Over the years, sophomore English teacher Mr. Allen instilled in his students a great understanding ...
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Lots of English words can be traced back to Latin and Greek. Often you can guess the meaning of an unfamiliar word if you use the Latin & Greek clues. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Over the years, sophomore English teacher Mr. Allen instilled in his students a great understanding of the English language through his vocabulary at the beginning of class. Last year he retired. As one of his former students (Yes, a long time ago.), I wanted to continue this tradition.

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Lots of English words can be traced back to Latin and Greek. Often you can guess the meaning of an unfamiliar word if you use the Latin & Greek clues.

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Over the years, sophomore English teacher Mr. Allen instilled in his students a great understanding of the English language through his vocabulary at the beginning of class.

Last year he retired.

As one of his former students (Yes, a long time ago.), I wanted to continue this tradition.

So, thanks Mr. Allen for letting me steal your vocabulary list.

Lots of English words can be traced back to Latin and Greek. Often you can guess the meaning of an unfamiliar word if you use the Latin & Greek clues.

  • Vocabulary Plan of Attack

  • In a designated spiral, or section of a notebook--

  • Write down the Latin or Greek prefix/suffix/root & its meaning

  • Write down the words derived (made from) it & their meanings

  • Test over words about once a week – Mondays? (Sometimes, you might get to use your notes.)

  • Extra Credit:

  • If you find one of the vocabulary words we have gone over in class in the Real World, show me and you’ll get five extra credit points. Max of 20 points a quarter.

1. Mor = Death

mortal: capable of death; fatal

immortal: can’t die

morbid: deals with death

morose: sad, gloomy

mortify: to humiliate; kill ego

2. Lit = letter, word

literate: can read & write

illiterate: can’t read & write

obliterate: to erase; destroy

literally: really, actually

Alliteration: repeating a consonant letter sound for effect

3. bene/bon = good, well

bona fide: genuine, authentic

Pro bono: for the good of man

no charge

beneficiary: one who gets the goods

Benefactor: sponsor, supporter

Benign: harmless, won’t hurt

4. Trans = across

transcript: official written copy

transient: nomadic, moving,

(n)hobo, bum

transcent: to cross a border, boundary (abstract)

transparent: see through

transaction: business deal

5. Phil = love

Philadelphia: city of brotherly love

philander: to flirt, cheat on spouse

philanthropist: one who loves people, donates money

Anglophile: one who loves England

bibliophile: one who loves books

6. Omni = all

omniscient: all-knowing

omnipresent: everywhere

omnipotent: all-powerful

omnivore: eats all

carnivore: eats meat

7. Greg = group

segregate: to split into groups

desegregate: to end segregation

integrate: to mix groups

gregarious: friendly, social

egregious: outstandingly bad, antisocial

8. Ante = before

ante: bid, wager money

antecedent: a noun a pronounreplaces(Mr. Allen isn’t here. He retired.)

antebellum: before the Civil War (1860)

a.m.: ante meridiem, before noon

anteroom: a room in the front

9. Theo = god, religion

theology: study of religion

monotheism: belief in one god

atheist: one who has no god

polytheism: belief in many gods

theocracy: government centered around religion

10. Ling = small, young

fledgling: rookie

underling: one beneath you in rank

sapling: young, undeveloped tree

inkling: small idea, hint, clue

kindling: small bits of wood

11. Cred = believe

credible: can be believed

incredible: can’t be believed

incredulous: doubtful, shocked

accredited: approved by authorities

discredit: shown as being false

12. Lic = allow,permit

illicit: illegal and immoral

license: permit, to permit

solicit: to approach for business/help

licit: legal and moral

solicitor: British lawyer

13. mono= one

monologue: speech made alone

monotone: a voice with only one pitch

monotonous: boring

monolith: a towering pointing rock formation

monarch: a sole crowned ruler

14. ology= study of

biology: study of living things

geology: study of rocks, earth

zoology: study of animals

anthropology: study of man’s past evolution

paleontology: study of fossils

15. graph=write

graphic: very detailed

cartography: map making

agraphia: inability to write

calligraphy: beautiful handwriting

demographics: mapping populations, trends

16. Cant = sing

cantor: a song leader

chant: a short repeating song

incantation: a special religious or magical phrase (spoken)

recant: to take back in public

enchanted: touched by magic

17. Astro = star

astrology: study of stars affect on us(horoscopes)

astronomy: scientific study of stars

asterisk: small star for noting

disaster: terrible event

astronomical: very high; expensive

18. eu=nice, pleasant

euphemism: a nice way of saying something harsh

euphoria: pleasant feeling

euthanasia: mercy killing

eulogy: a speech at a funeral

eureka: a shout of delight; “I found it!”

