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6 th Grade Word Wall . Art. The Human expression of creativity. Elements of Design. The tools an artist uses to create a composition Shape, Color, Line, Value, Space, Form, Texture. Color Wheel. A C hart that Shows P rimary , Secondary and Tertiary C olors. Secondary Colors.

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Word Wall


The Human expression of creativity

Elements of design
Elements of Design

The tools an artist uses to create a composition Shape, Color, Line, Value, Space, Form, Texture

Color wheel
Color Wheel

A Chart that Shows Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors

Secondary colors
Secondary Colors

Orange, Green,


Primary colors
Primary Colors

Blue, Red, Yellow

Color encode
Color Encode

Process the Brain uses to Convert Information

Optical illusion
Optical Illusion

When an Artist Deliberately Fools the Eye in a Composition


3D Effect

in a Composition


The Amount of Lights and Darks in a Work of Art


A Mark Made with a Pointed Tool

Geometric shape
Geometric Shape

A shape that is precise and requires a tool like a ruler to draw it perfectly.

Two dimensional
Two Dimensional

Height + Width

Pablo picasso
Pablo Picasso

A Famous Artist that used Geometric Abstract Shapes in his Cubist Paintings

Organic shape
Organic Shape

A Freeform Shape or Shape with no Straight Lines

Henri matisse

Henri Matisse

Used Organic Shapes in his cut out compositions at the end of his life because he could not see as well anymore


Repeated Shape, Lines and Colors


The way a Surface Looks or Feels

Mc escher
MC Escher

An Artist and Mathematician who is Best Known for his Tessellations and Complex Patterns


A complex pattern of shapes that fit together like a puzzle without gaps or overlaps.

Tessellations A pattern of shapes that fit perfectly together like a puzzle so that there are no gaps or overlaps.

How can one shape create a limitless variations of patterns?

Today you will
Today you will

Learn new vocabulary about tessellations by watching artist Jim McNeill demonstrate 3 methods of creating tessellated patterns.

Translation Method

Translation Method -

Glide to Opposite Side

Reflection Method

Reflection Method -

Glide to Opposite Side and Flip

Rotation Method

Rotation Method –

Rotate around the vertex or common point where shapes meet.

Alexander calder
Alexander Calder

An Artist Best Known for his Moving Sculptures or Mobiles


A Moving Sculpture

Alexander Calder

Asymmetrical b alance
Asymmetrical Balance

Two Sides are Different yet Balanced

Symmetrical balance
Symmetrical Balance

When Something Appears to be the Same on Both Sides