Lss6 tt60 beam commissioning on 24 th august 2006
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LSS6/TT60 beam commissioning on 24 th August 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LSS6/TT60 beam commissioning on 24 th August 2006. On behalf of E.Carlier, E.Gaxiola, M.Gourber-Pace, E.Hatziangeli, L.Jensen, R.Jones, V.Kain, A.Koschik, M.Lamont, J.Uythoven, J.Wenninger and many more….

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Presentation Transcript
Lss6 tt60 beam commissioning on 24 th august 2006

LSS6/TT60 beam commissioning on 24th August 2006

On behalf of E.Carlier, E.Gaxiola, M.Gourber-Pace, E.Hatziangeli, L.Jensen, R.Jones, V.Kain, A.Koschik, M.Lamont, J.Uythoven, J.Wenninger and many more…

LTC 13th September 2006


  • New fast extraction channel in LSS6 commissioned with beam

    • LHC beam 1 through TT60 towards TI2: ~100 m of TT60 onto TED beam dump.

  • Successful and efficient test

    • Beam extracted to TED on first attempt

    • Equipment all worked, eventually, almost perfectly.

    • Controls & SW all worked, almost perfectly.

    • Almost all planned measurements completed in ~16 hours.

    • ~3500 pilot extractions with 5 109 p+, 12 extractions with 12 bunches, 5 1011 p+.

    • No major issues discovered.

First shot on BTV.610317 (TED), 12:35:03

LTC 13th September 2006

Test program overview
Test program & overview

  • PREPARATION………………………………..



  • PILOT EXTRACTION………………………...

  • APERTURE CHECKS………………………..



  • 3 of 4 KICKER TANK TEST………………….


  • REPRODUCIBILITY………………………….


  • RECOVERY……………………………………







Partial (during 5 and 6)






LTC 13th September 2006

How the time was used
How the time was used

Intermediate extraction ~0.2 h

PilotIntermediate ~1 h

Recovery ~1.5 h

Preparation ~4.5 h

Pilot extraction ~9 h

  • Total ~1.751013 p+ on TED (cf 51013 maximum announced)

  • About 3500 extractions made using fast LHC cycle

LTC 13th September 2006

Extraction and aperture measurements
Extraction and aperture measurements

  • Verified positions of all extraction elements with circulating or extracted beam

    • Detailed data reduction still in progress but no major surprises

    • Same measurements will be made for LHC extraction septa MSD and TCDS

  • Calibrated beam loss measurements and profile for circulating and extracted beams

    • Different signatures along the extraction channel to LSS4, as expected from TPSG designs

    • Needed to set BLM interlock thresholds

    • Allows subsequent quantification of absolute loss levels

  • Measured aperture along TT60 with varying corrector/septum strengths

    • Handicapped by lack of BPCKs and fact that BCT is halfway between extraction and TED

    • Used positions on screens to estimate maximum possible excursions

    • Results so far analysed fit well with expected aperture from model (madx plus physical layout)


LTC 13th September 2006

Optics checks
Optics checks

  • Using data taken for aperture and extraction calibration measurements

  • Only BTV data available at that time (BPCK firmware problem was being solved)

  • Automatic data analysis difficult

    • Positions not returned consistently by BTV device

    • SDDS used to get positions from 2-D profiles

  • Already see some interesting results: reasonably good agreement with MAD model

  • Will extend to all corrector/kicker/septum excitations and measured responses

    • Preparing input files from raw data for thorough analysis – rather painstaking


LTC 13th September 2006

Mke results saturation calibration
MKE results – saturation/calibration

  • Varied MKE strength from nominal (26 kV) to 33% higher (35 kV).

  • Checked for saturation effects at higher current /field (up to 0.13 T).

