group three s presentation dr ya hui elegance chang hft 3003
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Group Three’s Presentation Dr. Ya-Hui Elegance Chang HFT 3003

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Group Three’s Presentation Dr. Ya-Hui Elegance Chang HFT 3003 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Group Three’s Presentation Dr. Ya-Hui Elegance Chang HFT 3003. Gerdy St Louis Jalecia Lewis Ashley Pinchin Estefania Alegria Stella Giraldella.

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group three s presentation dr ya hui elegance chang hft 3003

Group Three’s PresentationDr. Ya-Hui Elegance ChangHFT 3003

Gerdy St Louis

Jalecia Lewis

Ashley Pinchin


Stella Giraldella


The Myles Restaurant Group firm was founded in 1996 by former real estate attorney Myles Chefetz. The company has a total of three restaurants and one hotel in South Florida’s famous South of Fifth neighborhood, known as: Prime 112, Prime Italian, Big Pink and Prime Hotel.


Since opening its doors eight years ago, Prime One Twelve has obtained national and international acclaim for its outstanding service, menu and atmosphere. Located in the heart of the exclusive South of Fifth neighborhood, Prime One Twelve is the ultimate celebrity-saturated culinary experience. Prime One Twelve takes the steak-house concept to the next level.

This swanky steakhouse attracts A-listers with the alluring appeal of ample portions and beautiful women. The 48-ounce porterhouse, truffled lobster mac and cheese, and throng of models keep Prime One Twelve continually packed with stylish actors, athletes, and musicians. Fox and the entire Miami Heat basketball team. With that type of celebrity clientele, owner Myles Chefetz has seen and heard it all. However, he attributes his success to keeping it to himself; what happens here stays here.


Prime One Twelve has become synonymous with Miami’s celebrity-drenched, wait-and-be-seen dining scene. The man who keeps them coming back is Mike Sabin, executive chef of the Myles Restaurant Group.

Night after night at Prime 112 in South Beach, Chef Mike Sabin works his culinary magic to ensure one of the most lucrative steakhouses in the country remains that way.

The menu boasts the finest quality beef, dry-aged for 21 to 28 days and steaks that range from an eight-ounce filet mignon to an impressive 48-ounce porterhouse steak.




Prime One Twelve is the media darling of the exclusive group of restaurants in the hot South of Fifth Street area of South Beach, ranking near the top of the list of highest-grossing restaurants in the entire country in 2007 and proving recession proof in 2009, reporting an unheard-of increase in business and profits. Residents of the beach are not intimidated by the menu prices, (one bone in rib eye can run you about $74). There really couldn’t be a better location for this restaurant to be successful in; locals and tourists alike love to dine at the steakhouse. The fact that Prime 112 has spent a lot of time in the tabloids since its opening doesn’t hurt either, this only brings travelers in to dine more.

social and global issues
Social and Global Issues

Labor shortage

Labor shortage is one of the main issues the hospitality industry is currently faces.

Operating Costs

Operating costs are also a concern nowadays, and it is important to keep track of all expenses. One way companies in the hospitality industry can do so is byeducating their employees in energy conservation and awareness, which can decrease monthly costs.

social and global issues1
Social and Global Issues

Environmentalism and going green has become a recent trend and little by little, hotels are becoming “Green”. Green properties are environmentally friendly and promote programs that help save water, energy, and reduce waste to help protect the earth. Prime 112 has not taken the initiative to become green yet, but it doesn’t seem to affect the restaurant in any way.

social and global issues2
Social and Global Issues

Ever since the 9/11, and other terrorist attacks, leisure travelers are being more careful when it comes to choosing their destination. With that being said, tourism in remote unexpected areas is increasing rather than going to major cities which are the most prompt to be in danger. Despite these things Prime 112 has not been affected.


The hospitality industry is very competitive, not only for acquisitions and restaurants, but also for customers. Some competitive factors as follow; location, name recognition, cuisine, value of property, menu prices, room rates, amenities, food quality and service

Prime 112 has managed to remain relevant because its philosophy on service is, “We never say no to a customer. If there is something they want, we do it.”


social and global issues3
Social and Global Issues


Technology is also a factor in social and global issues. In thisnon-stop growing industry, the continuing need for education in technology is a must. Technical skills, along with life skills and passion is very much needed in this industry. Businesses and customers can both benefit from technology because it allows endless communication which makes a pleasant and fast guest experience. Technology has played a key role in the success of the Myles Restaurant Group’s Prime 112 and all other hospitality firms. The use of computer systems, reservation systems, mobile communication such as email, messenger, and of course the internet in general have allowed these businesses to flourish.

  • Despite economic, social and global issues, Prime One Twelve has managed to remain afloat. It is undoubtedly one of the Myles Restaurant Group most famed restaurants. However its success, and the success of its other three Myles Restaurant Group ventures would not be possible without its charismatic, attention detailed oriented creator Myles Chefetz. His dedication to providing his customers with the highest quality products, sophisticated yet retro atmosphere and continuous VIP experiences, has and will most likely continue to set him and his company apart from the rest.
prime one twelve
Prime One Twelve

“Contemporary sophistication tempered with retro elegance.”