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Another Great Day. By Ruth Peyser. Outline. Questions for Close Analysis Images for Semiotic Analysis (systems of signs) Is she really alone ? (space) What do you think about this image of a housewife?

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Another Great Day

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Another Great Day

By Ruth Peyser


  • Questions for Close Analysis

  • Images for Semiotic Analysis (systems of signs)

  • Is she really alone? (space)

  • What do you think about this image of a housewife?

    “I'm in a way saying things shouldn't be like this. It's a harsher side of life, but it's a reality.” - Ruth Peyser

Questions for Close Analysis

  • 1. What kind of life is this housewife’s like? What does she do, and not do?

  • 2. Is her life completely uneventful? What populates her life? Where can we find ironies in it?

  • 3. How does the animation begin and end? Are there recurrent images? Why is the woman only in underwear?

A Housewife’s Life

  • Listening to the radio, and/or watching TV

  • Eating breakfast;

  • Doing dishes; dancing with the TV;

  • Walking;

  • Nursing a baby/doll;

  • Reading a romance and fantasizing.

“Another Great Day”;

Call-in radio program

Child care; TV images

Sexual fantasies

The busy sounds and street scenes

alone at home, begins and ends her day with the radio program;

Wonder word: “hostage”

Wants to kill;

The content of the romance.

Her isolation

The Ironies in her life

The content of the romance

  • Before she could prevent him, he was kissing her wildly, possessively and passionately.  His lips were on her mouth, bruising it with a strength. . . His arms tightens her.  She could not even cry out.  A long long way, she could hear his voice, triumphantly, "I love you, you're glorious, adorable, a little white flower.

Daily Activities (1): dancing = identification with TV images

Daily Activities (2): eating commercials’ food images

Daily Activities (3): Fantasizing? From smothering to strengling

Daily Activities (4): loneliness

Beginning . . .

Daily Activities (4): loneliness

Ending . . .

She is actually not alone. . .

her life completely penetrated by mass media and the public sphere.

Sound Intrusion – of mass media

  • Call-in radio program;

  • Noises from TV program;

  • Telephone rings – seems to be hers, but it turns out to be the radio’s;

  • The words on the books—like hands on her body

Image Contrast – mass media vs. the Housewife

As the baby cries

After the sexual fantasy scene

Images of Penetration or Intrusion

Lurking Sense of Danger

  • After the housewife cannot get the ‘wonder’ word:

“The Ends Justify the Jeans”

Interpellation of the Mannequins

Male Spectators

Social Superego

What do you think about this image of a housewife?

  • Not always so lonely or passive in today’s society, but could still be conditioned by mass media.

  • The blurring of the boundaries between the public and private spheres could be true to every one in our age.  flows of information and commodities; ideology; mass media.

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