiness. the job.

  • sadness

Cares for plants
Cares for plants. he lied?

  • gardener

Lively action and feeling
Lively action and feeling. he lied?

  • excitement

The price Francisco paid for the mistake was the next day he had to miss _______ and the Lakers game to fix the mistake.

  • church

You know that gardeners know a lot about
You know that gardeners know a lot about _______. had to miss _______ and the Lakers game to fix the mistake.

  • plants

Shook or trembled
Shook or trembled. grandfather had done.

  • shivered

How can you tell that ben was very angry
How can you tell that Ben was very angry? abuelo _____ with him.

  • He slammed his cap on the truck.

Surprised or disgusted
Surprised or disgusted. abuelo _____ with him.

  • shocked

How would you describe ben
How would you describe Ben? abuelo _____ with him.

  • fair

What is the setting of this story
What is the setting of this story? abuelo _____ with him.

  • California

Good luck on the test
Good Luck on the Test!!! abuelo _____ with him.