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Cold war
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Rappraochment with China. Vietnam War 60’s & 70’s. Bay of Pigs 1961. Containment. Suez Crisis. Iran Hostage 1979. Korean War 1950. Cuban Crisis 1962. SALT Treaty. Space Race. Arms Race. Cold War. Eisenhower’s Administration. Continued Vietnam involvement

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Cold War

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Cold war



Vietnam War

60’s & 70’s

Bay of Pigs



Suez Crisis

Iran Hostage


Korean War


Cuban Crisis




Space Race

Arms Race

Cold War

Eisenhower s administration

Eisenhower’s Administration

Continued Vietnam involvement

- provided economic and military aid to

South Vietnam

Suez Crisis (M. East) / Egypt (Africa) 1955

- Egyptian Leader played Soviets and U.S.

against each other

- for $$ to fund the canal along Nile River

- U.S. withdraws its $ offer (after realizing Egypt

was playing both sides)

p. 831

Suez crisis egypt cont

Suez Crisis / Egypt cont….

- Egypt gets mad

- takes over all of canal (limits who can use)

- Israel not allowed to use it Why?

- British, France and Israel sends troops. UN intervenes.

Troops leave and Egypt gets its way.

* Why do Soviets see it as a victory?

Eisenhower Doctrine

- U.S. will defend the Middle East against

communist attacks




  • Pres. Eisenhower’s admin would go to the edge of ALL OUT war to stop communism

  • US trims the army and navy but increases the air force and build up of nuclear bombs

  • Americans lived in constant fear of nuclear weapons

Eisenhower cont

Eisenhower cont…

  • U-2 incident

    - secret flights over Soviet territory

    - May 1960 Soviets shot down U-2 plane

    - pilot ejected, captured

    - Khrushchev cancelled


    - tension increases

    entering the 1960’s

Why does this matter?

p. 832

Cold war in africa middle east

Cold War in Africa & Middle East

  • African & M.E. nations became members of the UN general assembly

  • U.S. and U.S.S.R. tried to influence

    - with loans

    - technical assistance

    - to gain support votes in UN

  • U.S. often supported undemocratic gov’ts

    - they protected our business interest

    - CIA help Shah of Iran

Jfk s administration

JFK’s Administration

  • Bay of Pigs 1961

  • Berlin Wall 1961

  • Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

  • Continued Vietnam involvement

    - Increased financial aid and military


Bay of pigs

Bay of Pigs

p. 880

  • Eisenhower gives CIA permission to secretly train Cuban exiles

    - for an invasion of Cuba

    - Goal an uprising to overthrow Castro

  • JFK learns of plan & approves with doubt

    - on April 17,1961

    - 1,400 Cuban exiles landed at (Bay of Pigs)

    Bahia de Cochinos

    - Everything failed and soldiers taken


    - JFK paid $53 million (ransom for the soldiers)

Cold war

5 min.

This cartoon refers to the failed Bay of Pigs mission, when Cuban exiles tried to overthrow Castro with the backing of Kennedy, and failed.

Berlin wall

Berlin Wall

  • Berlin Crisis

    - 20% of people had fled to W. Berlin (since airlift)

    - Khrushchev wanted all access rd. closed

    - Kennedy refused to give up W. Berlin

    - Aug. 13 the wall went up

    - reduced the flow of E. German refugees

    - became a symbol of Communism

p. 883

Cold war

Construction of Berlin Wall

Cold war



Berlin Wall

7 min.

Cuban missile crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Soviets sent masses of weapons to Cuba

    (including nuclear)

    - Oct. 14, U.S. plane pictures (Soviets missile bases in Cuba)

    - Missiles ready to launch

    - Oct. 22, Kennedy informs the nation

    - attack from Cuba would trigger an all-out attack on the Soviets

  • Next 6 days – U.S. military on GO

  • Khrushchev offered to remove missiles

    - if U.S.’s promise not to invade Cuba

    - JFK agreed

p. 881

Cold war

Picture from U.S.

U-2 plan

Cold war

In this cartoon we see Kennedy and Nikita Kruschev, leader of the Soviet Union, trying to keep the beast of "Nuclear War" in his cage. This was drawn shortly after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Cold war

JFK and his advisors

President Kennedy leans over the table in a crowded Cabinet Room during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Cabinet Room is next to the Oval Office in the West Wing.

October 29, 1962

6 min.

