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Ir working group summary
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IR Working Group Summary. Tom Markiewicz LC R&D Workshop, UCSC June 29, 2002. IR Group People. NLC Accelerator Physics Group NLC Beam Delivery & IR Group LLNL gg Group University Groups Oxford University U. of British Columbia Northwestern University U. of Massachusetts.

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IR Working Group Summary

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Ir working group summary

IR Working Group Summary

Tom Markiewicz

LC R&D Workshop, UCSC

June 29, 2002

Ir group people

IR Group People

NLC Accelerator Physics Group

NLC Beam Delivery & IR Group

LLNL gg Group

University Groups

  • Oxford University

  • U. of British Columbia

  • Northwestern University

  • U. of Massachusetts

20m issues 200m

-20m < Issues < 200m

  • Backgrounds

  • Simulations

  • Final Doublet Magnet Technology

  • Vibration Stabilization

  • IR Layout

  • Instrumentation

    • L,E,& P Measurements for Physics in Beamline Inst. WG

  • Vibration Sources: measurement & modeling

  • gg IR Issues

One parallel session

One Parallel Session

  • Background Update

    • Takashi Maruyama / SLAC

  • IR Layout & R&D Status

    • TWM / SLAC

  • SLC gg Testbed

    • Jeff Gronberg / LLNL

  • Polarization Measurements at SLC gg Testbed

    • Sahal Yacoob / NorthWestern University

Background simulation results

Background Simulation Results

User files available

User Files Available

  • Direct hits on VXD from 1900 bunches:

    • /afs/slac/www/accel/nlc/local/systems/beamdelivery/guinea_pig/ver_1999_07_08/nlc500h/pairs/

      • LD_direct

      • SD_direct

  • Need discussion with relevant groups to determine best way to transfer results on secondary charged particles, photons & neutrons

    • Results of GEANT or FLUKA runs

    • Normalized, parameterized energy & spatial or angular distributions?

  • Beamline collimators synchrotron radiation

    SR Photons at IP


    Beamline: Collimators & Synchrotron Radiation

    107 Halo left after E_Slit


    Oct Off

    Oct On






    Collimation Depth:Was: 8sx x 40syNow: 19sx x 52sy

    Spoilers & Absorbers

    Inertial vibration stabilization projects

    Inertial Vibration Stabilization Projects

    • New Sensor

      • under construction

    • Simple 3m pseudo-magnet test

      • Parameters & parts defined

    • Relative motion of two blocks

      • Wait for new sensor & retest of single block

    Ip girder test concept






    Witness IF

    O.A. IF

    IP Girder Test Concept




    • Support tube (Carbon fiber?)

    • Permanent magnet or model

    • Interaction with external solenoid field

    • Hard or soft actuators

    • Beam pipe & vacuum


    Lcd l2 3t with 3 8m l optics snowmass 2001

    LCD-L2 (3T) with 3.8m L* OpticsSnowmass 2001

    52 mrad Cal acceptance

    32 mrad M1 acceptance








    Feedback BPM & Kicker

    6.3 mrad Lum-Mon acceptance

    Low Z shield


    Pair LumMon

    1 mrad exit aperture

    Support Tube

    Current ir thinking

    Current IR Thinking

    117 mrad Cal acceptance

    36 mrad M1 acceptance



    25 cm radius support tube

    Final doublet magnet technology

    Final Doublet Magnet Technology

    Photon collider testbed hardware optical assembly

    Photon Collider Testbed HardwareOptical Assembly

    ½ scale version of the NLC design

    Position of final quads in SLC sets the scale

    • Unknown factor: Optics damage

      • IP cannot often be opened up to fix the optics

        • Radiation damage to the coating

        • Laser power damage to the mirrors

      • What is the MTBF?

    Final focus optics are fixed

    Steering mirrors are on piezo movers

    Engineering test facility at slc

    Engineering Test Facility at SLC

    30 GeV

    1100 / 50

    1600 / 160

    8 / 0.1 mm

    0.1 – 1.0 mm



    Beam Energy

    DR gx,y (m-rad)

    FF gx,y (m-rad)

    x / y

     z



    Ir working group summary

    Photon Collider Testbed Hardware½ Scale prototype of optics / alignment system is currently under construction


    Alignment System

    Concluding statement

    Concluding Statement

    • There are many tools & resources that have been developed already by NLC sponsored “Machine Detector Interface” group

    • Transfer of tools & projects to fresh faces would help project and provide a relatively easy way into the accelerator R&D world for interested groups or individuals

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