Methods of Organizing or Disorganizing Society

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Methods of Organizing or Disorganizing Society

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1. Methods of Organizing or Disorganizing Society Varieties of Government

4. Anarchy Type of government without rulers. Followers reject leadership, control of the state. Followers do not always prefer chaos. Desire a voluntary government.

5. Monarchy Rule of a country or territory by a single family. Usually a person [King or Queen] from that family. Several variations [different types] Absolute, constitutional or limited

6. Theocracy Government ruled by a religious leader. Sometimes even a god (according to believers). Few places still continue this. Often times religious freedom is forbidden because you must follow the dominant religion or be punished.

7. Totalitarianism Root word: Total Government that controls every aspect of a people’s life. Where you live, where you work and what you can say and cannot say. Absolute power and control. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy were the most well known examples.

8. Democracy Ruled by the masses. “Ruled by the people, of the people and for the people” Rulers selected by “everyone.” At times Ancient Rome was democratic. Contrary to popular belief the United States is not a democracy. The U.S. is a republic because people there do not directly make the laws. People chose other people in elections to make laws and decisions for them.

9. Writing Assignment: R.A.F.T. paper [download copy from] Write a narrative [first person account with you telling the story] as if you were a person who lived in one of the governments in the list we just learned and you charted. You must complete the entire front side of the paper I give you with your story [33 points]. Your story must be realistic and have vivid details explaining what is like to live in the country that has the type of government you describe [33 points]. You should include both good and bad qualities from your or other people’s [characters’] point of view in the story [33 points].

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