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The Inkflow Adapter Investor Presentation. A revolutionary ink adapter that increases tattooing speed by 3-5 times, allows artists to create higher quality tattoos & Works with 95% of operational tattoo machines!. What is the Inkflow Adapter?. Market Problem.

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The Inkflow Adapter

  • Investor Presentation
what is the inkflow adapter

A revolutionary ink adapter that increases tattooing speed by 3-5 times, allows artists to create higher quality tattoos & Works with 95% of operational tattoo machines!

What is the Inkflow Adapter?

market problem

Market Problem

A regular tattoo artist has to dip his/her needle in ink 1-3 times every minute

This problem contributes to slower tattoo jobs, loss in concentration & lower quality tattoos

Lower number of clients per hour & Lower shop profitability

Lower Client satisfaction & Lower Return Visits

market solution

Market Solution

The inkflow adapter fits on any regular tattoo machine & can provide 30-40 minutes of non-interrupted inkflow

Eliminates need to re-ink tattoo machines & Increases tattoo speeds by 3-5 times

Non-stop inkflow allows artists to create more intricate & higher quality pieces

Higher number of clients per hour & Higher shop profitability


Inkflow Adapter Difference











Market Size


  • 3-5 times faster per tattoo means higher artist profitability.
  • $3.50 at retail, $2.25 at wholesale & $0.40 to manufacture.
  • Uninterrupted inkflow allows artists to increase the quality & intricacy of their work.
  • Proprietary patent filed technology that cannot be imitated or copied.
  • Biggest innovation in the $2.3 billion tattoo industry over the last two decades. And the potential to be the next American billion dollar business!
  • Door-to-Door and Online Marketing experience through internal & outsourced teams.
industry analysis

Industry Analysis

Despite the overall downturn of the economy in recent years, the tattoo industry actually grew during the recession.

The industry brings in close to $2.3 billion in annual revenue. With over 15,000 operational shops in the United States alone.

Some shop owners even registered gains upward of 30% amid the depressed state of the economy.

market sizing1

Market Sizing

The success of the inkflow adapter is based on the fact that every tattoo artist has disposable supplies that must be new every time they do a tattoo! Such as a new needle, ink, gloves, paper towels etc. All together the artist spends about $3 per tattoo in supplies and charges $40-$200+ for a tattoo! So with a profit margin so great, an extra $3.50 would not be a problem for the artist to spend per tattoo to work 2-5 times faster!



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