Vpppa mentoring program
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VPPPA Mentoring Program. VPPPA Mentoring Program. The VPPPA Mentoring Program is a formal process to assist companies and facilities interested in participating in the Voluntary Protection Program. The program matches interested sites with Qualified Mentors to help them achieve VPP recognition.

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VPPPA Mentoring Program

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Vpppa mentoring program

VPPPA Mentoring Program

Vpppa mentoring program1

VPPPA Mentoring Program

The VPPPA Mentoring Program is a formal process to assist companies and facilities interested in participating in the Voluntary Protection Program. The program matches interested sites with Qualified Mentors to help them achieve VPP recognition.

Vpppa mentoring committee

VPPPA Mentoring Committee

The VPPPA Mentoring Committee consists of mentoring contacts from all 10 OSHA regions and a liaison from the National VPPPA office.

Regional mentoring coordinators

Regional Mentoring Coordinators

  • Region VII (Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri):

    Greg Dew

    Tel: (785) 338-9291

    E-mail: greg.a.dew@fritolay.com

    Matt Gaines, VPP Program Manager, OSHA

    E-mail: Gaines.Matt@dol.gov

Vpppa mentoring committee1

To streamline and facilitate improvement and growth of the mentoring program in order to allow for a consistent mentoring process.

VPPPA Mentoring Committee


Vpppa mentoring program

VPPPA Mentoring Committee


  • Fulfill all Region VII’s Mentoring Requests

  • Develop and implement a consistent mentoring process.

  • Provide a comprehensive mentoring tracking system.

  • Provide an outreach example when completing Your VPP Annual Evaluation, if applicable

Vpppa mentoring program2

VPPPA Mentoring Program

Mentoring Applications are completed by the Mentee and sent to the Regional Mentoring Chairperson and, depending on the Mentees’ request, may consider:

  • Geographic location

  • Similar industries

  • Whether the site has a Union

Vpppa mentoring program

VPPPA Mentoring Timeline

  • Completed Mentoring Application is received by Mentoring Chairperson from Mentee

  • Approximately 1- 3 weeks to complete a mentoring match

  • Contacts are made and tracking begins

  • Mentor site’s to Fruition…some journeys are longer than others

Vpppa mentoring program3

VPPPA Mentoring Program

  • The level of mentoring activity is up to the Mentor and Mentee.

  • The process may include:

    • Phone conferences

    • Video conferences

    • Onsite meetings

    • Exchange Facility tours

Vpppa mentoring program4

VPPPA Mentoring Program

Benefits of the Mentoring Program

  • Assists Site’s with their safety and health management system

  • Provides an overview of knowledge and experiences with the VPP

  • Assists with performing an Annual Safety & Health Evaluation

  • Provides assistance with the VPP application

Vpppa mentoring program5

VPPPA Mentoring Program

More Benefits:

  • One-on-one assistance

  • Help from someone in your industry

  • Help from someone with unions

  • Help from someone in your region

  • Guidance from those who have been through the VPP process

Vpppa mentoring program

Being An Effective Mentor

Vpppa mentoring program

VPPPA Mentoring

What Do You Get From Being A Mentor?

Improves Your Knowledge Of The Process

Learn New Ways To Do Things Your Site Does

Contribute To Others Success

What Does the Mentee Get?

A Person Interested In Their Success

A Teacher To Guide Them On Their Journey

A Ready Resource, Knowledgeable To Help Them With The Details

A Supporter When They Feel Overwhelmed

Mentor s role

Mentor’s Role

An Effective Mentor Uses Recognized Resources

  • OSHA VPP Webpage

    • CSP 03-01-002 - TED 8.4 - Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP): Policies and Procedures Manual

      - Safety and Health Program Management

      Guidelines; Issuance of Voluntary

      Guidelines Federal Register Number

      (FRN) 54:3904-3916

Mentor s role1

Mentor’s Role

  • To provide guidance using their knowledge and experience with VPP including:

    • Locating resources for VPP application development…Application Workshop

    • Help identify potential problem areas

    • Share techniques developed to communicate the benefits of VPP to both management and labor

    • Share preparation strategy for initial VPP onsite visit

Resources for mentors

Resources for Mentors

TED 8.4 - What Is It?

