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On to or onto
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On to or Onto:. That is the Question!. In the expression “ on to,” on is an adverb and to is a preposition . On to. Dexter held on to his winter dreams. Adverb:. -Modifies (describes) a verb ( run) Paul runs quickly . Quickly describes how he runs.

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On to or Onto:

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On to or onto

On to or Onto:

That is the Question!

In the expression on to on is an adverb and to is a preposition

In the expression“on to,” on is an adverb and to is a preposition.

On to

On to

  • Dexter heldonto his winter dreams.



  • -Modifies (describes)

    • a verb (run)

      Paul runs quickly.

      Quickly describes how he runs.



-Relates a noun/pronoun to another noun/ pronoun



  • hill



To the hill

From the hill

Up the hill

Down the hill

Between the hills

Through the hill

Around the hill

The rabbit ran

Therabbitran. . .

  • Ontothe hill

On to or onto

  • The Cat leapt gracefully onto the windowsill.

Luckily the trapeze artist fell onto the net below

Luckily, the trapeze artist fell onto the net below.

Your turn to try

Your Turn to try!

  • 1.Step on to/ onto the platform and sing.

On to or onto

  • 2.Hold on to/onto your hats and glasses.

On to or onto

  • 3.Jump on to/onto the boat!

On to or onto

  • 4.Grab on to/ onto the ladder!

Check yourself

Check Yourself!

  • 1.Step ontothe platform and sing.

  • 2.Hold on to your hats and glasses.

  • 3.Jump ontothe boat!

  • 4.Grab onto the ladder!

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