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Iw learn ict showcase
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IW:LEARN ICT Showcase. Information and Communication Technology What is it? Benefits to the GEF community Current ICTs International Waters Resource Center UNEP/IW:LEARN Eco-Insights Database Knowledge Products from the GEF iW Community Other ICT Tools for IW Projects .

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Iw learn ict showcase


  • Information and Communication Technology

    • What is it? Benefits to the GEF community

  • Current ICTs

    • International Waters Resource Center

    • UNEP/IW:LEARN Eco-Insights Database

    • Knowledge Products from the GEF iW Community

    • Other ICT Tools for IW Projects

The gef international waters resource center iwrc

The GEF International Waters Resource Center (IWRC)

  • http://www.iwlearn.net

  • International waters thematic website

  • Contains a wide variety of resources pertinent to transboundary water resource management

  • Developed by GEF IW:LEARN, with GEF projects, its implementing and executing agencies, and other IW partners

  • Accessible both on- and off-line

  • Based on metadata standards

The resources

The Resources

  • Distance Learning: Catalogue of courses on water management and technology training, financial aide resources and teaching tools for program & content developers

  • Forums: Electronic forums addressing a range of IW issues, sorted by theme and region

  • News: Newsletters and articles of interest to the IW community

  • Organizations: Profiles of organization engaged in the IW community, their websites and contact information

  • Project Profiles: GEF IW project summaries, contact information, and internet links

  • Knowledge Products: project documents, TDAs and SAPs, project guidance, event presentations, distance learning, interactive web resources and datasets

  • Events: Events of interest to the international waters community and proceedings

Navigating the iwrc

Navigating the IWRC

  • By resource

  • By theme

  • By region

Locating resources on the iwrc

Locating resources on the IWRC

  • Thematic Hierarchies

    • Tools

      • Ex. Management-Assessment

  • Issues

    • Fisheries

  • Systems

    • Aquifer

  • Waterbody

    • GIWA water system hierarchy

  • Region (Coverage)

    • AIDA regional definitions

  • Searching the the iwrc

    Searching the the IWRC

    • Basic keyword search

    • Advanced searches

    Updating and adding content to the iwrc

    Updating and Adding Content to the IWRC

    • Data Input Forms

    • Account creation

    Plans for the future

    Plans for the Future

    • Adapt and replicate across an international “cloud” of related resource centres, e.g.,

      • Interconnected Regional Water Portals

        • E.g., UNESCO’s “Water Portal of the Americas”

      • Individual GEF IW Projects’ Web sites

        • E.g., Benguela Current DLIST (Angola, Namibia and South Africa)

    Unep iw learn eco insights database

    UNEP/IW:LEARN Eco-insights Database

    • http://www.eco-insight.org

    • Contact Info:

      • Sean.Khan@unep.org

      • UNEP/GEF Co-ordination OfficePO Box 30552, Nairobi Kenya

    Knowledge products from the gef iw community

    Knowledge products from the GEF IW Community

    • Offline Websites

      • Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme for the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (PERSGA)

      • Lake Tanganyika Biodiversity Project

    • Films and Interactive Presentations

      • Joint Danube Survey

      • Protecting Water Quality and Ecosystems in the Danube River Basin

    • Datasets, GIS based Maps and all encompassing knowledge products

      • Caspian Sea Environment Programme; Data and Information Management

      • Gulf of Guinea Large Marine Ecosystem Multimedia CD

      • Black Sea Geographic Information System

      • Tumen River Strategic Action Program Interactive Environmental Mapping System

    • Project Implementation Tools (coming soon)

      • GIWA Environmental Assessment Tool

      • Rio San Juan (PROCUENCA) Institutional mapping tool

    Persga main page

    PERSGA: Main Page

    Persga key points

    PERSGA: Key Points

    • Fully navigable offline website

    • Describes:

      • The project and its activities, focal areas and participating countries

      • geographic area of focus

      • plans for Information Management System (IMS)

      • available publications (paper format only)

    • Contact Info

    Persga screen 2

    PERSGA: Screen 2

    Persga screen 3

    PERSGA: Screen 3

    Persga contact info

    PERSGA: Contact Info

    • Street Address:PERSGA7th floor - Baroom Center, Hail street, Al-Ruwais, JeddahKingdom of Saudi ArabiaPost address:PERSGAP.O. Box 53662Jeddah 21583, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaTel: 00966 2 6573224Fax: 00966 2 6521901Email: information@persga.org

    Ltbp key points

    LTBP: Key Points

    • Fully navigable offline website

    • Provides:

      • 30 minute Web film on the Lake

      • project and programme info.

