Educational psychology
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Educational Psychology PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Educational Psychology. Foundation of Teaching. What makes a good teacher?. Knowing the subject matter Mastering the teaching skills Can good teaching be taught The Intentional teacher (Left click the video on your right). Knowing the subject matter.

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Educational Psychology

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Educational psychology

Educational Psychology

Foundation of Teaching

What makes a good teacher

What makes a good teacher?

  • Knowing the subject matter

  • Mastering the teaching skills

  • Can good teaching be taught

  • The Intentional teacher

  • (Left click the video on your right)

Knowing the subject matter

Knowing the subject matter

  • Secretary’s Title II Report

Mastering the teaching skills

Mastering the teaching skills

  • National Board of Professional Teaching Standards see standards and review the five propositions.

Can good teaching be taught

Can good teaching be taught?

  • Self-knowledge and self-regulation

  • Reflection

  • Decision making

  • Application of Educational Research – disciplined inquiry

The intentional teacher

The intentional teacher

  • What am I trying to accomplish?

  • What are my students’ relevant experiences and needs?

  • What resources are available to me?

  • How will I know when to modify my strategy?

  • What will be evidence of success?

Theory of action

Theory of Action

  • Theory – a set of principles that explains and relates certain things

  • Theory of action – your belief about how things work.

  • Principle – explanation of the relationship between factors

Research methods

Research methods

  • Laboratory experiment

  • Internal validity – we can confidently attribute differences to the treatment

  • Randomized field experiment

  • External validity (real life validity)

  • Single case experiments

  • Correlational studies

  • Descriptive studies



  • … teachers make hundreds of decisions every day, and each decision has a theory behind it, whether or not the teacher is aware of it.

  • Describe your theory of action of how you manage behavior and lead instruction in your classroom. How do you address the questions of the intentional teacher?

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