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Real-Time RFID Linen Management and Tracking System

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Real-Time RFID Linen Management and Tracking System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Real-Time RFID Linen Management and Tracking System. UHF RFID Tags. Fujitsu UHF RFID Tag. Tagsys UHF RFID Tag. Tags Can Survive Harsh Industrial Laundry Process Can Be Washed 200 Times Are Reusable Have a 4 – 6 Foot Read Range Perform At a 99.9% Accuracy Rate!.

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Real-Time RFID

Linen Management and

Tracking System



Fujitsu UHF RFID Tag

Tagsys UHF RFID Tag

Tags Can Survive Harsh Industrial Laundry Process

Can Be Washed 200 Times

Are Reusable

Have a 4 – 6 Foot Read Range

Perform At a 99.9% Accuracy Rate!


History of Linen Tracking

It started with barcode technology enabling individual tracking

Then, RFID tags enabled tracking for garments and linens

Now we offer UHF RFID tag, tracking every asset up to 20 feet away!


Evolution in Linen Tracking

  • Why Use RFID Asset Tracking?Increases control, traceability of high value assets
  • Facilitates operational efficiencies through improved business processes
    • - Factor of ten reduction in inventory operations
    • - Allows track/monitor points not previously feasible
  • Ongoing cost savings through:
    • - Inventory reduction
    • - Reduction of lost or stolen assets
  • Purchase new linen and receiving ordered linen from suppliers into inventory
  • Taking inventory

UHF RFID Tracking – How it Works

Linen Is First Tagged With an RFID Chip

Tagged Linen Is Then Entered Into the Linen Manager System

And Scanned To and From the Laundry


Each Asset is Identified by Vendor, Item #, Description, Cost & Depreciation Method

Setting up the System


The ID #, Location, Current Value and Length of Time in Service is Identified

Linen Information


Up to 800 Items Can Be Read at Once With 99.9 % Accuracy

The RFID Scanning

Antennas send the info the reader

Incoming Linen

The reader converts the signal

The computer reads the data.

The antenna captures the RFID tag numbers sewn on the linens


Hamper Reading Station

Soiled Garments Sent to Cleaners


Hamper Reading Station

Antennas Can Be Placed in Doorways Or Loading Docks


Cleaned Linens Received at the Hotel

All Items in the Hamper are Scanned at Once and Produce

an Outstanding Report


Employee Exit Station

All Garments are Scanned at Once


Outstanding Report

Outstanding Report


Real-Time Inventory

A Hand-held Scanner Can Take Inventory In a Linen Closet

In Minutes and In Real-Time


Hundreds of Items Can be Read at Once

Counting and Labor-Intensive Monthly Inventories are Eliminated

Inventory Module


UHF RFID Linen Manager Saves You Money In Four Primary Ways

Holding the Laundry AccountableYou\'ll know exactly what is sent to the laundry and what is returned

Reduction in PurchasingSavings made by keeping the inventory at optimal levels, and not purchasing more garments than you needed

Vendor Accountability The life cycle of garments can be tracked and vendor representation monitored

Labor ReductionSavings through RFID automation of garment inventory and accounting tasks


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