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How has National Board Certification made a difference in your life?

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National Board Renewal Prepared by Louisa Jane R. Fleming Material included from the CERRA Too - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Board Renewal Prepared by Louisa Jane R. Fleming [email protected] Material included from the CERRA Toolkit on Renewal and also from the SCEA and PSTA workshops on renewal given in the fall of 2008. How has National Board Certification made a difference in your life?.

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National BoardRenewalPrepared by Louisa Jane R. [email protected] included from the CERRA Toolkit on Renewal and also from the SCEA and PSTA workshops on renewal given in the fall of 2008.

questions to ask
  • 9-10 Years later, are you still impacting student learning? In new and better ways?
  • How have you progressed as a teacher?
  • Have you taught and evolved your teaching?
  • Do you plan, make decisions, teach, evolve, reflect, plan at a higher level and repeat?
  • How have YOU progressed and grown as a professional?

CERRA NB Toolkit

nb core propositions
NB Core Propositions
  • Ideals that guide all NB standards and assessments.
  • Accomplished teachers model exceptional
    • Knowledge
    • Skills
    • Dispositions
    • Beliefs

CERRA NB Toolkit

five core propositions
Five Core Propositions
  • Teachers are committed to students and their learning.
  • Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.
  • Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.
  • Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience. * Major in renewal*
  • Teachers are members of learning communities.

CERRA NB Toolkit

CERRA NB Toolkit

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

  • Understand what is required of renewal candidates
  • Compare/contrast NB Certification with NB Renewal
  • Reflect on professional practices in light of NB renewal criteria

CERRA NB Toolkit

nb renewal overview

NB RenewalOverview

The renewal instrument is designed to allow you to document your professional growth and tie your growth to student learning.

what is renewal
What is Renewal?
  • Renewal instrument documents professional growth
  • Submit evidence linking professional growth to student learning
  • Available for all NBCTs
    • Classroom teachers
    • Administrators*
    • Retirees*

*must have valid teaching license

CERRA NB Toolkit

renewal considerations
Renewal Considerations
  • NBCTs must renew in the same certificate area
  • Renewal available in year 8 and/or 9
  • Renewal lasts for 10 years

(from the expiration of the original NB Certificate)

  • If NB Certificate expires teacher must complete entire NB process to regain NBCT status

CERRA NB Toolkit

revised standards
Revised Standards
  • All certificate areas have been revised since 2000.
  • Three areas received special emphasis during revisions. They are:

Use of technology

Diversity of learners

Equal access to learning

CERRA NB Toolkit

ppg profile of professional growth
PPG - Profile of Professional Growth
  • Documentation of professional growth experiences
    • have evolved
    • are varied and/or multifaceted
    • have been a focus over extended period of time
  • 3 components and 1 Reflection
    • 2 videos


    • 1 Video and student work samples
  • Demonstrate connection to student learning

CERRA NB Toolkit

steps to renewal
Steps to Renewal
  • List professional growth activities (PGE’s)
  • Analyze your experiences relative to Core Propositions
  • Analyze your experiences relative to the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching
  • Determine patterns/connections among PG activities

CERRA NB Toolkit

pge s must include
PGE’s Must Include
  • Current content knowledge and pedagogy.
  • Acquisition of effective and appropriate use of technology.
  • Be on-going, varied, and multi-faceted.

CERRA NB Toolkit


Component 1

4 Professional Growth

Experiences (PGE)

Scored Holistically

Component 2


Based on 1 PGE

Component 3

Video or Student Work

Based on 2nd PGE


CERRA NB Toolkit

component one
Component One
  • 4 Professional Growth Experiences (PGEs)
  • 3 pages of commentary for each PGE
  • 2 pages of samples of products for each PGE
  • Must demonstrate:
    • Current content knowledge and pedagogy
    • Use of technology
    • Ongoing, varied, multifaceted experiences
    • Impact on student learning

CERRA NB Toolkit

component two
Component Two
  • Application of one PGE in classroom
  • 10-minute video of classroom instruction
    • Same content area of original certificate
    • Same developmental level as original certificate
  • 4 pages of written commentary

CERRA NB Toolkit

component three
Component Three
  • Application of a different PGE
  • 6 minute video of instruction


  • 8 pages of learner work
  • 4 pages of written commentary
  • Could be K-12 or adult learners

CERRA NB Toolkit

  • 3 pages of written commentary
  • Analysis of relationship between practice and student learning
  • Pull out two standards from your certificate area and show how what you have done ties to each – one paragraph each
  • Discovery of patterns, themes or trends
  • Awareness of NB standards in practice

CERRA NB Toolkit

questions for reflection
Questions for Reflection
  • What do students need to learn well?
  • What are the curriculum needs for the students?
  • What do you do that is better than before in getting the students to learn?
  • What are the pieces students need (filling background holes) in order to be able to learn?
  • RIGOR in the midst of INCLUSION

CERRA NB Toolkit

  • Holistic scoring
  • All pieces read together
  • Individual scores may not be banked
  • Results reported as
    • Renewed
    • Not Renewed – feedback is provided giving advice as to which areas need additional focus in 2nd attempt at renewal. There is no banking, and the full renewal fee applies again.

CERRA NB Toolkit

renewed level of rubric
“Renewed” Level of Rubric
  • Provided sufficient evidence of professional growth that
    • has evolved
    • is varied and/or multifaceted
    • has been a focus over extended period of time

CERRA NB Toolkit

other considerations
Other Considerations
  • Application available online
  • $1150 total cost to renew ($300 of this is a non-refundable application fee)
  • Withdrawal permitted – written notification required before Profile due date

CERRA NB Toolkit

renewal timeline
Renewal Timeline
  • Renewal required prior to expiration of current certificate
  • 2 opportunities to attempt renewal
  • Apply late November – December
  • Submit by April 30
  • Results in October

CERRA NB Toolkit


CERRA NB Toolkit