America in the age of empire
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America in the Age of Empire. Ch 4.1. Monday, March 5, 2012. Daily goal: Understand how Anglo- Saxonism and a desire for new markets encouraged American Imperialism . Think About it… Why do countries expand and form empires? What is their motivation and what do they have to gain?.

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Monday march 5 2012
Monday, March 5, 2012

  • Daily goal:

  • Understand how Anglo-Saxonism and a desire for new markets encouraged American Imperialism.

  • Think About it…

  • Why do countries expand and form empires? What is their motivation and what do they have to gain?

Why do countries start empires
Why do countries start empires?

  • New markets for Business

  • Belief in Racial Superiority

Desire for new markets
Desire for New Markets

  • New places to sell products and get raw materials.

  • The military was used to protect American investments overseas.


  • The economic and political domination of a stronger nation over weaker ones.

A feeling of superiority
A Feeling of Superiority

  • Americans strongly believed in Anglo-Saxonismwhich argued that English-speaking people had superior characteristics, ideas, and systems of gov’t, and were destined to dominate the world.

Perry opens japan1
Perry Opens Japan

  • America sent Commodore Matthew C. Perry with a fleet of warships to force Japan to sign a trade treaty with the US.

  • Japan then begins to Westernize.


  • US business - sugar plantations

  • Amer. Business owned most land tax free

  • Massive immigration by Whites + Asians

  • US could import Hawaiian sugar tax free

Pearl harbor
Pearl Harbor

  • Middle location between US and Asia

    • great natural location for naval station

Annexing hawai i
Annexing Hawai’i

  • Sugar=$$$

  • Hawaii=Sugar Plantations

  • US wanted Hawaii

  • The planters gained power in Hawai’i and overthrew Queen Luliuokalani with the support of the US Marines in 1893.

  • Hawai’i was formally annexed in 1898.

Relations with latin america
Relations with Latin America

  • America purchased many raw materials from Latin America, but Latin American country’s bought most of their goods from Europe.

  • America wanted to sell more goods in Latin America.

  • America proposed the idea of Pan-Americanism.

Building a modern navy
Building a Modern Navy

  • Who was Alfred T. Mahan? What did his book argue the United States should do?

  • Who was Senator Henry Cabot Lodge? What did he support?