Lbj s administration

LBJ’s Administration

  • Vietnam War

    - sent first U.S. ground troops

  • Six Day War 1967

    - extension of the Suez Crisis

    - continuing Arab hostility of Israel's existence

    - Israel defends self against Egypt and Syria


    - Egypt and Syria supplies by USSR

    - U.S. allies with Israel


Nixon s administration

Nixon’s Administration

  • Vietnam War

    - Vietnamization the gradual withdrawal of troops

  • Policy of détente

    - realpolitik ”realistic politics”

    - easing of Cold War tension from late 60’s

    to 1980

    - more flexible less hostile approach to dealing

    with communism

    - brought economic & political advantages

p. 1005

Nixon s administration1

Nixon’s Administration

  • Rapprochment with China (p. 1006)

    - attempt to drive a wedge between USSR

    & China

    - Nixon’s attempt to divide communist block

    - isolate North Vietnam

  • Visit to Moscow

    - SALT Treaty I(Strategic Arms Limitation Talks)

    - negotiation limiting # and type of nuclear

    arms b/t US and USSR

    STRONG foreign policy helped ease CW

Ford s administration

Ford’s Administration

  • Continued negotiations with China & USSR

  • ask for aid to help South Vietnam

  • OPEC(Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) 1973

    - used oil as a means to control international politics

    - mostly Arabs countries opposed Israel

    - embargoed oil shipments to U.S.

    *How does it affect citizens of the U.S.?

Map pg. 1022

Carter s administration

Carter’s Administration

  • Camp David Accords 1977

    - peace talks between Egypt and Israel

    - mediated by President Carter

    - brought momentary peace to the Middle East

    - Egypt agreed to recognize Israel

    - Israel agrees to withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula

p. 1022

Cold war

Title: Camp David successPublished: Daily News of Los AngelesDate: March 23, 1979About this cartoon: Tthe historic Camp David accord between Israel's Menachem Begin and Egypt's Anwar Sadat that Jimmy Carter arm-twisted into existence began a new era of Mideast peace hope... at least tentative hope.

Carter s administration1

Carter’s Administration

5 min.

  • Détente breaks down

  • SALT II Treaty

    - limited # of missile launchers each had

    - postponed due to USSR invasion into Afghanistan

  • USSR invasion of Afghanistan

    - US supported the Afghanistan resistance

    against USSR

    - Taliban (rebel group) harbored al Qaeda


Carter s administration2

Carter’s Administration

  • 1950‘s U.S. helped bring Shah of Iran to power

  • Shah supported U.S. interest in Middle East

  • Religious fundamentalism challenged Shah

  • Called for return to Islam and ending cooperation

    with the U.S

  • Shah was overthrown and dictatorship established

  • Iran Hostage Crisis 1979

    - U.S. embassy invaded

    - taken over by Islamist students

    - 53 Americans taken hostage by Iran

    - held hostage for 444 days


Cold war

6 min.

Cold war

Sources: Gallup, AP, research  NOTES: Plotted points are the averages of all approval polls taken by Gallup in each three-month period of each presidency. The first two points for Johnson and Ford are for polls taken in their first two months. Key dates are marked next to the poll results for the three-month period in which they took place.

Carter made progress with the Camp David Accords, but the Iran hostage crisis ultimately hurt him.



  • 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid

    - Ice Hockey “Miracle on Ice”

  • 1980 Summer Olympics

    in Moscow

    - boycotted

Reagan s administration

Reagan’s Administration

  • First term halted negotiations with USSR

    - increased defense

    - tension due to hostage crisis

  • Referred to as “evil empire”

  • Arms race continues

  • Iran - Contra Affairs (p. 1058)

    - more hostages taken in Lebanon in ‘83

    - secret arms deal

    - would free hostages in exchange for arms

    - Israel pass weapons to Iran / U.S. resupply in ‘86

Cold war

President Reagan


Prime Minister Gorbachev

Reagan s administration1

Reagan’s Administration

  • Gorbachev new Soviet leader (in 1985)

    - advocated glasnost (openness)

    - perestroika (economic restructuring)

  • Reagan soften position

    - signed INF in 1987

    - Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

    - tensions decreasing

  • Berlin Wall falls

    - Nov. 9, 1989 is brought down

Cold war

Berlin Wall Falls

3 min.

Cold war ends

Cold War Ends

  • 1991

    - Gorbachev introduces democratic ideas

    - 14 non-Russian republics declare

    independence from the Soviet Union

  • 1992

    - new Russian leader, Yeltsin& President Bush

    issue a formal statement declaring an

    END to the Cold War

  • 1993

    - signed START II pact

    - cut nuclear arms by 2/3

Cold war president approval ratings

Cold War President Approval Ratings


Cold war

  • Causes

  • USA and Soviets have completing economic and political systems

  • Soviet Union dominates Eastern Europe

  • USA establishes policy of containment

  • Communists take over China


Cold War

  • Effects

  • Immediate

  • Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan

  • East –West tension over Berlin / Germany

  • NATO and Warsaw Pact are founded

  • McCarthyism

  • Long Term

    Space race begins

  • Arms race

Cumulative topics

Cumulative Topics

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