Medical student interest in the ir residency
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Medical Student Interest in the IR Residency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medical Student Interest in the IR Residency. Alok Bhatt, MD Chair, Resident and Fellows Section Keck School of Medicine Department of Radiology University of Southern California. Disclosures. None . Context. Resident SIR Members. 547. 359. Year.

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Medical Student Interest in the IR Residency

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Medical Student Interest in the IR Residency

Alok Bhatt, MD

Chair, Resident and Fellows Section

Keck School of Medicine

Department of Radiology

University of Southern California


  • None


Resident SIR Members




Annual Meeting Attendance(Students and Residents)



Number of Medical Student SIR Members




Change represents a 281% Increase

Unfilled DR Positions



So We Asked

  • N = 65

  • Medical students that are interested in IR

  • Primarily 1st and 2nd year medical students with some 3rd and 4th year medical students


  • Top specialties

    • IR

    • Vascular surgery

    • Cardiology

    • Other surgical specialty

    • Diagnostic radiology

    • Internal medicine or other medical subspecialty

What Facets of Interventional Radiology Interest You?

  • Vascular disease

  • Interventional Oncology

  • Pediatric interventional radiology

  • Interventional Pain

  • Neurointerventional Radiology

  • Other

If IR were not an option, would you still pursue DR?

How does the new IR residency influence your decision to pursue IR?

If a residency program didn't offer the IR residency (or the opportunity to become an interventional radiologist), how would that affect your ranking of that program during the residency match?

How important is practicing interventional radiology under a "clinical" paradigm?

If a program offered clinical rotations during residency (i.e. surgery, ICU, vascular medicine etc.) , how would that affect your ranking of that program during the match?

If a residency program offered a longitudinal clinical curriculum, how would that influence your ranking of that program?

Which of the following IR-related features of a program will cause you to rank a diagnostic radiology residency more highly?

  • Greater than 10 months of IR during residency

  • Longitudinal clinical training

  • Resident IR clinics

On your way to becoming an IR, would you rather complete an IR residency or a traditional DR residency followed by an IR fellowship?

From the Mouth of Babes

Perceptions of Current IR Practice

  • “Imagine having a root canal and then being told to call your car mechanic if you experience any problems after the procedure. Clearly this makes no sense. Similarly, does it make any sense for a patient to follow-up with his primary care physician (PCP) as follow-up for their …mediport? The only thing the car mechanic or PCP can recommend in these situations is to go back to the person who initially preformed the procedure…Why not just go directly back to the dentist or the interventional radiologist? There is absolutely no reason to have a patient jump through hoops to see the physician that took care of them. It is not fair to the patient and it is bad care. “

On Longitudinal Patient Care

  • To do it any other way would be a breech of the trust that the patient entrusted upon the interventional radiologist prior to the procedure. There have been many advances in IR over the past few decades, but I believe the greatest advancement is the establishment of IR as a clinical specialty.

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