saving our sonoran desert from the destruction of real estate
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Saving Our Sonoran Desert From The Destruction Of Real Estate

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Saving Our Sonoran Desert From The Destruction Of Real Estate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Saving Our Sonoran Desert From The Destruction Of Real Estate. By: Aubrianne Estrada. Do you know how incomparable our Sonoran Desert really is ?.

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We live in the one and only diverse, scenic, yet challenged Sonoran Desert. The epic beauty that the Sonoran Desert has to offer is slowly being taken away by wealthy real estate developers.


Most developers ignore the fact that there’s potential homes and land within town and city limits that can be remodeled/ refurbished. Instead of seeking new landscape to disturb for a new home we should refocus our attention to lower end properties already established within county zonings to invest in.


Most investors understand money is not an option and pay top dollar for the land but they remain uneducated about the area. Apart from all the big money you wonder if they ever stop and think about the peaceful land they are going to disturb

It’s far from the plants they’ll uproot, animals they’ll endanger, and resources they’ll waste it’s the fact that we’ll never get it back. These reasons should serve as a bold reminder of the trouble we could avoid by investing in lower end communities.


Existing water, gas, and electric utilities are already established in rural communities so the need for excessive digging or disruptions of the desert for wells, power lines and propane tank installments wont be necessary.


Building luxurious properties in remote land destroys the landscape and fills our Sonoran Desert with homes that will eventually just sit on the market for long periods of time.

When building a home in the remote areas of the Sonoran Desert increases the chances of infestations of bugs and animals.

A solution will remain simple reusing lower end properties, remodeling vacant homes, and investing money in potential filled communities will go farther than a pricy mansion in the middle of nowhere.

A smaller investment to use attention needing properties will not only save you money, help the surrounding area, and contribute to stable economy but keep our Sonoran Desert in its original form that can never be replaced if it’s destroyed.

I encourage you to evaluate all the possibilities before buying, selling, or investing in properties within the Sonoran Desert!