      • administrative support documents

      • Information and links to several project databases containing information on biodiversity, sedimentation and other project foci

      • calendar of progress

      • metadata database to access maps for Geographic Information System (GIS)

    Ltbp main page

    LTBP: Main Page

    Ltbp screen 2

    LTBP: Screen 2

    Ltbp screen 3

    LTBP: Screen 3

    Ltbp contact info

    LTBP: Contact Info

    • http://www.ltbp.org, ltbp@mac.com

    • Head office:

      • Life house, Sokoine/OhioP. O. Box 5956, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIATel: +255.51.118201Fax: +255.51.118202

    Danube films key points

    Danube Films: Key Points

    • Joint Danube Survey

      • Film on efforts to manage the resource

    • Protecting Water Quality and Ecosystems in the Danube

      • Film on transboundary water resource management strategies

      • Available in multiple formats

    Danube films contact info

    Danube Films: Contact Info

    • http://www.icpdr.org, icpdr@unvienna.org

    • Vienna International Centre, D0419, P.O Box 500 AustriaVienna, AUSTRIA A1400Tel: + 43.1.26060.5738Fax: + 43.1.26060.5895

    Bsep main page

    BSEP: Main Page

    Bsep key points

    BSEP: Key Points

    • GIS based mapping tool

    • Offers:

      • A design that allows: data input, storage, analysis and processing, user interaction, output and presentation

      • Seven thematic blocks representing different aspects of the Black Sea ecosystem, where each block contains a set of map layers

      • Two methods of analysis: overlay and correlation

      • For some maps, a relational database

    Bsep screen 2

    BSEP: Screen 2

    Bsep screen 3

    BSEP: Screen 3

    Bsep contact info

    BSEP: Contact Info

    • Black Sea Environmental Programme Coordination Unit

      Dolmabahce Sarayi IIHarekat Kosku

      80680 Besiktas

      Istanbul, Turkey

      FAX: +

      EMAIL: blacksea@dominet.in.com.tr

    Tumen screen 1

    Tumen: Screen 1

    Tumen key points

    Tumen: Key Points

    • CD-ROM based interactive mapping tool

    • Includes

      • several GIS datasets and includes free software to interact with them

      • copies of the map based on PDF format

    Tumen screen 2

    Tumen: Screen 2

    Tumen contact info

    Tumen: Contact Info

    • http://www.tumennet.org

    • 5-2-42 Tayuan Diplomatic Compound, 1 Xindong Road, Chaoyang District, 100600 Beijing, China E-mail: atkalin@public.un.org.cn Phone: (86-10)-6532-6467

      Fax: (86-10)-6532-6146

    Goglme main page

    GOGLME: Main Page

    Goglme key points

    GOGLME: Key Points

    • CD-ROM based interactive resource includes:

      • A film about efforts to manage the resource

      • Extensive set of different types of resources including documents, overviews

      • Several GIS datasets on different aspects of the project

    Goglme screen 2

    GOGLME: Screen 2

    Goglme screen 3

    GOGLME: Screen 3

    Goglme contact info

    GOGLME: Contact Info

    • The Regional Coordination Centre c/o Centre de Recherches Oceanologiques (CRO)

      B.P. V18 Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

      Tel: (225) 35 00 82/25 73 69

      Fax: (225) 25 73 69

      Email: gog-lme@africaonline.co.ci

    • Project Manager GEF/GOG-LME Project

      Cleaner Product and Environmental Branch

      United Nations Industrial Development Organization

      Vienna International Centre

      P.O. Box 400, A-1400 Vienna, Austria

      Tel: (431) 26026 3895

      Fax: (431) 26026 6819

      Email: postmaster@unido.org

    Cep main page

    CEP: Main Page

    Cep key points

    CEP: Key Points

    • CD-ROM based fully navigable website

    • Includes:

      • CEP Web site (truncated)

      • Caspian Sea Data Inventory (draft)

      • Base map of the Caspian Sea GIS

      • Caspian Sea Bibliography (draft)

      • CEP Data and Information Management presentation

      • Biodiversity database

      • Contact Info

    Cep screen 2

    CEP: Screen 2

    Cep screen 3

    CEP: Screen 3

    Cep contact info

    CEP: Contact Info

    • http://www.caspianenvironment.org

    • 14 Uzeyir Hadjibeyov, Room 108, Government BuildingBaku, AZERBAIJAN 370016Tel: + 994.12.971785Fax: + 994.12.971786

    Giwa contact info

    GIWA: Contact Info

    • http://www.giwa.net

    • Kalmarsund Laboratory, Barlastgatan 1Kalmar, SWEDEN 39182Tel: + 46.480.447.351Fax: + 46.480.447.355

    Coming soon san juan


    • Presentation to be given on a new institutional mapping tool developed by the Rio San Juan project

    Other information and communication technology

    Other Information and Communication Technology


    • D-LIST

    Gef iw mgrs screen 1


    GEF-IW-MGRS: Screen 1

    Gef iw mgrs key points


    GEF-IW-MGRS: Key Points

    • Electronic forum

    • Focuses on:

      • coordination and discussion solely among GEF IW managers

      • Offering various ways to interact including chatting

    Gef iw mgrs screen 2


    GEF-IW-MGRS: Screen 2

    Dlist 1 home page

    DLIST 1: Home Page

    Distance Learning and Information Sharing Tool

    D list key points

    Distance Learning and Information Sharing Tool

    D-LIST: Key Points

    • Interactive knowledge sharing tool

    Dlist 2 course modules

    DLIST 2: Course Modules

    Distance Learning and Information Sharing Tool

    Dlist 3 discussion areas

    DLIST 3: Discussion Areas

    Distance Learning and Information Sharing Tool

    Dlist 4 discussion area

    DLIST 4: Discussion Area

    Distance Learning and Information Sharing Tool

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