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Status of LHC MD Notes. Giulia Papotti, Frank Zimmermann LSWG, 5 February 2013. 2011 MD Notes - 1. Collision tunes at injection and ramp. Calaga, R et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-034 MD Pb ions collimator losses in IR7 DS and quench test at 3.5 Z TeV G. Bellodi et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-081 MD

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Status of lhc md notes

Status of LHC MD Notes

Giulia Papotti, Frank Zimmermann

LSWG, 5 February 2013

2011 MD Notes - 1

Collision tunes at injection and ramp. Calaga, R et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-034 MD

Pb ions collimator losses in IR7 DS and quench test at 3.5 Z TeV G. Bellodi et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-081 MD

p-Pb Feasibility Test and Modifications of LHC Sequence & Interlocking, R. Alemany et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-052 MD

25 ns studies in the LHC – MD held on 14/10/2011, G. Arduiniet al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-042 MD

ALICE spectrometer polarity reversal, R. Alemany-Fernandez et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-039 MD

Emittance blow-up and loss maps in the LHC using the transverse damper as exciter, W. Hofleet al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-034 MD- not in CDS

Analysis of bunch by bunch oscillations with bunch trains at injection into LHC at 25 ns bunch spacing, H. Bartosik et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-027 MD

RF Observations during 25 ns MD sessions in 2011, P. Baudrenghien et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-024 MD

RF Observations during High Single Bunch Intensity MD, P. Baudrenghien et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-023 MD

Tests of tight collimator settings in the LHC, R. Assmannet al,

Observed Orbit Effects during Long Range Beam-Beam Studies, R. Alemany et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-021 MD -not in CDS

MD on UFOs at MKIs and MKQs, T. Baer et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-018 MD

IR2 aperture measurements at 3.5 TeV, C. Alabau Pons et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-017 MD

Observation of the non colliding bunch parameters evolution in the LHC, G. Trad et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-011 MD

Beam parameters observations during the second high pile-up collisions fill in 2011, G. Trad et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-010 MD

Commissioning of the betatron squeeze to 1 m in IR1 and IR5, R. Assmannet al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-005 MD

The Achromatic Telescopic Squeezing (ATS) MD part III, S. Fartoukhet al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-132 MD

BI MD studies on August 25th 2011, D. Belohradet al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-130 MD

End-of-fill study on collimator tight settings, R. Assmannet al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-125 MD

Optics measurement and correction close to the half integer resonance, R. Calaga et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-124 MD

Results of long range beam-beam studies and observations during operation in the LHC, R. Alemany et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-120 MD

IR1 and IR5 aperture at 3.5 TeV, C. Alabau Pons et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-110 MD

Beam parameters observations during a high pile-up collisions fill , G. Trad et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-105 MD

Longitudinal Oscillations with Batch Injection in the LHC, T. Argyropoulos et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-031 MD

2011 md notes 2
2011 MD Notes - 2

Dependence of single beam lifetime on bunch length, P. Baudrenghien et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-083 MD

Tight collimator settings with beta* = 1.0 m, R. Assmann et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-079 MD.

R2E-related MD: slow controlled losses for RadMon/BLM cross-checks , M. Calviani et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-070 MD

BI MD Studies on June 29th 2011, D,Belohrad et al.CERN-ATS-Note-2011-069 MD

Quench Margin at Injection, W. Bartmann et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-067 MD

MKI UFOs at Injection, T. Baer et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-065 MD

MD on Injection Quality – Longitudinal and Transverse Parameters , L. Drosdal et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-063 MD

Improving LHC Collimator Setup Efficiency at 3.5 TeV, Assmann et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-062 MD

IR3 combined cleaning test at 3.5 TeV, R. Assmann et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-061 MD

The Achromatic Telescopic Squeezing (ATS) MD part II, S. Fartoukhet al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-060 MD

Head-on beam-beam collisions with high intensities and long range beam-beam studies in the LHC, M. Albert et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-058 MD

Beam distribution measurements in the LHC, R. Assmannet al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-057 MD

Longitudinal single bunch stability in LHC with phase loop on, T. Argyropoulos et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-056 MD

Non-linear beam dynamics tests in the LHC, M. Albert et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-052 MD

Injection into LHC of bunches at 25 ns spacing, B. Goddard et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-050 MD

