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H oodwinked. B y: C harlicia Murphy. Chapter 1.

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h oodwinked


By: Charlicia Murphy

chapter 1
Chapter 1
  • The story I am trying to introduce is hoodwinked. it’s like the other side of little red riding hood. and has many other characters than red and wolf fighting over grandma’s baked goods. And red get away that’s to simple. Hoodwinked is more evil and has many villains working together trying to get something other than just one person that’s trying avenge something.
chapter 2
Chapter 2
  • How I think the story’s are similar is the plot of the story. Because there is always going to be someone steal grandma’s goods and never succeeds. the characters are pretty much the same like wolf grandma and little red. The setting didn\'t change much either because they were always in the woods that’s how I think the stories are similar.
chapter 3
Chapter 3
  • The way they are different is there is a different villain. Instead of the wolf being the bad guy it is a fluffy bunny. Who would of thought something that cute could be so ugly. and the wolf had a job and its not eating people but something unlike him. He is someone who gets the inside look and get to see what other people don’t get to see. Wolf was not the bad guy he was a helper in the hole story not the villain. that’s the diffences in the two stories.
chapter 4
Chapter 4
  • In the movie it has a lot of same’s and differences. But in the end its all the same plot and setting . Some things are different like the characters. There are a lot more scenes. and there are a lot more has not changed. But any difference the movie are all the same. no mater what their will always be someone trying to steal GRANDMA’S GOODS.