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StrongerTogether. Hub employment security (before insourcing). Employment security (before insourcing). Insourcing. Employment security. 90–95% job security Job security that never existed for s-CO Secured core work in largest cities Secure UAX work in CLE, IAH, EWR, SFO and ORD

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Hub employment security before insourcing
Hub employment security(before insourcing)

Employment security before insourcing
Employment security(before insourcing)

Employment security
Employment security

  • 90–95% job security

  • Job security that never existed for s-CO

  • Secured core work in largest cities

  • Secure UAX work in CLE, IAH, EWR, SFO and ORD

  • All Storekeepers have 100% protection against outsourcing at d.o.s.

  • Expanded 1994 absolute security to June 3, 1999

  • Implemented April 1, 2006 protection from outsourcing date

  • Ramp and Stores cannot have their status or leads changed because of outsourcing

  • No PT shifts in Stores where 10 hour shifts exist

  • Commitment to preserve FT positions with recall to FT in stations where it was displaced

  • Commitment from company to open currently vendored Ramp work in 10 Stations, and PCE work in IAD, HNL

  • Absolute protection for RES from outsourcing, and commitment to no office closures

  • Language to discuss protection from technology outsourcing

  • VSIP package

  • Move Package

  • Enhanced severance pay


  • Full Retro pay for s-UA from 1 JAN 2010 to DOS (date of signing)

  • Improved base wage at DOS, 2.5% step increase on 1 APR 2016

  • Increased longevity pay to max $0.75

  • Ability to earn double time OT and implement 24-hour clock

  • Mid-contract bonus of 6% base on 2014 pay to be paid after 1 JAN 2015

  • Improved pay progression

  • Adopt s-CO lead pay

  • Premium pay for premium positions

  • Unpaid lunch after 5 hours for s-UA

  • 401-K for s-UA

  • Adopt pilot profit sharing

  • Guaranteed 15-minute paid breaks

  • Retain s-UA shift differential

  • Retained easy-hour, overtime bypass


  • 100% sick pay

  • Doctor’s note not needed before second occurrence (6 mon period)

  • Improved Sic/Occ bank hours to 1200 hours each

  • Personal emergency leave of 2 instances of 4 days for each member of immediate family

  • EIS extended to 6 years with benefits up to 3 years or ½ length of service

  • Long term disability extended to s-UA

  • Retain National Group Protection Plan

  • Time-and-one-half for holiday hours worked

  • 6 fixed holidays and 2 floating holidays

  • Improved vacation accrual rate

  • Ability to buy an extra week of vacation or defer holidays for an additional week of vacation

  • Ability to move RDO’s to extend vacation

  • Ability to bid two separate blocks of vacation on initial bid as long as consecutive

  • Minimum one week block bid; May float remainder of vacation to be bid as DAT

  • If a paid holiday falls within your vacation week, you may move it for an additional day off or choose to be paid out for that day

Work rules
Work rules

  • Receipt & dispatch now core work

  • Delayed calling of mandatory penalty of 1.5 hours of pay if mandatory called within an hour of the end of your shift

  • Supervisors may no longer displace IAM members

  • Restrictions on supervisors working

  • No trade suspension

  • Able to bid in/out of specialty positions at least once per year

  • Lifetime recall for 10+ years or currently furloughed

  • Specialty training offered by seniority

  • Health and Safety committee

  • Overtime

  • Shift differential

  • Contractual open shift bids

  • Ten hour day

  • Grievance procedure maintained

Total compensation per work hour
Total compensationper work hour