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Region 3 perspective
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European Test and Telemetry Conference, ETTC-2007, Toulouse, France June 12-14, 2007. Region 3 Perspective. Viv Crouch ICTS Region III Coordinator Defence and Systems Institute University of South Australia The View from Region 3.

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Region 3 Perspective

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Region 3 perspective

European Test and Telemetry Conference, ETTC-2007,

Toulouse, France

June 12-14, 2007

Region 3 Perspective

Viv Crouch

ICTS Region III Coordinator

Defence and Systems Institute

University of South Australia

Region 3 perspective

The View from Region 3

Spectrum management forums in regional 3

Spectrum Management Forums in Regional 3

League of Arab States (LAS)


Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT)


Spaceport woomera reactivated

Spaceport Woomera reactivated

Rocketplane Kistler K-1

Launch footprints

Launch Footprints

Launch footprints woomera christmas island

Launch footprints: Woomera & Christmas Island

Telemetry footprints

Telemetry Footprints

Woomera, Australia

Anheung, S.Korea

WAXA, Australia

Chiu Peng, Taiwan

Shuang Chenghzi, China

Bandung, Indonesia

Kwajalein, Marshall Is

Malute, Pakistan

Region 3

Bandwidth demands

Bandwidth Demands

Many hundreds of mega-Hertz needed to support individual needs and concurrent application when radio-horizons intersect (nationally, regionally and internationally).

Future demands

Future Demands


International space station

International Space Station




Joint strike fighter

Joint Strike Fighter

  • United States leadership

  • Partner countries are:

    Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Denmark, Norway and Australia.

Region 3 perspective

Global Space-Port Connectivity

Wrc ai1 5


Support for this agenda item will therefore:

  • Preserve the sovereign rights of all nations (large and small) to collaborate with the international partners of their choice on all next-generation platform developments (air, land, sea and space) – as well as all future products and payloads destined for use on those platforms.

  • Preserve the capacity to attract international attention to domestic innovation.

Telemetry economics

Telemetry economics

  • 5 satellite launch sites

  • 50 T&E ranges

  • TOTAL =

    Infrastructure risk $7B

    + ROI risk $11B/yr

    + T&E risk$27B/yr

    = $38B/yr

Aerospace industry economics

Aerospace Industry Economics

Australian joint steering committee on aerospace development industry report available at:

Region 3 perspective


‘….. develop and sustain world competitive capabilities in the Australian aerospace industry and increase annual exports five-fold to $3.5 billion by 2012.’

Extrapolation to all Region 3 countries - $22.5B ???

Ai1 5 all mobile platforms

AI1.5 – All Mobile Platforms?

AI1.5 considerations may also need to consider testing of all next generation mobile platforms destined to support ‘public safety’. (air, land, sea and space)

Currently – there is no international consensus on ‘public safety spectrum’.

Recent Australian ‘movements’ include: ……

Region 3 perspective

  • 2004 – establishment of a National Coordinating Committee for Government Radiocommunications.

  • Just commenced discussions on AI 1.5

  • See:

The good news

The Good News

  • ICTS Region 3 outreach

  • 5th APG

  • WRC-07 contact (Australia):

  • 4. Region 3 ICTS newsletter.


  • 5. ICTS web-site at:

Next region 3 opportunity

Next Region 3 Opportunity

Systems Engineering Test and Evaluation Conference, Sydney, Australia 24-27 Sept 2007



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