Project comenius epeite the traditions of christmas in france
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PROJECT COMENIUS-EPEITE the traditions of Christmas in France - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PROJECT COMENIUS-EPEITE the traditions of Christmas in France.

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Project comenius epeite the traditions of christmas in france
PROJECT COMENIUS-EPEITE the traditions of Christmas in France

This project was financed with the support of the European Commission. This publication [communication] engages only its author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which could be made information which is contained there”.

project carried out by CAP2 Restaurant

Professor Hotel-Restaurant : E. ROUSSILLON


Terminé le 15 DECEMBRE 2011

Christmas atmosphere : snow all over the country and the roofs of the houses


  • Father Christmas

meals ...Christmas Eve .

Christmas markets
Christmas markets ? roofs of the houses

  • Magic places which help us forget our everyday troubles

  • Meet their friendly ambience...join in !

  • And share their typical smell of roast chestnuts…

Enjoy the christmas markets
ENJOY the CHRISTMAS MARKETS roofs of the houses

A multitude of « chalets »

iridescent colours...

the lights of the town...


smell of spices:cinnamon...

Food:tartiflettes (cheese and potatoes ),waffles. Hot wine with spices.

ILLUMINATIONS roofs of the houses


Moved scenes in window shops.

Chambéry : « Les Arcades »

« The Fountain of the Elephants with gorgeous


LYON : its illuminations on December 8th.

The tradition of the log
The tradition of « The Log « roofs of the houses

The tradition of lighting a log in the fire place on Christmas Eve used to be all over Europe.

This ceremonial gesture, derived from different pagan celebrations linked to wintersolstice,remains in country.

Burning in the living room,it brings heat and light in the evening.

A NIGHT OF PEACE roofs of the houses

Grandad gets warm by the fire…

The atmosphere on Christmas Eve is special and different from New Year's Eve.

It is a family party, the celebration of the links between the different generations together.

This evening is sacred, for believers or not.

During one evening we put resentments , jealousies , quarrels aside.

The children under the tree
THE CHILDREN under THE TREE roofs of the houses

CHRISTMAS EVE roofs of the houses

On December 24th , the evening before Christmas: a holy evening for believers or not,

. the opportunity to share a festive meal in the families because Christmas remains a magic

time for the children,

the interior of the houses is decorated with Christmas trees ( candles, strings of

lights, twinkling balls)

a pleasant fire in the fire place,

sweets on the table, a goose roasting in the oven spreading, a smell of spices

And excited children running all over the place !

Decoration of the tables
DECORATION OF THE TABLES roofs of the houses

  • Nice tablecloth...

crystal glasses…


silver cutlery...

Christmas meal
CHRISTMAS MEAL roofs of the houses

Such succulent food...…


A turkey served with chestnuts and cardoons

or a roasted goose

or a stuffed capon

Stuffed snails



Oysters in their shells

Christmas « Bûche »

ripe cheese

WINE roofs of the houses

Red Wine

Mellow White Wine


local liqueur

Un digestif régional

DESSERTS roofs of the houses

The 13 desserts in PROVENCE

The Christmas « Bûche »

The Christmas «Bûche »

a log shaped cake with butter cream

The papillotes in Lyon Christmascracker with a

chocolate sweet

«  truffes »

French gastronomy at unesco
FRENCH GASTRONOMY at UNESCO roofs of the houses

November 16th 2010.

  • GastronomicFrench meal, Alençon point lace and combination of workmen have been noted on the representative list of the immaterial cultural heritage of humanity.

  • Nations Organization for education,science and culture, accepted the three files presented by France, admitting they represented « the variety of the immaterial heritage » and that it was necessary to « become aware of their importance ».


Father christmas
Father Christmas roofs of the houses

  • He is called « Chalande » in Savoy.


CHILDREN : tales , legends … roofs of the houses

« I can't bear spending Christmas on a log any more !!!«

Under the tree
Under the tree roofs of the houses


The CHILDREN discover…


Peaceful night
PEACEFUL NIGHT roofs of the houses

  • Christmas ambience :the country and the roofs of the houses covered in snow...the

  • the illuminations...

  • Father Christmas..

  • a good meal with one's family......

Merry christmas
MERRY CHRISTMAS! roofs of the houses