19. Port = carry

porter: one who carries luggage

import: to ship product into the country

export: to ship a product out of the country

deport: to ship a person out of the country

portable: can be carried

20. Ine = animal

canine: dogs

feline: cats

lupine: wolves

bovine: cows

serpentine: snakes

21. Poly = many

polygamy: more than one spouse

polymorph: more than one form

polyglot: speaks many languages

polysyllabic: large vocabulary

polydactyl: extra toes or fingers

22. Phobia = fear

claustrophobia: fear of small, closed areas

agoraphobia: fear of open spaces

acrophobia: fear of heights

canophobia: fear of dogs

gatophobia: fear of cats

23. Post = after, rear

posterior: the back of

postlude: music, chapter, scene at the end

post mortem: after death; autopsy

p.m.: post meridiem – after noon

postnasal: at the back of your nose

24. anni, enni = year

Annual: once a year

Biannual: twice a year

Perennial: comes back each year

Centennial: marks 100 years

Per diem: per day; daily allowance

25. amphi, ambi = both

amphitheatre: stage with audience surrounding

amphibian: animal that live on land & water

ambivalent: mixed feelings

ambiguous: two meanings

ambidextrous: both handed

26. Par = equal, next to

Par: average/normal

Parallel: next to

Paraphrase: translation into own words

Paragon: model of excellence

Parasite: one who feeds off others

27. Ist = one who

realist: one who sees things as they really are

idealist: one who sees things as you hope they are

pessimist: negative thinker

optimist: positive thinker

alarmist: one who worries constantly

28. Syn = the same as

synonym: words with the same meaning

synchronize: coordinate in time

synopsis: a summary

synthetic: fake

synthesize: to mix, blend

29. Voc = to call

vocal: sung, spoken

revoke: to call back; return to issuer

provoke: to initiate

vocation: career; a calling

avocation: a hobby

30. Leg = law

legal: lawful

illegal: not lawful

legitimate: recognized by authorities

illegitimate: not recognized by authorities

privilege: a special right

31. Nat = birth

natal: deals with birth

innate: natural; comes from within

naïve: innocent

neo-nate: an infant

renaissance: rebirth

32. Uni = one

unique: one of a kind

unilateral: one sided

unanimous: agreed upon by all

anonymous: unsigned

33. Pend = hang

dependent: relies on other

pendant (n): jewelry that hangs around nect

pending: nt yet completed

impending: about to happen

appenix: an addition at the end

34. intra= within

intramural: within the building

intravenous: through the veins

introvert: one who is shy; withdrawn

introspect: to reflect on yourself

intrinsic: natural; comes from within

35. inter=between

interstate: goes between states

intermittent: off and on

intervene: to com between two parties

interlude: the time in between

interjection: a word tossed in for emotion

36. Cide = kill

homicide: killing a person

suicide: killing yourself

patricide: killing your dad

matricide: killing your mom

fratricide: killing your brother; countrymen

37. Soph = wise

sophistry: clever but illogical reasoning

philosophy: underlying truth or principle

sophomore: a 2nd year person; “wise fool”

sophomoric: silly, foolish

sophisticated: complex

38. mal=bad

malignant: harmful

malice: intentional harm

malady: common illness

maladroit: clumsy, awkward

malevolent: evil; wicked

39. Hab = live

habit: constant behavior

habitat: surroundings

rehabilitate: give a new life

habitual: done out of habit

inhabitable: can be lived in

40. Mis = wrong, hatred

misspell: to spell incorrectly

misdemeanor: petty crime

mischievous: causes mischief

misconception: wrong information

misconstrue: interpret incorrectly

41. Chron = time

chronic: all the time

synchronize: to coordinate in time

chronicle: a record

chronology; events arranged by time or date

anachronism: something in the wrong time period

42. temp= heat

temperate: mild, no extremes

temperament: personality

temperamental: moddy

tempest: violent storm

tempestuous: violent

43. Ana = backwards

Analyze(v): to understand by taking apart

Analysis(n):product after analyzing

Analogy: comparison of two situations

Anagram: a word made by scrambling another (Live – vile)

Apalindrome: a word that reads the same backwards & forward. “Madam, I’m Adam.”

