week 10 english 9a
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Week 10 English 9A

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Week 10 English 9A. Monday November 4. Monday November 4. Vocabulary 10 in class Quiz Thursday Vocabulary 10 Discuss & Collect Social Offenses Pink Sheet Collect Blue Perfect Mate parent Begin the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Parent Teacher Conferences this week. Tuesday November 5.

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week 10 english 9a

Week 10 English 9A

Monday November 4

monday november 4
Monday November 4
  • Vocabulary 10 in class
  • Quiz Thursday Vocabulary 10
  • Discuss & Collect Social Offenses Pink Sheet
  • Collect Blue Perfect Mate parent
  • Begin the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
  • Parent Teacher Conferences this week
tuesday november 5
Tuesday November 5
  • Read Pages 982-989 for Note Taking on Shakespeare for Essay
  • As we read the play: Discover Literary terms:
  • Note taking terms: Renaissance, Elizabethan Age, tragedy, comic relief, allusion, soliloquy, aside, blank verse, iambic pentameter, foil, comic relief, oxymoron, foreshadowing, imagery, alliteration, irony, (situational and dramatic irony) rising action, climax,
a e notes biography
A & E Notes Biography
  • Susan Hamnet Judith John and Mary were parents
  • 1592 in London Two Gentlemen of Verona & Henry the VI first plays
  • Robert Green writer attacks Shakespeare for being tight with money for being mean minded “ Tiger’s heart wrapped in a player’s hide”
  • Henry the Sixth Part I 10 thousand audience members!
  • Wrote poems sonnets plays Comedy of Errors based on Roman play, English History plays, often takes stories from existing
  • Earl of South Hampton: Sonnet… “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day” then the dark lady… Sonnet 130 “no such roses do I see in her cheeks”
  • Then back to the theatre he was commercial…he was pressured to write ending in 27 plays
  • 40 days of Lent was when acting was banned otherwise he was working 7 days a week.
  • The Plague 70% chance of dying outbreak plague alert closed theatre

His father John was a glover money lending money

  • Summer got up between 3 & 4am help father and go to school. Elizabethan\'s studied Latin, Roman history…
  • Festivals like Kenilworth inspired his plays
  • Early years were the lost days most likely while he worked
  • He was 18 when Ann Hathaway, who had lived only a mile away, became pregnant with his baby
  • Twins Hamnet and Judith
  • Most sensational play writing career in history
shakespeare and his time title of assignment please label top center of your paper as above
Shakespeare and His Time:Title of Assignment ~ Please label top center of your paper as above:
  • DUE MONDAY before class: submit to Eli Review( THESIS & PAPER)
  • Watched the video & read pages 982-989. (Take notes)
  • Write an essay about Shakespeare and his life’s journey. Explain what theatre looked like in his day and what impact he had on language and society.
  • Length 350-500 words (300 words of your own)
  • Double spaced, size 12 font, Times New Roman
  • Cite 3 MLA pieces of information from the text
  • Formal Essay style: third person, present tense, no contractions
  • Carefully place thesis and restated thesis:  check back to Odysseus notes…
  • Be sure to say: To paraphrase… According to A & E video,”……” or As stated in the Language of Literature, “Shakespeare language ….”(988).
remember raw
  • WHY
  • (EXPAIN WHY WHY WHY!!! With concrete support)
  • CREATE A THESIS that answers the question and creates a clear road map for your thoughts!
common core connection
Common Core Connection
  • CCR RL 9-10.1
  • I can site strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.
  • I can analyze the author’s words and determine multiple pieces of textual evidence that strongly and thoroughly support both explicit and inferential questions.