LHC Transverse Profile Monitors studies (MD on May 6th, 2011), E. Bravin et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-049 MD

Transverse coupled-bunch instability rise times in the LHC at injection and top energy, N. Mounet et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-035 MD

Head-on beam-beam tune shifts with high brightness beams in the LHC, R. Alemany et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-029 MD

Test of luminosity levelling with separated collisions , R. Alemany et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-028 MD

50 and 75 ns operation in the LHC: Vacuum and Cryogenics observations, G. Arduini et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-046 MD

BPM Offset Determination by Sinusoidal Quadrupole K-modulation, T. Baer et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-043 MD

The Achromatic Telescopic Squeezing (ATS) MD part I, S. Fartoukh et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-033 MD

Summary of MD on nominal collimator settings, R. Assmann et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-036 MD

Un-squeeze to 90 m, H. Burkhardt et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-032 MD

Collimator losses in the DS of IR7 and quench test at 3.5 TeV, R. Assmann et al,CERN-ATS-Note-2011-042 MD

Studies of longitudinal single bunch stability, T. Argyropoulos et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-041 MD

TI8 shielding studies and angular alignment of TDI and TCDQ, W. Bartmann et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2011-040 MD

50 MD notes about 2011 studies

M issing from 2011
missing from 2011

  • from MD#1 in 2011:

  • investigation on CODs, N. Catalan, M. Dominguez, M. Solfaroli

  • from MD#4 in 2011:

  • BI MD in November 2011

  • beam shape measurements from November 2011

  • TDI impedance

  • anything else from 2011?

2012 MD Notes - 1

  • The 10 cm beta* ATS MD, S. Fartoukhet al, CERN-ATS-Note-2013-004 MD

  • MD on squeeze with colliding beams, X. Buffat et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2013-002 MD

  • Probing the LHC impedance with single bunches, J. Esteban Müller et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2013-001 MD

  • RF Observations during High Pile-up MD, T. Mastoridis et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-099 MD

  • First proton-nucleus collisions in the LHC: the p-Pb pilot physics, R. Alemany et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-094 MD

  • Results on nominal collimator settings MD at 4 TeV, B. Salvachua et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-092 MD

  • Large Piwinski angle, J. Abelleira et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-091 MD

  • Injection MD, W. Bartmann et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-090 MD

  • Cavity Voltage Phase Modulation MD, T. Mastoridis et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-075 MD

  • Halo Scraping, Diffusion and Repopulation MD, G. Valentino et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-074 MD

  • Single-beam measurements of LHC instability threshold in terms of octupole current, N. Mounet et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-073 MD- not in CDS

  • Chromaticity dependence on octupole strength, W. Herr et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-072 MD- not in CDS

  • Results of β* luminosity leveling MD, X. Buffat et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-071 MD

  • Results of long-range beam-beam studies - scaling with beam separation and intensity, R. Assmannet al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-070 MD

  • BI MD studies on April 22nd 2012 (LHC MD-1), T. Baer et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-061 MD

  • Studies of the LHC impedance at injection energy, T. Argyropouloset al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-060 MD

  • Batch By Batch Longitudinal Emittance Blowup MD, T. Mastoridis et al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-050 MD

  • Beam-Based Collimator Alignment MD, R. Assmannet al, CERN-ATS-Note-2012-046 MD

18 MD notes so far about 2012 studies

M issing from 2012
missing from 2012

  • many e.g.

  • BI MDs after April

  • collimation hierarchy limits and impedance

  • 25-ns MD

  • two-beam impedance (cogging) MD

  • Instability with one beam

  • beta* leveling from 11 m

  • beta*=40 cm with nominal optics

  • longitudinal impedance at flat top

  • injection matching, beam tails,

  • TCDQ impedance?

  • high beta*

  • emittance preservation (2x)

  • optics during ramp & IR nponlinearities

  • IR8 aperture limit at injection

  • losses with ADT & MKQ

  • p-Pb test?

  • MQY transfer function

  • longit. stability for batch or RF

  • voltage modulation)

  • beam-beam with noise

  • collimation impedance

  • transverse impedance localization

  • at injection

  • bunch flattening with

  • RF phase modulation

  • longitudinal dynamics studies

  • MKI UFO studies

  • transverse damper

  • aperture measurement w ADT

  • & aperture in IRs 1 & 5

E xamples of other md notes
examples of other “MD notes” (!?)