Training & Education Directive for VPP

  • Documents OSHA’s VPP process

    • Provides program requirements with descriptions

    • Provides an onsite guide which assist in determining site qualification

    • Provides sample question used by the onsite team

    • Demonstrates the cooperative nature of the VPP process

Resources for mentors1

Resources for Mentors

Finding What you Need

  • Internet Web sites:

    • http://osha.gov/OshDoc/Directive pdf/TED_8_4.pdf

    • http://www.vpppa.org/GovAffairs/Programs.cfm

    • http://www.vpppa.org/Workshops/Mentoring.cfm

Resources for mentors2

Resources for Mentors

How Do These Resources Help?

  • Source of information for a mentor to direct discussions with the mentee

  • Mentee has a ready references to the VPP process

  • Removes misconception about what is required

  • Provides recognized resources for the Mentee to evaluate their site

  • Provides direction for preparation for onsite review

  • Tool to explain how the process works

Vpppa mentoring program

VPP Requirements

  • OSHA history – no open investigations

  • Assurances – employees support VPP, all observed hazards will be corrected within 90 days, interim protection used

  • Injuries and illnesses included

  • New emphasis on contractor coverage

  • Requirement for access to, and use of occupational health care professionals

  • Use of hierarchy of controls

  • Incident Rate Requirements

  • Self Evaluation

  • All must be in place for 12 months to achieve STAR Status

  • OSHA standards are minimum requirements to meet the law; To achieve VPP status you must exceed the law

Vpppa mentoring program


Management Leadership & Employee Involvement

Worksite Analysis

Hazard Prevention and Control

Safety and Health Training

Vpppa mentoring program

Management Leadership/Commitment

  • Management must provide resources to meet meaningful annual safety and health goals to identify and eliminate hazards and to support training

  • Management must support a continuous improvement to the safety and health processes

  • Disciplinary process must apply equally to management and employees

  • Management expected to set an example by following rules, proper use of PPE, reporting hazards & incidents

Vpppa mentoring program

Employee Involvement

  • Collective bargaining units must sign letter of support if applicable.

  • Employees involved in at least 3 meaningful & constructive ways

  • Examples:

    • Participation in audits

    • Accident/Incident investigations

    • Self inspections

    • Suggestion programs

    • Planning

    • Training

    • Job/process hazard analyses

    • Committees

Vpppa mentoring program

Worksite Analysis

  • Baseline hazard analysis including health hazards

  • Management of Change

  • Routine task analysis

  • Monthly self inspection process (Weekly for Construction sites)

  • Hazard reporting system

  • Hazard tracking system including responsibilities and target completion dates

  • All accidents and near misses investigated

  • Annual evaluation and demonstrated corrective action including responsibilities and target completion dates

  • Trend analysis

Vpppa mentoring program

Hazard Prevention and Control

  • Hierarchy of control

    • Engineering

    • Administrative

    • PPE, including selection, limitation, and care

  • Adequate work practices/procedures including discipline

  • Emergency procedures, response training, and

    • Annual drills with 100% participation

  • Preventative maintenance program

  • PSM review when applicable

  • Occupational Health Care Programs

  • Recordkeeping

Vpppa mentoring program

Safety and Health Training

  • Documented process to identify training needs

  • Defined training requirements for all employees, supervisors, and management

    • Training will vary by craft, supervisory, & management authority

    • Identify required from optional training

  • Track completion and delinquency in required training completion

  • Process to prevent untrained or unqualified employees from performing task where training applies

  • Adequate delivery system to support knowledge and understanding

  • Evaluation process for understanding

Vpppa mentoring program

What Questions Do You Have?

Vpppa mentoring program6

VPPPA Mentoring Program

For More Information:

Contact Greg Dew

Frito-Lay, Inc.

Topeka, Kansas



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