  • No evidence of non-linearity seen over the range tested

  • Would allow use of 3 MKE for extraction – merits being discussed


LTC 13th September 2006

Mke results waveform
MKE results - waveform

  • Varied MKE delay wrt beam position to measure kicker waveform

    • as planned for MKD/MKB systems during commissioning of LHC dump system

Bunches being kicked on the rising edge, making 1 turn and being extracted

  • Find ±1% ripple

    • ±0.5% specification – needs improving

  • Flat-top about 18 ms

    • Too long – needs shortening

    • Bunches kicked outwards on rising edge and make full SPS turn before extraction

  • See effect of non-linear QFA618 field

    • Should measure this explicitly



LTC 13th September 2006

Beam instrumentation specifics
Beam Instrumentation specifics

  • Useful for AB/BI in verifying new electronics in place for LHC beam extraction

  • Found with beam:

    • Some cabling/SW inversions in LSS60 BPCEs were found with the beam

    • Firmware problem with BPCKs in TT60

  • Difficulties in accurate measurement of low intensity with TT60 BCT (kicker noise)

  • Certain problems remain to be solved:

    • Most difficult probably signal to noise ratio for the very low intensity pilot beam

    • Problem with BPMI firmware been investigated and fix believed available.

    • possible BTV vs BPCK scaling errors being investigated

  • BTVs had x10 smaller RMS (31 mm) in position measurement than BPCKs!


LTC 13th September 2006

Controls sw specifics
Controls & SW specifics

  • Major progress made since earlier tests

  • All CO applications ran smoothly

    • LSA AP (EquipState, Cycle Manager )

    • OASIS Viewer

    • Fixed Displays

    • DB Logging

    • SDDS Logging

    • ALARMS

  • Some adjustments performed on the fly to Fixed Displays and DB logging

  • Main outstanding issues concern logging

    • Systematic wrong data time stamping at source for SPS Ring BLM + MUGEF

    • Septa logged asynchronously (NO timing in FE)

    • Sporadic holes in data

    • OASIS scope and channel settings

  • Missing alarms from mugefs

Fixed display showing all 7 LSS6/TT60 BTVs


LTC 13th September 2006

Radiation protection
Radiation protection

  • Continuous monitoring of dose rate at accessible gates showed background levels during test – max. predicted was 1 mSv/h (pessimistic)

  • Radiation survey showed activation levels as expected – 450 mSv/h at TED

  • Waiting for results from dosimeters

Heinz Vincke/N.Conan

LTC 13th September 2006

Positive aspects
Positive aspects

  • High beam availability from SPS

  • Fast 8.4 s LHC cycle and pilot bunch from SPS  rapid data taking

  • Controls & SW very stable and mature

    • Reaping the LSA harvest

  • “Fast” switch to 12 bunches at midnight (~1 hour)

  • Very few problems with equipment systems

    • Most problems shaken out in dry runs in preceding weeks

  • Comprehensive and stable logging

  • Excellent support from OP, BI and CO

LTC 13th September 2006

Problems issues encountered
Problems/issues encountered

  • No time to condition MKE kickers to full voltage prior to the test

    • Sparks occurred in magnets - caused several vacuum interlocks

  • SPS BPCEs with polarity/plane inversions

    • Could have been seen before the test, with another beam

  • TT60 BPCKs needed several hours’ from experts to work correctly

    • Not available for aperture/response measurements

  • Not possible to change polarity of MDLV for aperture tests

    • Still some LSA issues with polarity change and ‘zero’ current functions

  • Synchronisation of logged data imperfect

    • TIMESTAMP data different within cycle from different equipment (BPCK, BTV, mugef)

    • Data 2 cycles late for BLMS!

    • Makes data analysis much more difficult: has to be properly addressed for 2007!!!

LTC 13th September 2006

Outlook for 2006 2007
Outlook for 2006/2007

  • Some measurements still to make in interleaved LSS4/6 test

    • Shorten MKE pulse and use only 3 kickers (tbc), and measure new waveform

    • Measure of non-linear field in QFA618

    • Full optics/response measurement with BPCKs

    • Repeat subset of aperture measurements, with BPCKs available

  • Commissioning still to make in 2007

    • Interlock system available and to be tested

    • High intensity tests - full LHC beam extracted

    • Interleaved low and high intensity extraction with LSS4 and LHC injection sequencing

    • Get ready for TI2 commissioning later in the year

LTC 13th September 2006