Sustainable Exports from the UK   Mary Corin Director of Recycling Development

Sustainable Exports from the UK Mary Corin Director of Recycling Development PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction. Statutory Recycling and Diversion TargetsThe new industryTHE LegislationSustainable exports?Sustainability?. What's in your dustbin?. UK Waste Generation. EU Landfill Directive. Statutory RecyclingTargets. UK 23%. LONDON 15%. Government estimate 200 MRF's required. Actual Recycling Targets.

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Sustainable Exports from the UK Mary Corin Director of Recycling Development

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1. Sustainable Exports from the UK? Mary Corin Director of Recycling Development

2. Introduction Statutory Recycling and Diversion Targets The new industry THE Legislation Sustainable exports? Sustainability?

3. What’s in your dustbin?

4. UK Waste Generation

5. EU Landfill Directive

6. Statutory RecyclingTargets

7. Actual Recycling Targets Current paper recovery rate 40% or 15% towards UK’s current 23% recovery rate Landfill Directive and Packaging regulations - 2010 Paper recovery rate of 75% 9.4Mts recovered 4.6Mts no market

8. But…………….. Mill output lowest in December 2005 since 1993 4 further mill closures UK exported 3.286 tonnes paper – 2005, 700,000 tonne increase Asia absorbed ¾ - 2.5 million tonnes or 20% Source: CPI April 06

9. Export Growth

10. Value Chain Management – Commodity Trading

11. The emerging industry Old industry didn’t have to: - quality grade landfill make quality specifications have to trade materials use the material values to make the system work Publicise what can/cannot be collected and importance of quality supply New industry has to: - Quality grade input products Quality grade output products Meet industry high Quality specifications Trade wide variety of products Guarantee take-off

12. Crash Course - Legislation EU Waste Frame Work Directive (WFD) Hazardous Waste Regulations (1994) Basel Convention – OECD & Non OECD Trans-frontier Shipment Regulations (TFS)

13. Crash Course - Legislation Hazardous Waste Regulations – Classifications GREEN LIST – “NON HAZARDOUS” (No TFS) AMBER LIST – “HAZARDOUS” (TFS) RED LIST – “MOST HAZARDOUS” (TFS)

14. Crash Course - Legislation GREEN LIST – “NON HAZARDOUS” ; (Inert materials list such as paper, plastics, cans) “can not be moved as green waste if they are contaminated by other material to an extent which ; Increases the risk associated with the waste sufficiently to render it appropriate for inclusion in the amber list, or Prevents the recovery of the waste in an environmentally sound manner

15. Crash Course– New Interpretations Paper – Green List? Plastic – Green List? Glass – Green List Cans – Green List? “1 tonne bale paper + one plastic bag = “AMBER LIST” ?? Unsorted household waste - TOXIC INDUSTRY ‘GREEN LIST’ EXPORT GROUP formed April 2005 – unresolved

16. TFS Advice Note 02 ‘ The advice note is not intended to provide a definitive statement of the law and should not be relied upon as such. Companies proposing to import or export waste are advised to seek independent legal advice’ !

17. Guidance Notes on Guidance Notes Some wastes from local authority administered collection schemes may be exported as Green List waste. For example: paper separately collected from householders or derived from paper bank collection schemes, where it is free from contamination; or paper waste obtained from the proper sorting of waste derived from mixed recyclable collection schemes, where it is free from contamination; may be capable of being classified as Green List waste. We will regulate exports of waste in a consistent way to ensure environmentally sound recovery of waste is promoted, whilst at the same time ensuring a high degree of environmental protection. Setting arbitrary percentage figures for the degree of permissible levels of contamination of Green List waste is not compatible with these aims. To be eligible for export as Green List waste, the waste being exported must: comprise, except for minimal amounts of other material, exclusively the type of waste described and that appears in the Green List (e.g. paper OR plastic OR glass)

18. Acceptable?

19. Toxic Waste?

20. Input Quality

21. Output Quality

22. CCIC

23. Paper, paperboard and product wastes :

24. Classification of mixed paper & card ‘Clarity is required as to whether mixed paper and card (uncontaminated with other waste streams) must be separated into individual fractions. We do not currently consider that it would be in the public interest to pursue enforcement action for the export of uncontaminated mixed paper and card’.

25. Certification & Auditors ISO14001 EMS Accreditation (BSI) Packaging Waste Exporter Accreditation (EA & DEFRA) AQSIQ - China Import Accreditation (CCIC) Waste Management License (EA) Waste Carriers License (EA)

26. UK plc - illegal No one can meet zero – 1 plastic bag on junk mail makes it amber So, no an argument between kerbside separated and co-mingled We are all exporting illegally because we are not operating ethically Not in the publics’ interest to enforce certain grades

27. Poverty

28. Adding Value

29. Made in China Why is there no investment in the UK? Fibre poor Literacy targets For every 1 container UK sends out 8 come back in as our manufacturing industry collapses 40 million tonnes to the Chinese alone rising to 63 Mts 2010

30. No exports UK will have to landfill 4.6 + million tonnes Recyclables collections would have to cease UK paper mills and processors will charge gate fees to take material in EU fines for not meeting targets Is this sustainability either for the environment or the tax payer?

31. Global Sustainability? UK is competing against other countries to sell – German ‘EA’ allows up to 10% other GL Sustainable and ethical? Where will the 4.6 million tonnes come from if we do not supply recycled paper products? Demise of our own industry? Sustainable – or fragile?

32. Vital Statistics Over 230 jobs created Over 1.5 million households covered 150,000 tonnes co-mingled capacity, rising to 200,000 tonnes Four WRWA London Boroughs met their statutory recycling targets in 2005 0.5 million tonnes diverted away from landfill and into manufacturing or higher value use

33. Thank you! Mary Corin 07970 864661 [email protected]

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