vocabulary unit 1
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Vocabulary Unit 1

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Vocabulary Unit 1. ISkills Level 4 Mrs. Sedillo February 2014. Capacity (n): the amount that something can hold, produce, or carry; the ability to do or produce something. Capacious ( adj ): capable of holding much; having plenty of space Collocates:

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vocabulary unit 1

Vocabulary Unit 1

ISkills Level 4 Mrs. Sedillo

February 2014

Capacity (n): the amount that something can hold, produce, or carry; the ability to do or produce something
  • Capacious (adj): capable of holding much; having plenty of space
  • Collocates:
  • Great capacity for learning (or any skill)
  • A capacious bag/dress/purse/backpack

Complex (adj): consisting of many closely connected parts or processes;full of small details and therefore difficult to understand or explain

  • Complexity (N): the state or quality of being complicated and detailed
  • Things that can be complex or have complexity: plans, relationships, personalities, details, designs…

Complex (n): a group of buildings or one large building used for a single purpose;an emotional problem in which someone is too anxious about something, or thinks too much about it.

  • Inferiority complex: the belief that one is not good enough
  • Short man’s complex: being too aware or obsessed with one’s height
  • Oedipus complex: being obsessed with the idea of sleeping with one’s own mother
consequences n something that happens as a result of a particular action something of importance
Consequences (n): something that happens as a result of a particular action;something of importance
  • Consequence: singular noun
  • Consequential (adj): having some result; something with great importance
  • Consequently (adv)
  • A matter of great consequence or no consequence
Contemporary (adj): belonging to the present time. Modern.Happening or existing in the same period of time
  • Contemporary accounts of George Washington during the American Revolution
contemporary n someone who lives in the same period of time as a particular person or event
Contemporary (n): someone who lives in the same period of time as a particular person or event
  • George Washington and his contemporaries fought the war of American independence.
con trast v to compare two people ideas objects etc to show how they are different
Contrast (v): to compare two people, ideas, objects etc. to show how they are different
  • Contrasting (adj): differing
con trast n a large difference between two people situations ideas etc that are compared
Contrast (n): a large difference between two people, situations, ideas etc that are compared.
  • Contrasting (adj): differing.
  • The contrast between two stories
decline n a gradual decrease in the quality quantity or importance of something
Decline (n): a gradual decrease in the quality, quantity, or importance of something
  • Declining (adj): showing a decrease in quality etc.
decline v to decrease in quality quantity importance etc to refuse something usually politely
Decline (v): to decrease in quality, quantity, importance, etc.to refuse something, usually politely.
  • I would love to come to your party, but I must decline your invitation since I already have something to do that night.
  • Sales declined rapidly in January.
diverse adj very different from one another
Diverse (adj): very different from one another
  • Diversity (n): state of being diverse
  • Diversify (v): to make something diverse
  • Diversification (n): the act of making diverse
  • Diversely (adv): something behaving differently (not common)
  • Diverse population, diverse culture; to diversify investments, diversify one’s stock portfolio

Element (n): a simple chemical substance such as oxygen or gold, that is part of only one type of atom;a small amount of danger, truth, risk, etc.one part of a plan, system, piece of writing, etc.

  • An element of danger/risk
  • The adventurer’s plan had an element of danger to it.
  • A small element/a large element
  • Elemental (adj): being a small part of something
Encounter (n): an occasion when you meet someone without planninga dangerous or unpleasant meeting between two people or groups.
  • A chance encounter with Sally lead to her getting married to Howard.
  • The Shark Encounter exhibit at Sea World is one of my favorites
Encounter (v): to experience something bad that you have to deal with;to see someone or something that you were not expecting.
  • He encountered some difficulties trying to drive home in the snow.
  • Encountering Jack like that was not something I want to do again.

Environment (n): the land, water, and air in which people, animals, and plants live;the situations, people, etc. that influence the way people live and work

  • Environmental (adj): relating to or affect the land, water, air
  • Environmentalist (n): someone who is concerned with protecting the environment.
  • Environmentalism (n): the belief that the environment must be protected and saved from damage.
  • Environs (n): the area surrounding a place.
  • Environmental issues, environmental groups, protect the environment

Estimate (n): a calculation or judgment of value, size etc. of something; a statement of how much it will probably cost to build or repair something.

  • I asked my car repairman for an estimate, but he could not do it until he looked at the damage to my car.
  • The estimate for our roof repair was terribly expensive.
  • Ask for an estimate; get an estimate; give an estimate
estimate v to judge the value or size of someone or something
Estimate (v): to judge the value or size of someone or something.
  • Estimation (n): your judgment or opinion of the value of someone or something
  • Estimated (adj)
eventually adv after a long time
Eventually (adv): After a long time
  • Eventuality (n): a possible event or result, especially an unpleasant one
  • Eventual (adj): happening at the end of a process or after a long time has passed
evidence n the facts objects or signs that make you believe that something exists or is true
Evidence (n): the facts, objects, or signs that make you believe that something exists or is true
  • Evident (adj): easily noticed or understood
  • Evidently (adv)
evolve v to develop by gradually changing or to make something do this
Evolve (v): to develop by gradually changing or to make something do this.
  • Evolution (n): the act of changing gradually; the scientific idea that plants and animals develop gradually from simpler to more complex forms;
  • The gradual change and development of an idea, situation, or object.
  • Evolutionary (adj): relating to evolution

Generation (n): all the people who are about the same age, especially in a family; the average period of time between someone’s birth and the birth of his/her children;


Generation (n): a group of machines, products etc. at a similar stage of development;* the process of producing something or making something happen

  • Generate (v): to produce something, like electricity; to make something happen, like discussion in a classroom.
  • Generator (n): something that produces a result: a power generator
Global (adj): affecting the whole or relating to the whole world; considering all the parts of a problem or situation.
  • Globalize (v): to make global
  • Globalization (n): the act of making global
  • Globe (n): a sphere on which is a map of the Earth; the planet earth
  • Global impact, global importance
Interact (v): to talk to others people and work with them;if two or more things interact they will have an affect on one another
Manipulate (v): to make someone do exactly what you want them to do by deceiving or influencing him/her.
Neutral (adj): not supporting either side in a conflict or competition;a color which is neither strong nor bright

Neutral (n): the position ofgears in a car or machine when it will not move forward or backward;a country or person that is not fighting for or helping a country that is in a war.


Source (n): the thing, place, person etc. that you obtain something from;the cause of a problem, or the place where it starts;a person, book, or document that you get information from.