Referat von oliver werth
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Referat von Oliver Werth. Pneumatik auf Englisch.

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Referat von Oliver Werth

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ReferatvonOliver Werth

Pneumatik auf


Ein Großteil der in der Physik verwendeten Formeln ist auf den im englischen verwendeten Begriff zurückzuführen. So auch in der Pneumatik.Die Formel des Drucks p = F / A hieße im englisch ausformuliert:pressure is equal to force per area (Druck ist gleich Kraft pro Fläche)


  • Druck ppressure

  • Kraft Fforce

  • Fläche Aarea

  • Arbeit Wwork

  • Leistung Ppower

  • Zeit ttime

  • Rauminhalt Vvolume

Pneumatic components

Druckluftanschluss- connection with compressed air

einfach wirkender Zylinder -single acting cylinder

doppelt wirkender Zylinder -twofold acting cylinder

2/2-Wege-Ventil-2/2-way valve

3/2-Wege-Ventil-3/2-way valve

4/2-Wege-Ventil-4/2-way valve

5/2-Wege-Ventil-5/2-way valve



Wechsel-Ventil-shuttle valve

Schnellentlüftungs--quick exhaust-/

Ventilventilation- valve

Drosselrückschlag-Ventil-relief valve

Zeitverzögerungs--time delay


In der Pneumatik gibt es verschiedene Betätigungsarten um Ventile anzusteuern.


pneumatisch/ elektrisch

per Muskelkraft

In the pneumatics there are several possibilities to operate valves.


pneumatic/ electric

by muscle-power

A pneumatic circuit

Ein pneumatischer Schaltkreis

The cylinders 1A1 and 2A1 are retracted in the initial position. In the initial position, 1A1 switches the limit switch 1S1, while 2A1 switches the limit switch 2S1. Pressure is applied to the air supply line II. Pressure is present at a single port of each of the two dual-pressure valves 0V3 and 0V4. The dual-pressure valve 1V2 is switched.

After operating the pushbutton 1S3…

…pressure is present at both ports of 0V4.

0V4 switches throught,…

…0V3 switches throught and switches 0V1 at port 14.

By that, pressure is taken from supply line II and supply line I becomes filled with pressure. The dual-pressure valves 0V5 and 2V2 become, each at a single port, supplied with pressure.

1V1 becomes switched at port 14,…

…1A1 extends,…

…actuates 1S2…

which causes the valve 2V2 to switch throught.

2V1 becomes actuated at port 12…

…which causes 2A1 to extend.

2S2 becomes switched…

…and switches 0V5 throught which actuates 0V1 at port 12.

Pressure is taken again from supply line I and supply line II becomes filled with pressure…

which actuates 2V1 at port 12.

2A1 retracts…

… and actuates 2S1.

The dual-pressure valve 1V2 becomes supplied with pressure by supply line II and 2S1…

…switsches throught and actuates 1V1 at port 12.

1A1 retracts.

The circuit returns..

…to the initial position

Thanks for your attention

The End

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