Educational Technology & Public Speaking
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Educational Technology & Public Speaking. Robinson, James, Turner, Jeanine, & Watters, Kathleen. Measurement Issues: PRCA. The identification of appropriate measures for the assessment. PRCA – Personal Report of Communication Apprehension 6 item measure of public speaking anxiety

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Educational Technology & Public Speaking

Robinson, James, Turner, Jeanine, & Watters, Kathleen

Measurement issues prca
Measurement Issues: PRCA

  • The identification of appropriate measures for the assessment.

    • PRCA – Personal Report of Communication Apprehension

      • 6 item measure of public speaking anxiety

  • PRCA used in 1,000 published studies.

  • Reliabilities reported in the .80 range

Prca items
PRCA Items

  • “My thoughts become confused when I give a speech.”

  • “I face the prospect of giving a speech with confidence.”

  • “Certain parts of my body feel tense or rigid while giving a speech.”

  • “I get so nervous I forget facts I know.”

Measurement issues spcc
Measurement Issues: SPCC

  • SPCC – The self perceived communicative competence measure.

    • 3 item measure of public speaking competence

  • SPCC widely used in research & assessment of public speaking courses.

  • Reliabilities reported in the .75 range

  • Spcc items
    SPCC Items

    • On a scale of 0% to 100% how competent are you at the following:

      • “Present a talk to a group of strangers.”

      • “Present a talk with a group of acquaintances.”

      • “Present a talk to a group of friends.”

    Pilot study
    Pilot Study

    • Measures were tested in class (n = 109 Ss).

    • Internal consistency PRCA = .86* for public speaking items.

    • Internal consistency for SPCC = .79* for public speaking items.

      *Cronbach’s alpha

    Assessment website
    Assessment Website

    • An assessment website was constructed.

    • An introduction & explanation on the assessment process was included.

    • The measures were then turned into forms using Microsoft FrontPage

    The assessment website
    The Assessment Website

    • Reduces time spent generating & distributing assessment materials.

    • Reduces the money spent reproducing the materials

    • Reduces the time spent analyzing assessment data.

      • No scanning & importing ASCII files.

      • No reproducing variable labels.

    Additional technology
    Additional Technology

    • Ss typically make two speeches in this course.

    • Both are made in class – utilizing 45% of all class time.

    • Ss typically give a variation of the same speech.

    Additional technology1
    Additional Technology

    • To alleviate this problem, Ss are required to tape their speech outside of class and bring it to the instructor

    • Ss may practice and record the speech as many times as they like.

    • This forces Ss to practice the speech before they present it in class.

    Additional technology2
    Additional Technology

    • Ss receive more instruction & less time listening to speeches that are not well prepared or are redundant.

    • Instructors can pour over the speech and look back and rewind speech.

    • Instructors can point out specific problems and shoe the Ss.


    • Putting Ss in charge of solving the technology problem, empowers Ss.

    • Taped speeches reduce Ss complaints about differences in perceptions of the speech.

      • Vocal segregates, eye contact, note of finality, transitions.


    • Instructors perceive speeches to be much improved.

    • Ss report feeling more clear about what the instructor “wants.”

    • Ss watch their speech and realize there are many things they could do to enhance their performance.

    Future projects
    Future Projects

    • Stream the speech on assessment website instead of using transcript.

    • Provide Ss with firewire webcams for public speaking courses.

    • Submit the speeches to their instructors as video attachments on the new media server system.

    Future projects1
    Future Projects

    • Create a video speech library for Ss.

    • Identify the most common Ss errors to improve future speech education.

    • Provide instructors software to embed comments in a second audio track.

    New instructional website
    New Instructional Website

    • Fractionate speech into components.

      • Attention

      • Purpose

      • Preview

      • Main Points

        • Evidence

    New instructional website1
    New Instructional Website

    • Conclusion

    • Closing summary

    • Note of finality

    • Efforts at credibility

    • Message adaptation

  • Ss provide each component online to instructor.

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