Our galaxy is called
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Our Galaxy is called …? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our Galaxy is called …?. H the Mars Bar T the Milky Way. Mars has how many moons?. H 1 T 2. The star Betelgeuse is a. H red giant ? T white dwarf ?. Which is the biggest planet in our Solar System?. H Saturn T Jupiter.

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Our Galaxy is called …?

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Our Galaxy is called …?

H the Mars Bar

T the Milky Way

Mars has how many moons?

H 1

T 2

The star Betelgeuse is a

H red giant ?

T white dwarf ?

Which is the biggest planet in our Solar System?

H Saturn

T Jupiter

Which planet has the hottest surface?

H Mercury

T Venus

The largest mountain in the Solar System is on

H Mars

T The Earth

How many Earths would fit in the Sun?

H a million

T a thousand

The smallest planet in the Solar System is

H Pluto

T Mercury

How many stars can you see in the sky with your unaided eye?

H 60,000

T 6,000

Phoebe orbits around which planet?

H Saturn

T Uranus

How many moons has Jupiter?

H 63

T 23

Which is the correct order of the planets away from the Sun?

H Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus

T Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

The greatest number of people in space at any one time was

H 13

T 11

This is a …

H Womble

T Clanger

How far is the Sun away from Earth?

H 150 million km

T 15 million km

Which shows a picture of Mars?


How many people have walked on the Moon?

H 12

T 9

How many planets have been found round other stars so far?

H around 50

T around 250

Which is the fourth biggest planet in our Solar System?

H Neptune

T Uranus

The first piloted spaceflight was in

H 1961

T 1973

How many Earths could you fit in Jupiter ?

H 1300

T 130

No-one has walked on the Moon since…

H 1971

T 1972

What is the name of the brightest star?

H Sirius

T Betelgeuse

How long is Jupiter’s day?

H 10 Earth-hours

T 10 Earth-days

How many (Earth-)years does it take Neptune to travel round the Sun?

H 165

T 325

The longest a spacecraft has lasted on the surface of Venus is

H 2 hours and 14 minutes

T 14 hours and 2 minutes

How many of the giant gas planets in our Solar System have rings around them ?

H 2

T 4

This crater is on

H Mars

T the Earth

How many satellites has Uranus?

H 31

T 27

The most volcanically active body in the Solar System is

H the Earth

T Io

Sputnik was launched in

H 1957

T 1958

The fastest winds in the Solar System are found on

H Jupiter

T Neptune

Umbriel is a moon around

H Uranus

T Neptune

Uranus was discovered in what year?

H 1871

T 1781

The largest storm in the Solar System is on

H Jupiter

T Mars

This moon of Saturn is called

H Phoebe

T Hyperion

In what year was Pluto discovered?

H 1930

T 1910

Which planet is half-way out to Pluto from the Sun?

H Uranus

T Jupiter

Mimas is a moon of…?

H Uranus

T Saturn

The first woman in space flew in

H 1963

T 1965

Triton orbits which planet in our Solar System?

H Saturn

T Neptune

In what year was Neptune discovered?

H 1846

T 1781

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