The song of the sparrow lisa ann sandell 2007 adventure and historical hiction
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The song of the Sparrow Lisa Ann Sandell 2007 Adventure and Historical Hiction PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The song of the Sparrow Lisa Ann Sandell 2007 Adventure and Historical Hiction. Maria F. 1 st period. Setting.

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The song of the Sparrow Lisa Ann Sandell 2007 Adventure and Historical Hiction

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The song of the SparrowLisa Ann Sandell2007Adventure and Historical Hiction

Maria F.

1st period


The setting of this book was mainly in these places; Carleon-On-Usk—important because this is where the army lived. Round table—important because this is where the army had their meetings. River Usk—important because this is where Elaine played and was most of the time. Hill Badon—important because this is where the battle against the Saxons was goin to take place.



While Elaine was following the army, she and Gwynivere were captured by Saxons. Now they have to wait until the battle is over and Arthur pays for them in order for them to be free again.(Man vs Man)

Summary of Plot

Elaine goes and lives with his dad in a men encampment. There she falls in love for a young knight named Lancelot. A new girl arrives and Lancelot falls in love for her but not Elaine. Elaine and that girl aren’t friends but they get captured and have to work together.


***You will always find true love***

*Elaine finds true love with Tristan.(pg372)

*Gwynivere finds true love with Arthur.(pg342)

*The sparrow flickers and sings a beautiful song of love(pg373)

Point of View

The author uses first point of view. This point of view helps the reader know all of his/her thoughts. He also uses words like I and me. If the author used another point of view like third person, the author would be using words like he and she.


When the sparrow flickers her wings in Elaine’s belly, it symbolizes for love or fear.

“The song of the sparrow”

I recommend this book to you because some of the things in this book might relate to you in your life.





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