44. Al = other

Alternative: second choice

Alibi: an excuse for being elsewhere

Alias: an assumed name

Alma mater: school you graduate from; school song

Altruistic: considers others first

45. Sub = beneath

subterfuge: trickery

subjugate: to place beneath in importance

subsidy: sponsored with public money

subsidiary: smaller company to a larger corporation

subliminal: beneath conscious level

46. Tempo = time

tempo: beat, rhythm

contemporary: modern, new

contemporaries(n): people who are alive at the same time

extemporaneous: spur of the moment

tempus fugit: time flies

47. pre=before

precarious: dangerous

precocious: ahead of its time

pretentious: flashy

presumptuous: too confident

precedent: something similar that happened before

48. Corp = body

corps: a team

corpse: dead body

esprit de corps: team spirit

corporal: physical; on the body

corpulent: fat

49. mat= mother

maternal: motherly

maternity: motherhood

matron: distinguished married woman

matriculate: enroll in college

matriarch: woman head of house

50. due= to lead

induct: to enroll

induce: to start a process

deduce: to figure out by logi

abduct: to take away with force

conducive: promotes, leads to

51. dia=through

diameter:; longest distance through a circle

dialogue: talk between people

diatribe: harst verbal attack

diagram: map, blueprint

dialect: variation of a language

52. fac= to make

faux: fake

facsimile: a copy

facile: easy

facilitate: to make something easier

manufacture: make by hand

53. Dict = speak

diction: clear speaking

valedictorian: #1 in class

edict: new unquestioned law

indicative: speak for, reflects back

abdicate: give up authority

54. Pat = father

paternity: fatherhood

patronize: to support

expatriate: to leave your country

repatriate: to return to a country

patrician: upper-class citizen

55. Epi = upon

epic: a very long story, poem, movie

epoch: a long time period, era

epitaph: writing on a tombstone

epigram: a short, witty statement

epigraph: a thematic quote placed at the beginning

56. Path = emotions

sympathy: sharing another’s sorrows

empath: sharing another’s feelings

apathy: a lack of feelings

pathology: study of causes of disease; death

pathological: caused by emotions

57. vis= to see

visage: the usual expression on your face

vista: a distant, far-off view

envision: to see in your mind

visionary: one who sees ahead

vis-à-vis: eye to eye; face to face

58. bi= two

biweekly: 1 time every 2 weeks

bimonthly: 1 times every two months

bilateral: both, two sided

bipartisan: made up , represented by both parties

bipod: two feet

59. Tri = three

triumvirate: a three man government

tripod: three legs

trifecta: a three way win

60. Vor = eat

omnivore: eats all

carnivore: eats meat only

herbivore: eats plants only

voracity: huge appetite

voracious: very hungry

61. Vest = clothes

invest: to install you into office

divest: to remove you from office

vestibule: a large room at the front for coats

vestige: leftover; rag

travesty: disgraceful example

62. Grat = thanks; please

gratitude: appreciation

ingrate: one who doesn’t appreciate

ingratiate: to force yourself into on’e favor

gratis: for free

gratuity: a tip

63. Magna = great

magnate(n): a powerful person

magnum(adj): very powerful

magnanimous: very generous

magna cum laude: with high honors

64. Cede = go

exceed: go beyond

concede: admit defeat

ced: yield

preced: go before

secede: go off, break away

65. Cognos = know

diagnosis: knowing from symptoms

prognosis: an educated guess

cognition: learning

incognito: in disguise

cognizant: aware of

66. Loqu = talk

soliloquy: a speech made alone

eloquent: very articulate

colloquial: slang from a group

loquacious: very talkative

67. clud, clus = close, shut

occlude: block your vision

preclude: to prevent

exclusive: not open to all

inclusive: open to all

recluse: a hermit

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