The restoration theater
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The Restoration Theater .

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The Restoration Theater

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The Restoration Theater

One major factor in the success of Restoration theatre was the support of Charles II, he took an active interest in Restoration theatre from the start. During his exile, he enjoyed French theatre and he was a huge patron of theatre and helped breathe new life into British drama.

Restoration Theater Charles ll

1. Performers and Acting Companies.

There was two new theatre companies. Led by William Davenant, the Duke's Men was a younger performers, while older, more experienced actors were in The King's Company, led by Thomas Killigrew. While the two companies created new opportunities theatrically and there both was With Charles II’s support.

Charles II allowed for women actors in order to replace boys playing female roles; this led to immoral scenarios . The reaction of having women on stage created something of a mix, but for the most part the reaction of the public was positive .

2. Theater Architecture.3. Scenery, Lighting, and Costumes.

Restoration Clothing

- Clothing in the Restoration expressed the suppressed feelings of freedom during the Puritan period

- Curls, ribbons puff, flounces and feathers returned to clothing wherever they could be attached

- Masculine and feminine dress began to take on the stiffness and smart elegance that had been abandoned with James I's death

  • They were rectangular with the stage at one end and the auditorium extending from just below the apron to the back of the theater

  • The seats were classified into three sections

  • The area right below the stage was known as the pit

  • . The gallery was the area behind the pit and it extended to the back of the theater

  • Multi-colored and creatively designed boxes on the sides of the auditorium were known as the best seats

architecture of Restoration theaters

  • - The Restoration spectacular, hit the London public stage in the late 17th-century Restoration period

  • - enthralling audiences with action, music, dance, moveable scenery, paintings, gorgeous costumes, and special effects

  • - These shows have always had a bad reputation as a vulgar and commercial threat to the witty, "legitimate" Restoration drama

The Restoration scenery

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